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Paola Elena Ferri

Translation by Teresa Gnasso 




Welcome Wanderers. Welcome to you who have accepted to carry your burden on your shoulders, on top of your beliefs, your values, your mental schemes, that perhaps until now, haven’t rewarded you with what you’re looking for: peace of mind.

You are at the beginning of a journey that will require you to do a bit of soul searching, to knock down your false beliefs and strengthen others, but no-one will ever tell you what to think because mutual respect is the first step to reach the Eternal Present.

You are women, men, maybe even youngsters… whoever you are and whatever you’re looking for… you are welcome.

I am the Dream keeper but the dreams belong only to you. I protect and treasure them as tightly as a mother embraces her baby. No dream of yours will be wasted. No dream of yours will be treaded on. No dream of yours will be considered ridiculous, impossible, or sinful. It’s part of you. You have a soul and that soul of yours is nourished by sparks of life that allow you to create your Destiny, your Life.

You will learn how to recognize and understand the signs that can really help you and discover, in the end, that all of these signs lead to your achievement.

Even my own journey started from here. I once was a woman sunken in silence, swamped by the apathy of everyday life that was killing me, day after day. I was aware of every little thing I could no longer do… all those little things that I once loved so much had become so oppressive to make me regret ever having tried them. Just as a rose plant cannot prevent its buds from blooming, unless you stop caring for it, taking care of yourselves is the way to reach the Eternal Present.

Do you know why they call me “The Dream keeper”? I was given this task whilst riding the wave of sleepless nights, travelling from one world to the other, to prevent Human Beings from stopping to believe in what they want.

I have been granted a task that offers no guarantee. Human Beings are practical. They believe just in what can be touched. They are not aware that the worm of apathy can be more ferocious than the act of suicide. They are not aware, but deep inside themselves they don’t even want to know, how satisfying the fulfillment of a strongly desired wish can be. Nor do they want others to feel that fulfillment. Most of the times they are afraid to feel it themselves because knowledge implies the assumption of responsibility, both when it comes to the pleasing situations of success just as the darkest despair of failure.

The world’s governments crush minds, bringing them to the direction imposed on them by a superior power that comes from the deepest darkness. Human Beings absorb the subliminal messages contained in what’s easier to understand. They don’t ask questions and merely want what is imposed on them against their will. They don’t know that all this is fleeting and will come to an end one day. On that day Human Beings will find themselves with their backs against the wall. They will have no further choice having refused them all.

I too, did not choose my mission. I too, had lost all hope, the ability to dream, the desire to lead a fulfilling life. When I reached the age when a woman takes stock of her life, I surrendered to the unbearable pace of everyday life as I no longer had the strength to fight against it. Until that day when I finally opened up my eyes to discover the existence of another reality besides the one we are living, every single day of our everyday life. A reality that pulls down the thin veil that separates us from the dreams that only we can harbor. A reality, like the tangible one, that can condemn us to eternal misery, though still allowing us to look into the deeper intimacy of our soul to recognize it and make it bloom even where the soil seemed to be dry and barren.

From the moment I was given this task, I have had no choice but to follow my destiny. My battle is ongoing and the burden is heavy. You have to get lost to find yourself, but to lose yourself, you need to know yourself. To know yourself, you have to struggle and to struggle, you need to be motivated. And motivation is the ultimate goal, the Eternal Present. To reach it, you have to start from a single point.

The starting point is always from here. It all starts from the beginning.

There are people amongst you driven by curiosity. Other people instead are utterly destroyed and no longer trust anyone, not even themselves. Others yet are incredulous, already held back by the prejudice that all this will lead nowhere, whereas others perhaps will find the spark to lighten up their soul again, making it shine with new life…

You are all free to express your own opinions and no-one will judge you. Your thoughts belong to you, just like your emotions. The soul is born free and will die just as free. The Heart lives on its’ own beats and not even the Mind can prevail. When this happens, it means that the Heart has not been filled up enough. It has not been nourished. A hungry Heart from years of waiting needs more time to heal.

But time has no importance here.

Put down what you have brought with you. Put down your burdens, the past that returns, the obsessions, the grief, the bad moods, the despair, the loneliness…….Put down everything that has always been part of your lives, because you are setting off on your journey from here.

Don’t be afraid. No-one here will rob you of anything. Everything will be returned to you at the end of this journey, if you still want it. What year is this…..how are we dressed….what’s the scenery like…. You need not worry about all of that. This is the Land of Dreams and in dreams, just as in desires, everything is possible. No-one will judge you for what you are or for what you think. You are free. Free to do and say whatever you want.

This is the starting point, the border between reality and the Land of Dreams that you are about to cross...

You are standing in front of an enormous mirror that reflects your image but you must not linger: it’s time to set off. He-Who-Waits was there and will still be there because Waiting is his duty. His mission is to wait, patiently, at every hour, every minute, every second.

I will lead you to him once we cross the threshold.

Be confident: you can turn back at any time and even stop if you don’t feel ready or simply no longer want to go on. Not everyone arrives at destination. You will not be condemned for this and if, one day, you decide to come back, you can do so; no-one will stop you.

You will meet people who, apparently, may look strange or humble. Shabby. Abandoned. But, as I said, it’s only their appearance. You will understand, what they mean to you, at the end of your journey.

Now, follow me through this big mirror. This is the mirror that leads to the Land of Dreams and it is easy to cross. Just stop to think, to reason, to find a logic, and be carried away by the desire to exist, with a contented heart.

Close your eyes and allow yourselves to be guided by the magnetic attraction that the Dream has on every one of us. Live this moment like the beginning of your freedom. Cross the border with me. You will feel no pain, no fear, no discomfort……..the door of the mirror will not close behind you. You may turn back whenever you want. There are no chains in the Land of Dreams: Human Beings chain themselves, when life overwhelms them, to seek refuge in the parallel world. In the end, you must return to where you came from, the mind enriched with new knowledge and without a thought in the world. Freedom is a state of mind and is deeply rooted in the Human Beings’ hearts. Wherever there is the most indomitable slavery, inner space will be the salvation.

Thus, the time has come…



Welcome, Wanderers. Welcome to those of you who have crossed the border to enter the Land of Dreams. Welcome to the beginning of your new journey. I am He-Who-Waits. I am here since the beginning of time and my duty is to wait for whoever crosses the threshold of the mirror of time.

Forgive my humble appearance… I am old, emaciated and my beard is ever so white and long, just like my hair… I am dressed poorly with a tunic made of jute, fastened at the hips by a hand woven rope. I stand upright with difficulty, gripping my walking stick without which I would no longer be able to walk barefoot on the meadow amongst pebbles, stones and grass…

Follow me to my abode and don’t be amazed by what you will see: all this exists thanks to you.

We are surrounded by a great valley and the grass smells fresh, right from the first rays of dawn. Here the birds sing their song every day, yet never disturbing the peace of this place. Not many people have reached my abode across the Mirror of Dreams. Many of them refuse to enter for fear of getting lost.

They are afraid of their feelings. Maybe the child that is in them still has open the wounds of the past… thus they stop hoping and go on with their lives, concentrating themselves on the concrete things, to avoid hearing what their hearts are screaming.

But now, you are here, and I will lead you in this degrading valley, scented with grass and flowers, with my unsteady yet determinate pace, to show you my abode… it’s right there, where you can see that majestic tree, similar to an oak.

What you are unable to see is already there.

Now I will open the door and show you the way…

Look at how the tree branches curl up on themselves, as if to form a roof... look at how the bark widens and lowers itself, taking on a squat, almost square shape, but with rounded corners… look at how the holes in the tree grow to become portholes… look at what can be seen in this place. This is my home. Come in with me. The door may seem narrow, but if you come closer… right, just like that… you will see that you can pass without having to bend down.

Now that you are all here with me, you can see how humble my abode is. Everything seems to be sculptured in the wood of the tree, and indeed, it is. The little table clings to the roots, as well as the rough simple seats. Here is also my little bed, which, during my lonely days, becomes a comfortable resting place on which to read. You know, I read a lot …even though my books are not here: they are in another place, that will be shown to you in due time… perhaps by me, perhaps by someone else… who can tell, right now.

I have lived alone, ever since I can remember, and loneliness is my dearest company. My eyes are worn for the long reading, and my heart is tired for the long waiting, yet my strength remains because the air here is clean, fresh… this is the virginal stage of a dream which is still a seed, that has not yet grown to be a plant but is already full of life.

Look over there. Can you see that small shelf over the entry? There’s a tiny box, that’s also made of wood. Go now… you can open it. Can you see what’s inside it? Many small seeds, so small, that they seem to get lost in a world so vast. These seeds have been waiting with me for who will come to take them to make them bloom. They are the seeds of Hope that can never be missing in the World of Dreams. Just as you can never do without in your realities! Without a seed of Hope dreams are destined to fall apart and life can be miserable. So, since you were kind enough to come here, please take one and keep it with you. Don’t worry, I will not stay without. He-Who-Sows will give me more. He too is continuing his mission thanks to you, thanks to your wishes. Every wish is a seed that gets planted here. You will reap the fruits.

Take your time. I am not in a hurry. I am waiting for other Human Beings, as this is my mission, until the end of my days. When I will be gone, someone else will take my place. It will be the first creature you will meet once you cross the threshold of the Mirror of Dreams. There will not be any others. There is only one of us, because who waits lives in silence, in reflection, trying to understand how to attract to itself those who need to arrive here.

Along your journey, if you fear for your seeds, give them to The Dream keeper: she will treasure them for you, until the end of your journey. Then she will return them to you so that you can germinate them to the best of your manner. In the “deepest” way possible.

Forgive me, if I sit down, but I am old and tired. I have sung all my songs, playing along with my zither… I have handed down traditions, counted the phases of the moon, studied nature, for what it actually is, and struggled hard to keep, this first place you will see, uncontaminated.

I would like to see a multitude of Human Beings crowd this meadow… but I see fewer and fewer. The world has given up hope because hunger for the ephemeral has taken root, like a weed does, and it cannot be easily eradicated. However, if you have one of the seeds of Hope with you, even one tiny seed, and you care for it, like a mother does with her child, its feeble light will start to shine as bright as the sun. That light will kill all the weeds and bring hope back into the hearts of those who vegetate, just like the essence of tender grass that gets destroyed when left at the mercy of bad weather.

You are live plants, colorful and fragranced flowers, strong and weather-beaten trees, grass that quenches the thirst of those in need of just one tiny drop of water…

Be alive.

Now, if you have taken your seeds, as many as you think you may need, give them to The Dream keeper. You still have a long way to go and many things to learn. The Dream keeper will entrust other creatures of the Land of Dreams with the knowledge that you will bring back with you to your life. When back in your everyday life you will look at those seeds that you received as a gift from this Land, don’t allow them to dry out or go rotten before allowing them to produce fruits. Don’t allow them to die before ever having given birth to them.

This is the first lesson you have received from the Land of Dreams.

Now I will see you out. You will be led to another place, and perhaps, you will come back to me again. But this is not the time to think about it now.

I welcomed you with pleasure and you have been the architects of new dreams that will take root, like flowers, in the minds of who no longer hopes, who no longer dreams, because they see only the shadows of life. But they, themselves, put their hands before their eyes, not to see the sun. The sun is shining like every day. Everyone is free to live in the light or in darkness, but you will also come to know the darkness, and you will understand why the Human Being needs to want with all his heart. The marsh of not believing in anything is insidious and often, intimately lethal.

Thank you for coming. As soon as you will leave my humble abode, the door will close behind you and you will see this house turn into a tree again. You will ask yourselves where I have ended up, but this is not allowed to be revealed.

Here, everything is possible.

Farewell, Wanderers.



Follow me now, Wanderers. Follow The Dream keeper. Follow me as I, in turn, a short time ago, followed the woman who was ahead of me. Follow me, but do not obey me. I am not here to show you the way. I am here to help you find the traces that will lead you to the Eternal Present.

The first time I arrived here, after crossing the Mirror, I found myself completely naked. He-Who-Waits offered me this vest of raw jute, similar to his, because there is nothing else here. Colors fade, to make place for the greyness of who never dares, who never takes risks, for fear of being judged, condemned, left alone. So, he adapts to others, to those who, for a quiet life, never listen to the needs of their heart, but accept the compromise of conforming themselves to the group that seems stronger, which has no need to desire, because it already has everything. But, indeed, they have nothing.

Only those who have dared to break the frames of mind have remained in history. These enterprising individuals have fought for an ideal, often at the expense of their own lives. They did not care about the profit, if others would easily understand, the trends, the personal pride: they just thought that, perhaps, what was throbbing in their souls, could work. And it did.

Unfortunately though, life was not kind to many of them. Brilliant minds misunderstood, considered too annoying for a running system, were labeled as heretical. Men were exiled, women sent to the stake… Left to their fate, these warriors of Hope faced all kinds of consequences caused by their great

intuitive ability, usually alone, since it is not easy for those who strongly affirm what they believe in, and more so going against the current.

Who dares is often alone. He fights his battle alone for love of what he believes in. For love of an ideal.

What are your values? What are your ideals? What do you believe in? What do you desire? What do you dream?

Inner freedom knows no boundaries, despite the appearances.

You see me wearing jute here, in the Land of Dreams. I could have introduced myself to you attired in another manner, but I am not different from you. We are all alike. We are Human Beings who need to believe in something; otherwise we would be manipulated so easily to disrupt our lives.

Perhaps, many of you have arrived here because you have nothing left to hold onto. You are in the Land of Dreams, in the valley, where the voice of the heart echoes with a relentless pace. Thus, shout, in this valley that we are crossing. Shout what you would like, shout your most hidden needs, and don’t be afraid to be laughed at: here, every desire is sacred and will never be underestimated. Whoever dares to laugh at the needs of your souls would attract to him the dark forces, coming from the Darkness of no return, and his own soul, piece by piece, would crumble. What would, thus, he or she bring in afterlife? Dry flowers, rotten seeds, unfinished talents… nothing. None would have served to anything.

But there is no time now to think about unpleasant things. If any of you want me to treasure your seeds, the ones you got from He-Who-Waits, I will be pleased to be of help. At the end of the journey, I will give them back to you, intact, because in the Land of Dreams, nothing dies, when faith is strong.

Let’s continue, admiring the expanse of colorful flowers that surround us. There are all kinds of flowers, intensely fragranced, but not exaggerated. Strong and delicate flowers, that, nevertheless, you are not allowed to pick. Not here. Maybe, further on, but this opportunity is not given to all. Let these flowers live and die following life’s cycle and don’t keep them for you: they are here for everyone, so that all may relish their beauty and perfume. They cannot be cut and only a few of you will have the privilege to take one back with you, to the world of Reality.

We must reach the top of that hill over there. It is not too far away, but you must have the necessary strength to climb up to the top. The slope is a bit steep but you may cling onto rocks and trees. Until now, no-one has ever fallen but many have decided not to climb, for fear of falling. You are free to choose. You may climb up or stay at the bottom. Should you climb it, there is another experience that you can take with you, in your deepest knowledge; if you don’t climb, no-one will blame you, but, perhaps you may experience a sense of regret in not having risked. This may appear to be a paradox, but it isn’t.

Let’s walk faster because we are the foot of the hill. I know you are tired because you may still not have fully realized what you are living and what it will bring you, and perhaps, it may not make sense to a few of you. Others instead may be hungry or thirsty… don’t worry: soon we will be able to take refreshment and energy will return, even stronger than before.

The hill we are heading towards seems quite low, seen from here, but, from the other side, as soon as we reach the hill-top, we will see a precipice overlooking a raging river. There, you will be put to a test.

Don’t be afraid.

We are on the hill’s slope e now you can see how steep it is. It is, but there are many supports to cling onto. I too, am afraid of heights and was afraid to climb it, the first time. I tried a dozen times to put my feet at the beginning of the slope, just to go down again, frightened. Little by little, I realized that every time, in some way, I was supported. Whenever I slipped, I did not fall. Instead, I risked falling every time I tried to turn back. Thus, step by step, just like you are doing now, I started to climb.

The bird song is wonderful, and if you were allowed to see them, you would be overwhelmed by their beauty.

If you continue your journey, you will see the wonders that Nature provides, without us noticing them.

Let’s climb, let’s cling onto what we find. But don’t cling onto each other. Each one of us must do it by himself, with what he finds. Speed is unimportant: you can take all the time you need. You may stop for a while, cool yourself under the shade of these trees that surround us, like an embrace, and then set off again. Enjoy the sight of the flowered meadow that we have just left behind us….then get up and continue climbing. I will stay ahead of you and guide you.

We are on the hilltop. I would invite you now to look down, in front of you, very carefully. Can you see the precipice? It’s about 100 meters high or even more. Can you see the force of the river crash against the rocks, dragging along everything that comes its way, without ever stopping? Can you the vortices it forms that never dissolve?

This is the test awaiting you.

Now, you must let yourselves go and fall into the river. A bit further ahead, the river ends up in a waterfall, and the waterfall exhausts itself into a lake, after another step, that’s at least 20 meters high.

It’s a big jump. A jump in the dark. Here it’s not a matter of survival. Here it’s a matter of having faith. Surely, many of you will not feel up to taking such a step. Many of you will ask yourselves: why should I leave such an enchanting valley, walk for so long, scale the rocks, to then allow myself to fall into a precipice that grants no discounts?

Well, the answer will be yours only after you shut your eyes and launch yourselves into the void.

Every second, for you, will last an eternity, during which a thousand thoughts will cluster your mind. You will be afraid. It will be like dying.

But you will not die.

You are not obliged to accept the test, thus, who doesn’t feel ready to face it, can stop here, and wait for the will to enter his heart, or turn back, backwards. He will not meet, though, He-Who-Waits. He will not receive water to quench his thirst nor bread to feed himself, because he is going back to the reality he knows well where everything is so well scheduled, that he will not fear not having anything available.

I, myself, as a Human Being, was afraid just like you. And I still am. I don’t know how to swim. For me, the test is never ending. As The Dream keeper, I encourage you to have faith, to continue, because you will not die. I am not allowed to give you proof of this, right now. You must take my word for it and, above all, put your trust in the unknown that you will stumble upon.

You will not die. In the Land of Dreams, you cannot die in that way. You die only when you stop dreaming, hoping and no longer believe. Taking risks, here, in this Land, with someone to guide you to the Eternal Present, can only lead to new awareness.

The time has come.

I will jump first.

Then, it will be your turn.

I will wait for you at the lakeside.



Welcome, brave Wanderers.

If you can hear my words, it means that you have taken the jump.

I am pleased to see you.

My name is She-Who-Receives, and I was with you, in the water when you were swept away by the current. I was in the water, because the water is part of me and I am water myself.

You saw me. You saw my eyes peering into your lost gazes. You experienced the strength of my arms that pushed you towards the shores of the lake, where you would have found a safe place. And now you are here, on the sand warmed by the sun, and you can see me, while it seems that I float above the water’s surface…

I am not on the sand with you because my world is elsewhere. I can study you, help you, guide and save you, as long as you are in the water. Be it a torrent, a river, a lake, or even an ocean… I am always there.

I am not a mermaid, as you can see. My arms and legs are like yours, my face is like yours, my hair is long and blonde but similar to yours… the only thing different is my dress, because mine is similar to a transparent tunic, in continuous movement… it is because it’s pure water, crystal clear water that comes from the source that gave birth to me. The color of this water is also in my eyes, so light as to appear without irises… but I know that you do not fear me.

You have been saved but I know you are tired, so rest for a while. Let me cradle you, as a mother would do with her child. The lake is calm. You can come closer to the shore, sit down where you can still touch, let yourselves be lapped by the water that will caress you with maternal love.

I know that many of you are thirsty… drink, thus, of this water because it is pure and it will not harm you. It will quench your thirst for a long time. If you want to take some with you for the rest of your journey, accept my gift for you: the tiny crystal bottles that have now appeared on the water’s surface are the result themselves of the work of this extraordinary source. Take them: these are free gifts for you, to relieve your fatigue, reinvigorate your body, and quench your thirst. Fill them. They will not melt, not even under the hottest sun. The only way they can be destroyed is through your own will: if you decide to do without them, if you will throw them on the ground with force, they will dissolve into water that will evaporate very quickly. They will never be returned to you. So, take care of them.

You are seeking the Eternal Present and The Dream keeper has brought you to me, so that I could guide you up to here and give you a little part of me. The water in which you have immerged yourselves and that has quenched your thirst, is the water of life, of innocence, and has the power to make you open your eyes in this Land, on the border with your Reality.

You have faced a hard test, by launching yourselves into the precipice. What you have put to test is the trust in yourselves, in who has led you to here and in something else that you could not know. But you just trusted. From this test, you have learned that even in the hardest situations, when it seems that you have no other choice but to let yourself fall, trusting someone is the only way to find the solution. Extreme hardness often leads to destruction, whereas softness helps to cushion even the hardest blows, like when you are dragged over staggered rocks without hurting yourselves.

Water is synonymous of maternity and life. You come from water, from the amniotic sack in which you were a fetus in your mother’s womb. Your eyes were shut, your lungs did not breath air, yet you were ALIVE. The maternal water nourished you, it warmed you, protected you, surrounding you as in a warm embrace…Then you were born and the alcove where you were laying became a tunnel that pushed you with force towards the light, that just as it lightens and provides warmth, it highlights also the perils, the risks and the fears. Nevertheless a part of you still remembers those months spent thriving in the maternal womb.

Each one of you wants to know who you really are. To do so, you must understand who you were when you were little, before your birth and just after. That’s the reason why you have been brought to me. That’s why the river has given birth to you. You are born again. You can start over, break with the past, and overcome the traumas that have taken away pieces of your soul, recover yourselves.

It will not be easy. Life is never easy. For this reason, the Human Being has stopped hoping, stopped dreaming and no longer believes. He doesn’t realize however that who believes in nothing is like an empty shell. Wherever there is space, life fills it. You are magnets: if you have a positive approach, you will attract positive things and your soul will be full of light. If you act in bad faith, the darkness will permeate your hearts. But the choice is always up to you. No-one will be forced.

This is the Land of Dreams, which welcomes anyone who has decided to embark on a journey towards the Eternal Present. It makes no distinction of sex, race, age, social status, religious beliefs: here, the human being is called to find the pieces of his dreams, his hopes, his joys that, in one way or the other, have been destroyed. It’s never a useless journey.

Let me make one thing clear to you: idols do not exist here. This Land produces only the fruits of what is sowed by the Human Being. The Dream keeper still has the seeds that you received from He-Who-Waits and you may give her even the bottles of pure crystal that you received as a gift from me. Remember that neither her, nor I… Neither of us are divinities. She is a Human Being, just like you: one day, one of you will take her place. Regarding me, I am only part of Nature, but a Superior Force rules every law. Not me, not you.

Respect this Force, this Superior Being who has given you the permission to get this far, and so doing, you will respect yourselves.

Now that you have quenched your thirst and rested, it’s time to get going again towards the Eternal Present. It’s also time for you to change your clothes. Take off what you were wearing when you arrived here, and put on Life and Nature, to be part of it.

I beg you to come closer to the shore, to go into the water and immerge yourselves, until only your face will remain on the surface. Take off your clothes and wait awhile, then come out of the water and go back to the shore. You will see that you are now dressed with light, almost transparent white tunics, with light blue shades. The tunics are long, for the women, and shorter for the men. They are tailor made for you because the water, enveloping you, dresses you for what you are, inside and out.

When all of you will be ready, turn your backs on me and follow

The Dream keeper. She is the only one with a white cape over her tunic and a crown of flowers on her head. These are the symbols you need to follow. Turn your backs on me and don’t look back. You are not allowed to do so. Whoever thinks about returning to where he came from is free to run away, but following the road backwards, he would encounter an incredible force that would push him towards this shore. He can, however, challenge this force, but I will not be able to do anything for him. I can only bring you forward. Not take you back.

Go, then, and have trust.

Continue your journey towards the Eternal Present, without looking back.

Good luck, Wanderers.



Follow me. I beg you. Hand over to me what is tiring you. Can you see this? She-Who-Receives has given me a basket made of little branches woven together, that she collected herself from the bottom of the lake. Nothing gets thrown away in the Land of Dreams. Allow me to carry your gifts and treasure them until we reach the Eternal Present. Feel free to move around as you like, breathing the fresh air of this Land that few people know or what to know.

We will pass again through a small wood, so lovely and fragranced by the resin. You will hear the birds sing but you might not be able to see them yet. All in good time. For now, just welcome what you have received as a gift, without asking too many questions. No-one will ask you to give it back: only you will decide whether to return it or not. All that is given to you is yours and will return to you. Always.

You might decide to share it with someone else, but, even in that case, it may never belong to other Wanderers. Every gift is personal and there is none identical to another.

I am leading you to a place where you will experience something very important, that you will take with you up to the Eternal Present and even after, in your everyday life. It’s a place that will be created by all of you and I will tell you how. We just need to move towards a point in the wood, where the trees are collected in a circle, where the foliage can create a kind of shelter, through which the sun's rays will filter, though not distracting you from your next experience.

We can stay here. There are pine trees everywhere and the fragrance of the resin is even more intense. Can you see that space created by the pine trees that surround us? It’s circular and there’s enough space for the group to remain here without being scattered in other areas of the wood. The ground is covered with pine needles, but they will not sting you. What you have to do now is gather stones. They need to be medium sized stones and not too heavy. You can help each other, collaborate, both to find them and to bring them here, to the middle of the circle. Search around you, but don’t lose sight of yourselves: you might get disoriented, right now.

Put down all the stones that I will tell you and wait for other instructions.

There are enough stones now. I ask you, therefore, to arrange them in a circle, to create a kind of surrounding wall, touching the perimeter created naturally by the trees. Put every stone, next to one another, and close the circle. If some stones should be left over, put them in the middle, in another circle, but don’t use them all: all of you should keep two stones, for later use.

Now look for some dry branches, amongst the ones that have fallen to the ground. Take some, as many as required, to make a bundle. We will light a fire, but only one person, amongst you, will be the one chosen, to light it.

I have observed you carefully, from the beginning of the journey, till now. I have observed all of you, to choose he or she will be the Spark of the Way. And I have come to a decision.

I have chosen you. I have chosen you, who embarked on this journey full of fear, perplexity, with many doubts, yet you followed me everywhere I went, launching yourself after me into the river. You were not afraid, in that moment. You just did it. That was your test. You have passed it.

Thus, now, I choose you and want you to light the fire, Spark of the Way. From now on, in the Land of Dreams, that will be your name.

Light the fire as you know how, while the rest of us will beat our little stones, one against the other, in a gradual crescendo, until the flames will rise. The stones that we place in a circle will protect the trees from the heat. In any case, here the soil is moist and the barks are not dry. A fire will not blaze.

And then… we are protected by creatures, who at this moment are invisible… but once the veil that covers our eyes shall fall, you will be able to see those around you who protect you. They are not Angels because this is the Land of Dreams, but they are living creatures, who exist thanks to your soul that opens up to hope, will and determination.

Now, Spark of the Way, light the fire. We shall start to create a rhythm with the stones.

I'm calling the breeze of the North, so it can be the breath of wind on the wood that starts to emit a mild smoke, the prelude of the bonfire that we are lighting;

I’m calling the heat of the South, so it can give strength to the flame and make it live;

I’m calling the rising of the Eastern Sun, so that the flame blazes in all its glory to become the bonfire, for our dance;

I’m calling the faint glow of the West, so that it impedes the bonfire from burning everything around itself;

I’m calling the Guardians of the cardinal points of the Land of Dreams, so that the balance of Nature is not altered.

Continuing to beat one stone against another, we start to move around the fire, remembering the paces of an ancient dance that is part of our memory. Close your eyes and stop thinking. Do not be driven by the fear of appearing ridiculous. Do not be afraid of being clumsy. Do not be distracted by the doubt that all this doesn’t make sense.

They are all understandable reasonings. Though only in everyday life. Because, unfortunately, society judges and the human being is no longer aware of the freedom enjoyed in his own inner space. In the Land of Dreams, however, things are different: what is inside of you must come out. If you want to sing, then sing! If you want to shout, then shout aloud! If you want to cry, then let the tears flow! If you want to laugh, laugh until you roll! If you want to embrace, cling onto who is next to you!!

You are free, in this dance of fire! This is the dance of your rebirth!

Play your rhythm, sing your melodies. You are dance, music, voice of your dreams, and allow all your feelings to emerge, without fear of them!

If you feel angry, do not let go of yourself by hurting someone, instead dance with more force, turning around the fire without stopping and throw little pieces of wood onto the flames, so that burning, they will dissolve into ashes, along with your anger.

You, Spark of the Way, who have lit the fire, lead the dancing, because the task is yours now. From now on, you will repeat everything you have been taught: you will light the bonfire, lead the dances, give the rhythm and voice to the melodies inside each one of us.

You, who have lit the fire using wood and stones, from now on, will know how to bring warmth and force to the souls of those around you. It will not be an easy task because many souls may not want to be warmed: they prefer to live behind a wall of ice where feelings arrive muffled and cannot enter. These souls do not want to suffer because they have already suffered too much in the past. Your task is to melt that ice and you must do so with all the passion that burns in your heart, just like this fire. You will do it because it is your mission, but if you do not succeed, don’t blame yourself: it is impossible to obligate someone to do something he is not ready for, or perhaps, he never will be. Do not feel all this as the inability to get into the heart of ice of people, but accept this experience as a test, to improve your sensitivity, your empathy, your ability to rekindle life.

Do not think that mine are only words and that I do not know how difficult a task it is. I was born in the fire and I am not allowed to extinguish myself. I am not allowed to surrender because fragile people become vampires thirsty for life that draw from my sap to survive. My fire must be kept constantly lit. I have tried to put it out many times, but just as many times, he or she who was who you are now, Spark of the Way, spent all his precious time to light again the fire that I had suffocated myself, with my actions. Every time I extinguished myself, his task became more difficult. The same thing will happen to you, because you can revive the desire for life in the human heart.

Look now, how the Brave Wanderers are dancing. Listen to how they sing. See how they cry. Enjoy as they laugh. The feelings that once were imprisoned in the knots of their frames of mind are now melting like snow under the sun and this will make your mission much easier. There is a need for carelessness, peacefulness, moments in which the mind rests and the lost child is found.

Give back to the souls the gift of feelings. Light that fire, Spark of the Way. Light the way of who is lost, and the warmth that you are capable of, will never ever be put out.



I am sorry, Wanderers in the Land of Dreams, for ruining your party with my presence. Do not be afraid: I have not come to harm you.

I am the Centaur and do not exist in your world. I am just a fantasy, a fairytale, a mythological creature which can be disrupting at times. Here, nevertheless, I breathe and live, and I am not alone. There are many other Centaurs, with me, who will show themselves to you soon.

I was drawn here by the flames of your fire and I realized that The Dream keeper had chosen he or she who would have earned the title of Spark of the Way. A noble title, so important, which requires sacrifices and great responsibility.

I understood the sign and reached you. Thank you, precious Dream keeper, for giving me the opportunity of being useful to these Wanderers. Thank you, Spark of the Way, for starting your next conquest.

I have come to guide you across a large portion of this Land. We will reach the seacoast on the opposite side of where we are now, where we will find shelter, in a cave. Each one of you will ride a Centaur. You need not be experts in riding: it will all come naturally if you believe in yourselves and put your trust in who is guiding you.

We do not have names but appreciate whoever shall give us one. In doing so The Centaur will be bonded to whoever has given him the name, for as long as the Wanderer shall remain or return to this Land. No-one else will ride The Centaur: only he or she who has given him a name and an identity.

We have only one sex: male. Nevertheless, we all have mothers. Our mothers are creatures of the wood, who look similar to you and to the Triad. They do not couple with animals but with other creatures, men, who are distinguished for their unique talent in being able to read the language of the animals of this Land, in understanding their psychology, in respecting their lives and the love they feel for them.

We Centaurs can also be born from a woman who comes from the dimension of reality but this opportunity is not given to many of them. They must distinguish themselves for loyalty, fairness, honesty and innocence. We are born like children with two arms and two legs but, in this Land, we appear like this.

In fact, however, we are part of you.

The Dream keeper will ride her Centaur to whom she had given the name Andromeda. From when she has given him this name, he has undergone a physical and interior mutation. His fur is as black as ebony, just like the color of his hair and eyes, but his skin is white, as pure as the color of the most beautiful lily. He is strong, resistant, clever, quick moving… but, above all, he is loyal, devoted, brave, hard-fighting, determined, protective towards she who called him and the others she brings with her.

While the flame of your fire gradually burns out and dies, I have brought to you those who have come with me. Come out, thus, other Centaurs, and go towards them. Don’t be afraid. They bow to you, to serve you. Climb onto them without hesitating and do not be afraid of falling: your Centaur can read your hearts and knows what frightens you or what might harm you. He will protect you from all perils and will not allow you to fall.

We will pass through the woods and then head towards the coast. However, before arriving there we will have to separate and each one of you, for the first time, will be alone, with yourself and your own Centaur. Along the way you will meet your Power Animal. Maybe, many of you have already heard of it. The Power Animal is an ancient symbol of what was, and still is, Shamanism. The Power Animal is the reflection of what you are inside and perhaps, were not aware of being. Thus, who saw oneself as a tiger might realize he is a mouse, and who saw oneself as a rabbit might see himself as a hungry wolf.

How will you recognize him? Simply, because you will not see any others.

How can you approach him? You will not: he will come to you.

How will you communicate? You will discover to be able to communicate in a language that goes beyond space and time, against all human logic, against all the wildest imagination.

He will not try to kill you, nor to conquer you. He will be there, only for you to see him.

You will communicate extensively and many of you might want to flee, but your Centaur will stop you.

Listen carefully to the message that your Animal Power will give you. You might not understand it straight away but in due course. First you must understand yourselves to be able to accept yourselves for what you are. When you have established a bond, you will be asked to assign a name to your Power Animal.

This name will have the same effect as it has for us Centaurs, and also the power to bring back those who have chosen you, even from the world of Reality. You will see him in your dreams, or along the road, or with whatever other means life will decide to put him in front of you.

You will be able to recognize him, always.

Be careful, however, not to confuse your Power Animal with another one that looks like him, but that, instead, brings with it fear, danger, chaos and destruction. Use your insight.

After you've talked to him, the Animal will give you something with which you can feed yourselves, at the end of this day. A bee might give you some honey; a goat might give you some milk; a chicken might give you its eggs; a bear might take you to a river from which it will fetch a fish for you. Whatever you might be given, it will be shared on our return, inside a cave that looks over the sea, where the Dream keeper will be waiting for you.

Her Power Animal is the Wedge-tailed Eagle – or Eagle Hawk– even though she expected a horse, which she loves. But that was not what she was inside. So, today, even your Dream keeper will discover her new Power Animal, by means of which she will share with you what she will receive as a gift.

Now, if you are ready, choose your Centaur. Choose one of the others, not me. I am destined to the one who is watching you, who evaluates your steps, who walks in the shadow, with you, without being seen. The one who, maybe, one day, you will get to know, but you cannot see now. Your eyes are still closed.

Have you noticed that there is nothing to cling onto with your feet and hands? This is because we are not beasts, and we do not need reins or stirrups, to understand the need to pay attention to the safety of those who rely on us. Thus, don’t be afraid. Embrace your Centaur and trust him: nothing will happen to you. The embrace will not be an easy thing for many of you, because the contact means the invasion of the personal sphere of two people, or, as in this case, between a person and his Centaur. But why do you need to be afraid of an embrace? If Human Beings were to talk less and embrace themselves more, there would be fewer conflicts, fewer misunderstandings, less doubts and suspicions, and more love, respect and dedication.

Go then. Run across the woods, the flowered meadows. Let yourselves be carried where the wind blows, where the sea smells of salt, where the seaside is soft, white and pure.

Run with your mind in unison with your Centaur and stop only when you find your Power Animal. Then resume the journey, riding the wave of a new feeling, the one that you had not felt for a long time, the one that will fill your lungs with oxygen and happiness, a happiness that cannot be explained by humans and should only be accepted as a precious gift.

Run as if you were flying over this Land and on the border with your life. Free yourselves of the doubts, worries, arguments, hesitations. Let yourselves be carried where you really need to be, and be satisfied, grateful, for what you are receiving.

We are taking you back to the condition in which you were when you were born and that was taken away from you once you grew up.

We are taking you back to freedom.

Go then, brave Wanderers.

Be free, in the Land of Dreams.



You have arrived here, Wanderers. Here, in this cave just over the cliffs, where the water breaks, yet cannot pass through.

We are safe here.

Can you see? It’s evening now, and we can eat, at last. Thus, I will ask you, Spark of the Way, to light a fire, to warm ourselves and cook the food that was given us. We will use these big seashells as plates and, for now, I will give back to you the crystal bottles that She-Who-Receives gave you, to drink from. But… I see that there is one left over. This means that one of you has abandoned the journey. Perhaps, in the eagerness of newfound freedom, he wanted to live it more intensely and never return to the group. But he will return one day. Perhaps not with us. But he will come back.

What did you receive? Fish, milk, eggs, honey, as the Centaur said. But I can see some fruit as well, some chicken, corn… Your Power Animals have been generous. Someone has received wood and I know he’s asking himself the purpose of this gift. It’s quite simple; how could we ever light a fire, here, without wood? Yes, you are nodding … prior to becoming The Dream keeper, I was a Wanderer myself. I asked myself the same question and I comprehend you more than you can imagine. Someone has received a flint. Very well. In the Land of Reality, I am allergic to some of this food. But here, in the Land of Dreams, I can eat whatever I want without being ill. And that goes for you too. Let us begin, then, to prepare what we have been given, before nightfall.

I still have not seen, though, what I have received. I am aware only that Centaur was right: my Power Animal has changed. We shall look at my gift later. It must be something very special because I can feel some vibrations that are new to me.

While we wait for everything to be ready, I want to tell you where we are. This cave is called the Cave of Oblivion. Here everything starts and finishes, for a few hours that seem to last forever. When the night comes, if some Wanderers get together here, the sky turns off its stars, the moon stops shining and the sea remains silent. The darkness that reigns is so overwhelming that you can feel the weight of it right in your soul. It was given this name by the first Dream keeper who stopped here. She was a little girl, six or seven years old, and she had ventured here, to the Land of Dreams, all alone. She had deliberately refused to climb the hill, to launch herself into the river and she had searched for the birds that you have not seen yet. She lit a fire without asking the Nature for permission, counted the footsteps of those who observe without being noticed, mocked a Centaur for its dual nature.

She did what was considered “normal”, by many, for a child of her age. But our concept of “normal” is different from what is considered to be normal in the Land of Dreams. Hope, trust, respect, loyalty, honesty…..these are the values in this Land. The diverse which come here, do not follow its laws. They violate them. They infringe them. This does not mean that they will be punished, but just as a plant is straightened by a piece of wood embedded into its roots, in the same way, the Human Being who mocks what is part of nature, will be corrected by Nature itself. Even when it concerns the Land of Dreams.

While I continue the story, you can start eating the ready food. I will eat later, time permitting, or when my journey with you shall be terminated.

Once she had seen everything she wanted, the little girl wandered on to explore the coast, right where we are now. It was so full of objects, stones, wood, that she could no longer move a step. The Centaur had abandoned her because he could not violate his law: he was not allowed to go any further. So, she was left alone, but she did not care. Walking barefoot on the cliff, she managed to reach this cave where she rested, after she had eaten and drunk everything she was able to find. She was very tired and the night was approaching. She had brought lots of wood with her, but she wasted it all in the attempt to light the fire to warm the fish and the milk. She had not wanted to learn how to do it and no-one had come nearer to teach her. The fire was dying out and the night was approaching. It was getting colder. The little girl had had everything in just one day, and now, in her greed, she didn’t know what to do, nor where to go. But it was only the beginning. Slowly, the stars were turning off, one by one…

Then it was the moon’s turn. In complete darkness, with the flame that petered out, the little girl began to get scared. When every little light had disappeared, the sea stopped its waves from dancing. Silence fell, in the darkness. The little girl was taken by panic and began to look for a way out, but she had no reference point and if she made a false step, she would fall onto the rocks: the sea could have withdrawn for all she knew. She looked for an exit inside the cave, sticking close to the rocky walls, one step at a time, to be sure to step onto something that was not only darkness and emptiness. But, wherever she went, she seemed always to come back to the same spot. She started to shout, desperately, but nobody was paying attention to her. She had taken everything. Now she was losing everything. The darkness could remain for a long, long time…..and she would die here, in this cave, the Cave of Oblivion, where many Wanderers get lost and also those of this group who have decided to proceed alone. They will have to return here, sooner or later. But we will no longer be here.

The little girl cried and was in despair. She was cold, scared and felt as if she were dying inside, little by little, always more. Finally, after many hours, a little shiny spot appeared in the sky……and that bright dot, little by little, radiated more and more light: it was dawn. The sound of the sea and its waves were returning to life and the darkness, little by little, disappeared. The little girl left the cave, utterly exhausted by the horrible experience, dirty, chilled, scared… but alive.

She retraced her steps and this cost her a lot because she had nothing left with her. But she commenced her journey anew and this time, she was consistent in respecting the laws which regulate the Land of Dreams. And, over time, and over the years, her awareness grew, until, one day she was appointed as The Dream keeper.

Why do you think I am telling you this story?

Have you noticed that it’s night now? Have you noticed that the fire is burning out? While I was telling you the story, I poured the water contained in the crystal bottle abandoned by someone and the water dampened the wood. The fire cannot take root.

Why did I do that? Because even when one single person is on the verge of breaking a delicate balance, like the one you are about to reach, nature must bring the burdens back as they were when the journey began. Now, the sign that I have given will reach up to the stars, which, one by one will turn off. And so on with the moon, that in turn will stop the tide.

Just as is happening now.

You will be afraid and hate me for what I have done. Nevertheless this is a small price to pay, when compared to what those who have abandoned the journey will be called to pay, causing all of you undergo this test.

There you go, now the sea has stopped breaking against the rocks. The flame of the fire has burned out.

We are in oblivion.

I feel your fear and perceive your thoughts. Are you asking yourselves “Why us”? It isn’t our fault”. Instead, a part of the responsibility was also yours. When a person abandons the group to go after himself, it is a result of the lack of harmony within the group itself. You only thought after yourselves without caring for who was facing more difficult moments than yours. That is why once freedom was tasted; he no longer wanted to part with it. You arrived here together, to embark on this journey together. However, many of you think only about your own. In the Land of Dreams, though, you are not allowed to be selfish. Thus, this is the small price you have to pay for having been blind in front of so much discomfort, the discomfort which…..Centaur had seen, but not you. That is why he said that your eyes are still blind. You were not capable of seeing.

Nevertheless, I still have not opened my gift. And I still have not told you which one is my Power animal. Well, as I was galloping grasping Andromeda, my Centaur, I did not realize at what exciting speed we were going. My Centaur was much faster and stronger than yours, such that you could not have seen me, even if I brushed against you, while we were racing. I was feeling the same thrill of the little girl who had let herself go to the pleasures that she could have all at once, and which she would never let go again. Andromeda however knows my heart and he quickly sought my mind with his. As soon as he established the telepathic contact, the image of the little girl took hold of my mind and my heart, indelibly. I remembered, suddenly, that we should have entered here, once the race was over. So, in an instant, we slowed down and stopped. That vision had worn me out. I needed to rest and find myself again and what I represent here, to you. And while the awareness was returning, I was attracted by the flickering of a tiny light, coming from the dense foliage.

I dismounted Andromeda and headed towards the little light, which I would never have seen, had I not stopped. I lifted the leaves and saw a tiny firefly. Tiny, so tiny. It must have used all of its strength to make so much light! But, when it saw me, the light disappeared and I had the impression that it was relieved. It flew away and I followed it. Not too far away, I found this jute wrapping, on which the little insect rested itself. I understood that it was its gift, for me.

Now I understand why I received it and why I will open it here with you, in the dark and in the soundest silence. So, I loosen the laces to open the wrapping….and, just as I imagined, other tiny fireflies came out, dancing and making light for us with their bodies! And together with the fireflies, there are crickets, which will sing for us, for as long as it will be dark!

The balance has now been restored.

We can rest. These tiny Guardians of the Light and of the Sound will cradle you until the first rays of dawn.

Are you at peace now, Wanderers?

I am too.

Rest now.

Soon we shall set off again towards the Eternal Present.



Open your eyes, Wanderers. I am talking to you. I know you can hear me. I have blown the breeze of dawn right over your hair, to tussle it…

I am Dawn, and every morning, I reach the Land of Dreams with my long rose-colored hair, which paint the sky a pale pearly shade.

Oh yes. You have seen me, in your dreams. I am the woman with the white face, delicate, with purple eyes and lips, my body wrapped in my long hair… and I fluctuate in the air because the Air is part of me.

Do you think I am a fairy? No, I am not. I am just the morning’s Dawn and I belong to this Land and your reality. I reach the Land of Dreams only once a day, and for a few seconds only, when the Sun starts to give off its rays to bring the light back after the darkness of the night. The tide turns high again, slowly, and the seagulls fly almost touching the water, calling the Wanderers put to test in the Cave of Oblivion.

Perhaps I talk too much… but there are so few Wanderers who reach this Land, recently… and I have so little time, to talk to any of them…

When someone arrives and waits for the first rays of dawn, after a silent and dark night, it is a pleasure to see him open his eyes and his breath become lighter. It is even more pleasing when, one of the Wanderers notices my presence. This means that a light shines in his heart which he may not be aware of. Or, better, he may not know how to use it.

I exist here, in the Land of Dreams, since the beginning of time and have seen many Human Beings come and go, some of whom have reached the Eternal present, whereas others have not. I have seen Wanderers flee, as soon as the night lifted its curtain to make room for the light. I have seen others go astray, to avoid having to return to the Cave of Oblivion. And, I have chosen others, to allow them to share the breath of salvation with me, after so much darkness.

I have little time, to talk, because the sun will start to shine soon. I just want you to know that the color of the sky originates from the innocence in the hearts of those who come this far, winning their fears, their doubts, the suspicion, the prejudice, allowing the impossible to make inroads in what is considered possible. Desire follows the will, and will is fed by determination. Determination is an impulse which creates, consolidates even the faintest hope… but “little” is always better than “none”. From “little” you gradually become more and more aware, of what you are capable of, which is the starting point to aim for the most complicated desires.

However you must bear in mind a very important thing: when you decide to fly high, you must keep your focus on how to come back down, because if all of the foregoing journey is forgotten, you will plummet at the first storm. In addition, to aspire to such idealized desires can lead to a progressive detachment from other people, until you are left alone.

Increasing your desires does not mean wanting more without ever being content, being superior, considering yourself to be better than others. When you know how to fly, you must also know how to plane. A good landing always allows for another good flight.

Do you know what I mean?

I have not much time left.

Wake up the others and lead them to The Dream keeper.

Perhaps you want to know if even your guide is aware of my presence? You see, you opened your eyes not long ago, but The Dream keeper has been awake for a while, and we already greeted one another, before I shaded the sky. She is waiting for you, to share with you the fruit left over from your dinner.

However, she is not waiting for you on the beach.

Leave the Cave of Oblivion, climb down the smoother rocks and head towards the shore. There, you will find a boat sculptured in the wood of a big tree, a tree which is unfamiliar to you, in your reality, but which, thanks to you, sprouts and takes root here in the Land of Dreams. Climb onto the boat and move away from the coast. Let yourselves be transported by the waves: they know where to take you.

The sea is calm, the air is fresh and the seagulls will follow you, like guardians in your brief journey. It will only take a few minutes and you will be safe from harm. Then, you will reach an island, where the Dream keeper will be waiting for you. The island is beautiful and will get you closer and closer to the Eternal Present. Everything will be revealed to you, once you get there, so do not worry.

Just a little more time…

Since you opened your eyes upon my passing, I will impress a lilac shaded sign on your forehead, so that you can have a role, just like Spark of the Way still has. You shall be listening from Heaven, because only he who listens is able to perceive even the lightest shade. Your task will be to make known the climatic changes in the Land of Dreams, as well as in your Reality. It will not be an easy task, but the sign you bear on your forehead will lead you along the way and make you feel stronger during the dark and rainy days. This task will also bring you many other gifts, but you will be able to discover them all in good time, patiently.

Your journey has not yet come to an end.

It is time for me, to go.

Go and wake up the others, because the time has come.

Dust of Dawn will be sprinkled over the trails of your boat, to allow you to find the way back.

Follow the call of the seagulls and let yourselves be cradled by the waves.

Go now. The sun is high now.



I am watching you, Little Shining, just like the day when, amongst the most scared Wanderers, you were looking for a point of reference, in a Land where none existed.

I am following you, as you lead other Wanderers and observe every expression of yours, every glance of yours… the same glance you had when you met He-Who-Waits, for the first time. You thought you were having hallucinations, that you had no more dreams, because by now they had all been broken by others. They had shattered your sensitive heart and your fragile soul was feeling dismayed.

Even then, I could see the fire burning like a storm of flames, despite your eyes proved the opposite.

Yet you… just you, years before, had already wandered into the Land of Dreams, and thanks to you, the Cave of Oblivion was born. Had you not defied every law, no one would have learned. Instead, you dared, perhaps, for the desire of revenge against your world, which never returns to you what you give it.

You were not a little girl as you told the Wanderers. However, your heart was small and vulnerable, like a child’s one that is defenseless…

You have lived other stories, and you contributed in creating others. Thus becoming, The Dream keeper. The very first Dream keeper.

The Wanderers have come to know, from your words, that, before you, the task had been assigned to someone else… but you know it is not so, and even they, will discover it, once they open their eyes. Someone will feel betrayed, but you are already prepared for this. You have been forged like a sword, against which you can fight, but not always win. And your sword is now becoming ever and ever so sharp. I can sense this, at every glance of yours. I feel it inside of me, when you dominate your nature of fire, to work on the Wanderers. I live your fears, even when you do not demonstrate them.

We are bonded from the beginning of time and both of us are aware of this. We understood it the first time we glanced at each other.

From then, in this Land, I have never left you alone. Your eyes are my eyes and your limbs are my own limbs. I walk with you, rejoice with you, and share your unhappiness and your desire for loneliness. At times, you would like to back out of the task, but you are well aware that in doing so, the Wanderers would no longer have any reference. In the past, already too many, have left, convinced that there was nothing worth fighting for. You have to stay and I will stay with you, until someone else will take our place, and we shall deal with new destinies.

If only the Wanderers knew who I am… but you have not broken the promise, not even when you discovered me, that first time, when you were looking for me in the densest forest. Right there where no one wants to penetrate, you came up to me. To the eyes of the others, you might have looked like a little girl, but I saw you for what you really were. In addition, you too, saw me, for what I really am.

There was not a young creature in front of me, wearing a little white tunic, but a woman with a steady eye, almost severe, dressed in a long robe with flared sleeves, like the ones worn during the Human era known as the Middle Ages. A red velvet dress, cinched at the waist by a black belt, with a dagger tied at one end.

No one else had seen you for what you were. No one, in this Land, and this had not occurred very often.

But I saw you. Because I too have experienced what you have experienced, and I recognized it.

Perhaps, it was in that moment that your eyes began to open and your ears to listen, because you stumbled and almost fell to the ground, but I held you close in my arms before that happened. I, who to a careless eye look like a parasite that hides itself, to cancel its ugliness from the world, like an insect to be crushed without mercy… I, who shortly, will reveal my true nature that someone will recognize, just as you recognized it immediately.

Little shining… how you hated being called with that name! You hated it for what it represented, for the life you had lived, before coming here.

We, who are part of the same world, and are human beings, who would never have hoped to meet each other, anywhere else but here in this Land, the Land of Dreams…….we know what it means to have that little extra light compared to others, we recognize its value, its fragility, its pureness, where the human being treads on his own values, gives up dreaming, forgets about trust, to put an end to his life.

I know how you feel. I know what you are going through. I know what troubles you and what gives you joy.

Your name was not assigned to you by chance; as He-Who-Waits told you the first time you met each other. He too thought you were a little girl. He too was blinded by your light.

When I recognized you, when I silently led you in search of the Eternal Present, you revealed yourself to the creatures of this Land, little by little at every step. New dreams were springing from your heart, which throbbed of newborn creative energy, that became Elves, Druids, Spirits of the Guardian Elements, uncontaminated landscapes, crystal clear seas, birds of the skies, butterflies… You have contributed in coloring this Land, on the border of every human being’s real life. And you have inspired other human beings to follow your example, by not allowing all that is here now, to die.

Even now, you are preserving it.

This Land has existed since man began to breathe. It has existed since the beginning of time. The Human Being did not create it: he only created its contents. A Superior Mind, that we cannot explain, wanted us to be part of all this and that we might draw the strength to hope from it.

Many think that this might be a short cut from the difficulties of life, but it is not. To escape from dreams could become a trap from which it is often difficult to get out of.

You can have talent, inventiveness, creativity and, with these tools, it is possible to create masterpieces destined to remain forever a symbol of what we are and the goodness we want to leave in the world. But if the Dreams last for too long, if you lose contact with reality, if to alter the wake you choose dangerous ways, substances created by diabolic human hands, the dreams turns into a nightmare that never ends.

We cannot forget about what we are when we are born. We cannot alienate ourselves from our essence, even when it seems vulnerable and easily attackable. We cannot sleep forever, not to feel the pain, the sorrow: in doing so, we risk not to feel the joy, the hope…

We, mortals, who received the gift of an assignment in the Land of Dreams, we are aware that our task will never be easy and that many people will surrender. It may seem that our work has failed, that nothing makes sense and that, perhaps, to keep on hoping, regardless of everything, is not worth the effort.

We are called to believe this every day, because so much is given us and in turn, so much we have to appreciate and give back. Everything begins with us and returns to us. If we begin from ourselves, perhaps, initially, only one small drop of rain, in a barren desert, will evaporate instantly ... but if many small drops of water begin to fall, at first lightly, then firmly, and finally with intention, we will bring life back in the souls of those who have stopped believing in themselves and in their own ability.

We are part of it all and all is part of us.

Little Shining… it is so nice to see you on this island, as you wait for the Wanderers, your face kissed faintly by the sun, while a light breeze ruffles your hair…

You know that I am watching you from afar and that my Messengers keep me informed about you, when I cannot reach you. You know how strong our bond is, and how difficult it is, in fact, to stay away from each other, but we have two different missions, to play.

But in the morning breeze, my caress touches your face…..the kiss of the sun, is my kiss… the bubbly wave that laps your naked feet, holds the heartbeat that my heart wants to get to you.

Today, Dawn has given you a lightweight tunic, of a pearly shade, which intensifies your gaze and the color of your dark and watchful eyes. You are looking for me, because you can feel that I am here, with you, again. But you know that you are not allowed to see me yet, not now, not here, or else you will violate the law that has brought you to the Cave of Oblivion.

You will be able to see me, after you lead the Wanderers along the road to the Eternal Present.

And there, finally, I can embrace you.

I will no longer be the Keeper of the Land of Dreams, but the one who has given you his heart and to whom you have given yours.



Welcome, my Wanderers. I have been waiting for you. A special bow to you, listening from Heaven: Dawn has spoken to me. She could not have made a better choice.

Let us sit here, in the shade of the apple trees. Did you have a good journey? The sea is calm, today, and the sun delightfully warm. This is the fruit that we did not eat at dinner, but, if you are still hungry, you will find something that gives the characteristic to this island: apples. There are all kinds of apples, of all sizes, of all colors… can’t you smell them in the air? It is the fragrance of all the apples of this island, The Island of Apples.

This place may seem familiar to some of you, that you have seen somewhere… yes, you are right, but you will understand shortly what I am talking about. Let us eat now, and give thanks for what we are living, because it will be an unforgettable experience, that you will take back with you, to your everyday reality. In the meantime, I want to reassure you: all of your gifts are here with me again, in this sack which I received as a gift from Dawn. This sack is made of Dawn crystals, very rare crystals and so precious. Only a few can receive them as gifts, more often as objects, rarely as sky dust. Today I have received an object, and I am so content about it. One day, this privilege will also be yours.

I want you to look further ahead, if you can. Can you see the hill top amongst the trees? We will climb up to there, but, do not worry: it is not steep so you need not be afraid. At first sight, it seems to have been built with a precise scope… and the island seems deserted, so, you may be asking: how can such beautiful and healthy trees grow, with such delicious and fragranced fruit? No-one looks after them, no-one takes care of them… and yet, let me tell you that it is not at all like that.

What comes to mind when we speak of a beautiful garden and an apple tree? Many of you will likely think of The Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, the apple which brought the Original sin, the condemnation of the human being. Isn’t that so? If you thought that, you are on the right track.

We are not able to see, now, who is here. We cannot see this place for what it really is. But we will climb up that hill and go down the other side, where we will be led to a place that will charm you and leave you suspended in a peculiar sensation, not unpleasant but inexplicable, because it cannot be explained, but lived.

But, going back to Adam and Eve… someone does take care of this apple orchard, someone we cannot see, because the vision has been forbidden during daylight. Only when the moon comes out, and only then, some of you will be given the privilege to meet those eyes. And that someone is the shadow that follows us constantly and that we are not allowed to see. It is the one who cannot be seen, who cannot be seeked, and who, if he wants, will show himself to you in due time.

As soon as the sun sets, when the night falls and the moon appears, two creatures come out, almost from nowhere, and rest here, right where we are now. These creatures are similar to us in appearance, a man and a woman, and they do not wear any clothing. They are nude creatures, just like Adam and Eve were, in the Earthly Paradise. But they have not been contaminated by our Sin. These creatures belong to the Land of Dreams, and owe their life to those who hope and believe in the most important values. They live in the dark, not because they cannot enjoy the sunlight, but because, in expiation of those who were the architects of the original sin, they do not want to be the center of attention, but stay at the margin, at the service of the human being. During the night, by the intense light of the moon and of the stars, they take care of this garden, so that The Wanderers who come here can delight themselves, without committing a bad action, like the one narrated in the Sacred Christian Book of the Bible.

Mind you though, religion has nothing to do with all of this. This island and these creatures are the work of human beings, who believed strongly in a noble ideal, but they are not gods and they are just like us. Despite this, they do not suffer from their condition, instead, they are content because, they exist thanks to those who fought to conserve intact their moral integrity, and pay back with their night’s work, every day, without ever a moan, nor the desire to enjoy the light…

Despite the darkness, they are not blind, and their capacity to see goes beyond what we humans are capable of. They are here, right now, while I am talking to you, but they have learned how to camouflage themselves with our surroundings. In doing so, they ensure that all goes well, that we are content with what we have and that we do not miss anything.

Do they sleep? Yes, they sleep, eat, live a life just like ours, but on this island, The Island of Apples, in the land of hope, the Land of Dreams. Do they have children? This depends on us. Each and every one of our good deeds brings to life a new creature, which becomes part of this world on the border of our Reality. All of our bad actions cause a miscarriage, a missed life, a shattered dream, a vain hope…

Now, however, I have to tell you something else.

Our friends, the ones who look after The Island of Apples, have left us a gift, a very important one. For each and every one of us. It is treasured in the little sachets inside the sack that Dawn gave to me, and now I am giving it to you to look at its content. There are small apples, so fragrant, so colorful…..but they cannot be eaten. They are The Wanderers’ fruits, the fruits of the seeds they brought back with them to the Reality, the seeds donated by He-Who-Waits… They are special fruits, whose utility may seem vain… But they represent a very important thing: it means that what we sow during our lives, all the determination, the goodwill, which we employ to make our strongest wish come true; all of this reaches the Land of Dreams and is listened to. The fruit is not edible, outside of this Land. But we can take its solidness with us, its presence. We can remind ourselves that the efforts we make every day produce fruit. And this island is proof of that.

Give me your sachets now, so that I can watch over them together with what else you have received from this Land and who lives here. The time has come to head towards the hill. It will not take long. But once we get there, you will see things happen and hear voices that will surprise you. I will lead you up to the hilltop, but then, at a certain point, you will no longer be able to see me.

You need not worry: I will still be there. But I am not the one who will teach you this part of the journey. Even the group will split up, like it happened with the Centaurs. You will be alone and will have to count only on yourselves and the trust you will place in everything that will support you.

Let’s go.

As we proceed, I want to tell you what will happen, before the temporary separation. We will reach the top of the little hill, where at first you will not be able to see what is on the other side. I cannot tell how all this will happen, but I can reassure you. There are no perils: the biggest peril is too much reasoning. When the mind begins to prevail, balance comes less, and our creativeness loses its references. No, don’t allow this to happen.

Enjoy the scenery as we get closer to the hilltop. Once we arrive there, I will remain silent and close my eyes. I plead you not to talk, nor whisper… nor make any noise. Simply, wait.

And do not fear this lack of words. You will hear the breeze blow softly, the birds sing, the early morning grass whish against your clothes… these are the most beautiful and sweetest things that you must never cease to hear.

At a certain point, you will see me mumble something, but you will not be able to hear my words. What I will be saying will remain between me and the Land of Dreams, it is a very ancient language that I have learned over time.

You need not feel less important, for this: everyone has a mission, and perhaps, the moment will arrive when someone will rewrite this coded language, and that someone could be one of you. You do not know now. Remember that you are here to reach the Eternal Present. All the rest you receive is more than what you would expect.

Here you are, we have arrived.

Stay put where you are, a few paces behind me. Do not come closer, until you are asked to do so. It will be like walking in the air, but you cannot fall. Have no fear. And, above all, do not try to turn back or run away: you would get lost in the Eternal Mist for the rest of your human life. You would no longer have any dreams, because you got lost in them. You will no longer distinguish the border between the Reality and this Land.

Now, be quiet.

Wait for the Voices…



“You are welcome, Dream keeper. Your calling has reached us”

“Welcome, Wanderers. We are the Voices of the Mists, because we guide you in the mist in the Land of Dreams.”

“Let the mist envelop The Dream keeper now. Disappear from the sight of the Wanderers.”

“Let the mist disperse the Wanderers. Let them be alone, with themselves and with us.”

“Come forward, you who can hear my voice. Move one step. Allow me to see you. You cannot see me, lost soul, but you can hear me. Do not be afraid.”

“Yes, walk in the air, because the mist is enveloping you. It will be like stumbling towards the unknown, and you are surrounded by the unknown.”

“From North to South, East to West, now, you will not see other than mist, thick mist, a blinding mist. You can even close your eyes, because you will not need them.”

“Go forward in the mist, scared soul. Do not let the terror take hold of your heart. Go forward with a steady pace, because your road has been marked.”

“The journey continues, under your feet. You feel nothing, yet you do not fall. Do not allow your mind to do it for you. Rely on who you are and in what you believe in.”

“I am a Voice in the Mists, of the darkness that is nearing….traces of a dawn, in the frost…The wind is moving on without you…”

“This doesn’t make much sense to you, right, confused soul? But that is exactly how it should be. Allow the confusion and the nonsense envelop you, because it will be the only way to find yourself.”

“Hard days… frenzy nights… Forebodings written in melody…. And you cannot sing unless there is much emptiness, both outside and inside yourself…..”

“Sing along to this song, lost soul. Sing it, because they are your words, written when life had lost all meaning to you, and you were no longer motivated. Sing what you have written, so that you can know freedom.”

“Walk….walk always straight ahead of you…..can you feel the wind brush against your forehead? That is the direction in which you must continue to walk…”

“Flee? Turn back? Find the way back, come out of this mist…isn’t that what you want? Do you really want to do that? You have free to do so, if you want. You can choose. You can go ahead, get confused and be led by the Voices of the Mists or look for the way back… but you will not find it.”

“There is no return. The road always leads straight ahead. If you decide to flee, you will always return here. The Dream keeper already told you what you needed to know. Let this be enough for you.”

“Only a tired monotonous tone with no sheet music… nor an orchestra… and there is no-one else, besides you, who still has hope, and you don’t know why….”

“Continue singing what has come right out from your heart, right up to your hands, your fingers, which have written on paper the words that you are scared of…because there, only chaos reigned.”

“Alone. Alone with yourselves, with the Mists and their Voices. That is where the bravest Wanderers end up. To find themselves, they must lose themselves.”

“I am a Voice of the Mists… traces of a miserable morning….Sea of a polluting silence… Dirty, your conscience is shouting inside of you…”

“Alone, with your own conscience…”

“You wrote that…”

“Yes, you wrote that…”

“How do you feel now, lost soul? Where was the misery of the morning that you mentioned? Where were you before entering the Mists?”

“What can pollute silence? A voice which stands out from the crowd, or, a voice which defies life, without knowing why?”

“Come straight ahead, seeking soul. Can you hear the birds’ song? Do you know where it comes from?”

“Follow that direction… in the emptiness, in thin air, in the absence of any reference…”

“Follow the voice of what is inside of you… ”

“I will veil memories… Steal the sunsets…The water shall put out the fire…”

“Lake which becomes wavy… and I can see over there, mingled in the Mists, a kingdom which doesn’t exist…”

“Mingled in the Mists, a kingdom which doesn’t exist…”

“Do you remember these words, artistic soul? They are yours, not ours…”

“Can you see anything, from here?”

“Can you see anything, beyond the Mists?”

“Keep moving forward…”

“We are the Voices of the Mists. We confuse you, so that you will learn to listen only to what is inside of you.”

“Mind and heart must be equal. Fear is unnecessary, when determination is strong.”

“Where do you want to go? Do you know where you are going? Do you have any idea?”

“What are you looking for? Have you found something? Can you see anything? Can you HEAR anything?”

“The uproar of a thousand voices is louder than silence. Silence, however, can be deafening.”

“You experienced that in the Cave of Oblivion.”

“What do you desire more, right now? The soundest silence or a thousand voices which disturb your balance?”

“In any case, you have no references.”

“No, you have none left.”

“You no longer have any.”

“Are you still wandering, reckless soul? Are you no longer scared of the emptiness, the confusion, the Mists and the feeling of loss that pervades your senses?”

“How far do you want to go?”

“Do you know where you are going?”

“Can you see the light, on the horizon?”

“There are only Mists here. There are only Voices here.”

“Do you really want to continue?”

“You can no longer feel the wind.”

“The birdsongs have disappeared.”

“Beneath you, there is only emptiness.”

“You cannot see it, but it is there.”

“You have nothing else. You are nothing.”

“You are just a soul lost in the Mists.”

“Do you know where you are going?”

“Do you want to turn back?”

“You can turn back, if you want.”

“What do you want?”

“…What do you want…?”

“I am a Voice mingled in the Mists, a free soul. Are you sure about where you are going? Inside of you, do you know where you want to stay? Inside of you, can you still see what you were, and what you are now? Are you able to imagine what you will become?”

“We are the Voices in the Mists. Unceasing, deafening, multiplied to infinity, without a stop. Just like your reasoning. Your reasoning shatters your dreams. Your reasoning suffocates what you are. We exist thanks to you. Yet, we want to free you from the dark tangle which you have created within yourselves.”

“Who stands still, even when there is no-one to hold him up, even when he feels the earth slide under his feet, even when too many words are wasted in unwanted advice… who stands firm in what he wants to do, finds the way.”

“We cannot disappear. We are voices. We are sounds. We are vibrations.”

“Your thoughts are the vibrations which bring us to life. We exist because you think with logic, instead of with your heart.”

“We can be worse than Hell, the third choice, that will be attending you, once your earthly life will come to an end… or maybe not.”

“We are not part of your world. We are the result of it.”

“Do you still want to proceed, stubborn soul? Why do you want to?”

“We have still not heard your voice.”

“We will not allow you to talk. We shall do it, for you”

“We say what you think and what you feel. Isn’t that so?”

“We know what is best for you. Isn’t that so?”

“We can tell you what to do. Isn’t that so?”

“It takes less than a second to get lost amongst the Voices of the Mists.”

“Confused soul, have you understood?”

“Perhaps you will understand in due time.”

“Perhaps you might not want to understand.”

“Brave soul, you have never turned your back on the Voices in the Mists.”

“You kept your values firm. You found your equilibrium in the chaos.”

“You found it when you stopped wanting to listen to us.”

“Now, a sole voice will talk to you. All the other voices will keep silent.”

“Wanderer in search of the Eternal Present, this has been a hard test. But it is what you live every day, in your life. You lose precious time, thinking without acting. Reflection is good, but after reflecting, action is needed. The action comes after considering what you believe in, through the discovery of your own values, which often clash with what, ideally, you would want. What is most important is not having what you want, but what you really need.”

“Now we must say goodbye to you, lively soul. The Mists are dissolving and you can see the light again. Reach the Dream keeper. She is waiting for you near the fortress.”

“Your feet touch the ground. You are safe.”

“Remember: to understand yourself you have to forget yourself.”

“Go now, Wanderer. Get back on the road which leads to the Eternal Present.”“Go towards the light and do not look back. You don’t need to.”

“You have discovered the strength inside of you.”

“Your freedom.”



Welcome, Wanderers. Welcome, Dream keeper.

My heart is sad: three of you got lost amongst the Voices of the Mists. They did know how to fight. They did not want to. They were lacking determination, because their motivation was not strong enough. We don’t know what will happen to them, now.

I am the Guardian of Desires. This is the fortress from which I observe who comes and who goes. I can see the gestures of the Wanderers who venture up to here, to find the Eternal Present. Many of them hope to find success, the easy life, the solution to problems, only to discover that this journey is roughened by tests that they do not want to stand. They do not want to call themselves in to question. They are convinced that they already have everything, so, once they arrive here, they get lost.

But you are here, and that makes me happy!

I cannot take you inside the fortress, since access is not allowed to all Wanderers, but only to a few of them, if there were a chosen one. In the fortress there are the soldiers of the Border, those who have learned to fight against the adversities of life and who have passed all the tests they have come across here in the Land of Dreams. They lead their existence supporting those who believe in an ideal and fight to obtain it. They defend the values in every human being’s heart, defending them against the attack of external enemies.

There will always be something or someone ready to instill doubts in the mind and heart of a Wanderer in search of his way, but the Soldiers, from here on, will prevent any obstacle from hindering the way. The Wanderer still retains his free will and can decide not to have him at his side. He can choose to act alone. But, if he should not be able to take control of himself against the storm of emotions and situations, his pride, alone, will not be enough. A dark web will take shape around the Wanderer, made of extracts of shadows, since he has refused to accept one important thing: his own limit.

Yes, this is the Land of Dreams, but not all dreams can be fulfilled. The unattainable dreams are the ones, which do not belong to the Reality, those which represent only a way out, doomed to end up in a dead-end street.

The truest dreams, instead, are those, which gratify an actual need. Eating, for instance. To many, this may seem an unattainable dream. When a person is hungry, he eats. But this is not so in all the world of Reality: there are populations, which suffer hunger and have no way to fulfill this important dream.

What I mean is: defoliate all the desire you have accumulated over many years. They are dead weights, which prevent you from flying off. Leave them here, at the foot of the Fortress, to allow them to be used for another scope. Make a list of your desires, write down one hundred of them. Not even one less. Write down whatever desire you want to fulfill, even the most absurd one. You will discover, first of all, that after the anxiety of writing the desires you yearn most, you will not know what else to add. At this point the simplest desires will take over, those you consider to be marginal, of little importance. But, again, you will not reach one hundred.

When you will reach it, start to cancel all the ones you don’t need, at the PRESENT moment. Keep the ones, which have priority over all the rest. In all, delete fifty of them. Then, take another look at your list, and, amongst those fifty, delete other twenty-five, which are not vital. Finally, of those twenty-five, choose ten, which you must try to fulfill within a month. As you fulfill them, delete them from the list. The month after, take another look at the desires you had discarded previously and read them carefully: are they still as important as they were a month ago? Look again and again: are they, any which have been fulfilled on their own in the meantime? Fine, cancel all of them and add some more, until you reach one hundred, and then do as I told you. Get down to ten and spend another month, striving to fulfill them.

What is the purpose of all of this? Get to an important point, the one where you will not be able to find any other desire to fulfill, if not one or two, at the most. Those will be your truest desires.

Now, however, all this might seem rhetoric and tiring to you. You have listened to so many voices that you need not hear any others. Let the time and the journey settle everything you have metabolized and then you will find the time and the desire to put into practice what I have suggested. It is not a requirement, but it is advice that I hope you will follow.

Do you see? I talk like you, because I am one of you. I live in the Reality, and I am the Guardian of Desires here, in the Land of Dreams. I have learned to distinguish between what I desire and what I can do without, and enjoy the privilege to daydream, without ever losing contact with my life, which is also yours.

After me, another Guardian will arrive, and I will be assigned to other things, if that will be truly what I need. I have no impossible ambitions and live the PRESENT moment, in the Reality and in the Land of Dreams. I feel satisfied.

Now… let me come closer to you. I have observed you for a long time while you fought against the Voices of the Mists. I observed you even while I talked to you. You doubted everything the Voices spoke about, and you doubted what I said as well. More so, you have doubted what you felt deep within yourself; feelings, sensations, ideas, doubts, intuitions….everything!

You are critical, and reflect. You are not cerebral: you merely filter whatever goes on around you. This is a good quality. It allows you not to get manipulated by anything nor anyone, but, at the same time, to listen carefully to capture what you need.

Hence, you shall be one of the Soldiers of the Border. After reaching the Eternal Present, you will come back here, and all of us will welcome you with the joy of having another brave soul among us. My thanks to you, Dream keeper, for bringing me these Wanderers. You have allowed me to choose another warrior from one of them. Look after him, until the end of your journey.

All you other Wanderers, who have not been chosen to be a Soldier, do not feel pushed aside, or less important: remember that you have to find your Eternal Present, and that is your goal. All the rest is given as more, and everyone has his own capabilities. Even you will find your own way. Have confidence in what I say, and in yourselves.

Now, though, let me offer you some rest.

If you walk along the fortress, in whatever direction you go, you will come across a small house; a house similar to the one narrated in fairytales. Not that this should surprise you, in anyway.

Knock and ask to be let in. You will be welcome and may take a rest. Don’t worry; you will not have to stand any tests: you are already so proven, so now, just let someone take care of you.

Bon voyage, Wanderers.

Take care of yourself too, my Dream keeper. You still have a little way to go. But you have to continue to the end.

You also, must not surrender now.



Little Shining, Little Torch of my heart…. You look worn out, squashed by the weight of your role and by all the gifts you treasure for the Wanderers….Many of these gifts will be left on your shoulders, because those who were to take them have fled and can no longer have them. Not now.

I follow you without a sound, casting my shadow on you.

I watch you from afar, and I am with you, with this guise that blends into the earth, into the water, the wind, the fire……Only my breath is with you, because I am not allowed to come closer, take you into my arms, tell you to rest, that all will go well, that you are about to reach the end of your journey.

I am not allowed to.

When you will finally be able to see me, you may not meet my eyes. I will be wearing a mask covering the top half of my face, painted or not….I will be wearing it. I will be wearing the clothes reserved to the Guardian of the Land of Dreams. You will recognize me, yet at the same time, you will not know me.

I direct my glance on you, while, together with the Wanderers you enter the House of the Elves, a couple of lovely creatures, welcoming, who will allow you to rest on petals of perfumed flowers, marvelous petals, donated right from the flowers themselves, that turn into beds for all of you. The Elves will offer you a refreshing drink and something to eat. They will let you rest until you resume your energy.

You however, my Little Shining, you, Dream keeper, will have no break until the end of your journey. And this journey is making your soul heavy, because of the continuous defections, and you feel a sense of failure, masked by a smile, which is not even supported by your heart.

Your eyes are shouting desperately and I can hear your voice.

How I would like to tell you that all will go well….How I would like to whisper to you to close your eyes, to take a rest, until your energy is restored… How I would like to remind you of who you are and what you have inside of you, to give back to you every little bit of the soul you are losing, when a Wanderer surrenders himself.

How I would like to embrace you, now. Be the blanket that wraps you warmly, to protect you from the fresh breath of the North Wind.

How can one recognize you, in the Reality? I am not allowed to know. You might just be a projection of my mind, the idealization of someone who I wish could stay by my side, since my fire burns in his… Doubts and fears take hold of my heart when I imagine that you might not exist. Then however, I observe your journey and feel your sensations on my skin, and they are so alive, as to sweep away any cloud from my certainties.

You are approaching rapidly and I feel your presence closer and closer to me.

The day will arrive when the Wanderers will be in front of me and I will have to explain to them how to reach the Eternal Present. I, who am made of flesh and blood, like every human being in the real world! I, who have traveled the way of all the other Wanderers, and that, for reasons unknown to me, I conquered more quickly. I, who will cover my role, in a much shorter journey than the one you are undertaking, now… I, who am only a man, a mere mortal but, here, I find myself standing one step higher…

Many might think that I shall accrue privileges, easy situations, desires fulfilled, the resolution of the problems that can - possibly – afflict me. But this is not so. I have reached the inner balance, which permits me to distinguish what is real from what is not, and for this, I too was once a Soldier of the Border.

My life in the real world proceeds like everyone else’s, but with more determination and will, in wanting to pursue my goals. I am considered a man who knows what he wants and knows how to get it, without, however, overriding or crushing people of a weaker nature.

Though, here, in the Land of Dreams, I was taken aback about love. It is a feeling that I am unable to manage, and that is why I am not allowed to come closer to you, Little Shining. If I were to approach you, I would violate every law regulating the Balance of this Land. I would embrace you tightly, kiss you and make love to you, even amongst the Mists, in front of the Thousand Eyes, or suspended, on the Border of the Worlds… For you, I would even defy what I cannot and must not defy. Nevertheless, I do not feel spineless, for my feelings. I don’t feel less of a man, I don’t feel fragile, nor am prey to an evil spell… be not afraid of what I feel.

However… I am the Guardian of the Land of Dreams and, as such, I must behave. Thus, now, I am sending you the

Messenger, to bring you the map, which indicates the way to the Eternal Present. It is a short cut, which will shorten your journey, as well as of the Wanderers who are travelling with you. You will recognize my indications, because a White Unicorn will appear in front of your eyes. Only… to yours. The Messenger will whisper to the ear of your heart what you have to do: follow the Unicorn, because that is the Way. He will lead you almost all of the way, and then the fate of the Wanderers will be in your hands.

Other human beings will lose their way. They still do not have the energy, nor, the necessary will to undertake this journey. Perhaps they never will. Others, just a step away from the finish line will be tormented by many second thoughts: it is not always easy to accept fulfillment, as it implies an assumption of responsibility. Others however will reach the end of their journey, and the Balance between the two worlds will bring new fruits, to the Land of Dreams, and renewed hope, to the real world.

All the birds will reveal themselves to you, so you can admire their beauty, so that willpower will find a new spark, to let you know that everything is possible, if you really want it. May the Wings of the Rainbow, as these birds are called, sing a song that will gladden you and fill your hearts with music that will never die. Admire their magnificence: today they are revealing themselves to you because the Guardian of the Land of Dreams has thus established. Sing with them. Rejoice with them. They are the result of the most beautiful hopes, the noblest ideals, so sweet and so high, to almost touch the sky.

Let the Little Elves join those who have welcomed you, and dance joyfully for you. Let there be cheerfulness, and for a moment, steer away any worries caused by the journey. Let the fairies fly in a circle in the sky, and let them sprinkle over all of you a faint cloud of stardust.

Let your bed be made of perfumed flowers, and let the sweet sleep of the winners, restore your bodies and your souls.

Afterwards… take up your journey again.

Dream keeper, let what you have received be enough, because you will not get any further support. You will have to rely only on yourself and what you have learned, to give courage to the Wanderers following you. Take the Army of the Seekers to the feet of the Eternal Present. Smile, even when your will falters. Be thou the beacon in the night of human desires. Do what must be done.

Accomplish your assignment.

The Guardian of the Land of Dreams is asking you that.

The man inside of him is waiting for you…



I know you can hear me, Guardian of the Land of Dreams. Even if I keep silent as I walk alongside the Wanderers, I am talking to you with my mind and my heart.

I am following the Unicorn you sent me, which only I can see. I have not spoken for a long time. We have walked for hours through thick woods, which seem to never end. Every now and then the Unicorn stops to wait while we rest, then goes on leading us.

It seems like I’m walking around in circles, because the scenery is always the same. Nothing besides woods, pine groves, grass…There’s nothing else. The sun does not burn, but we are beginning to feel the fatigue. The Elves have given us something to drink and eat, knowing of our journey towards the Eternal Present, but I don’t know if it will be enough.

Alas, other two Wanderers have left us. Attracted by the Wings of the Rainbow, the magnificent birds of this Land, they decided to seek them. They will get lost and will not be able to find the way, if they do not desist. These birds arrive only thanks to your command, and not in response to our requests. We cannot have power over them. We can only ensure that they continue to exist, but we cannot imprison them, as you cannot imprison dreams.

The dances of the Elves and the flight of the Fairies are so tempting, that many cannot resist. They know how to create such an atmosphere to make you wish to never get back on the road difficult. I've seen three other Wanderers waver dangerously, to then, rediscover their determination and now they are here with me. They may regret not having followed the impulse of a more comfortable situation, but they stopped, and now continue to follow me, without asking questions.

It’s the others, instead, who begin to ask themselves when this journey will come to an end. Even the one chosen to continue his mission on the Land of Dreams is almost beyond endurance.

We are human beings; we are made of nothing, and have feelings, sensations, fragility!

I can hear you, Guardian of the Land of Dreams. I feel your presence looming over me, like a hawk spreads its wings on its prey. What else do you think I should do, besides what I am already doing? Never before did the Wanderers lose the will to fight and stop following their own dreams.

I am only a woman, made of flesh and blood. And I too, can feel tired. But I must continue to smile, to remain silent, without showing my anxiety, because doing so would unleash terror and the Wanderers would get lost in the land without borders. They seek answers from me, but I don’t have any. Since I became the Dream keeper, the journey has never been so difficult. Each time, it is even more. And you increase the tests, without mercy, like when I discovered you, defying the laws that regulate the Balance of this land. You confined me to utter darkness, to silence… you deprived me of every will… you made me doubt even my existence as a human being.

Why do you still continue to plague me? What else can I do, to prove my loyalty to you?

I wish I could flee, but I cannot. Without the Unicorn you sent me, I would be lost. I suppose that I should thank you for this gift of yours… but, after such a long journey, indeed, all I feel is fatigue and a vague sense of loss of contact with every point of reference.

Is it easier to flee from reality or from a dream? At this point, I do not know anymore. I keep walking, and the fatigue weighs down my soul.

Where are you?

You too are a human being. How can you be so ruthless? Having served as a Soldier of the Border has made you so harsh, even to those who would only need a word, to take up the courage to go on? Does the Balance of the Worlds refrain you from trying any kind of emotion? It’s so easy for you, to be firm and relentless. How is this possible, in this Land? How is it possible that such a heartless human being has been put in charge of his custody?

Perhaps, these questions are dictated by fatigue and the fact that the human being makes these trips increasingly tedious and tiring ... Perhaps it's the pervasive despair that makes the strings of my soul vibrate... Perhaps I don’t know what I am saying. But that's how I feel.

And you do not answer. Allow your Messengers, to talk for you.

Remember that you are not God, and you cannot behave like him. Dreams come from men, and men come from the Sky. Only one God exists, and this God had only one Son.

You're just a human being who is forgetting what it means to be one. And I want to shout it across all the borders – if there are any – in this Land, to return vanity to its owner, which is not part of any world, if not that of the Darkness!

… But I restrain myself, and think that, perhaps, there must be a reason… a reason that is still unknown to me, but I don’t want to know it, now, as it may not be the right time. I know well that impatience is my weakest point, and you're putting it to a hard test. As if real life were not enough, to do so: now you are doing it too!

The Unicorn keeps walking, keeps leading me…..who knows where. This part of the journey is totally unknown, and I have never taken this road, before. I don’t know where it will take me. I know that, surely, it leads to the Eternal Present, but I don’t know what other tests to expect, during this journey. For now there's just this endless wood, where light filters weakly through the branches of the trees. You can hear the birds singing and the rustle of leaves blowing in the wind, but you cannot see any animals or other creatures, or a reference that allows me to hearten the Wanderers. I feel their eyes on me. I feel their expectations. I perceive their questions.

But I don’t have any answers.

Thus, I remain silent, and keep on walking. And, as I walk, the clouds cluster above us, threatening. I look at the Unicorn, trying to figure out what to do ... and he goes on, and I with him, even if I am asked several times what is happening.

I have no idea!

I walk, in the mud, while the rain falls, strong, abundant, and it leaves us drenched, to walk in the mush that is forming, little by little. We have nothing to cover ourselves with. We do not have a direction toward which we can find refuge. We do not have garments with which to change ourselves, once the rain will cease. IF it will ever cease.

And the Unicorn goes on, and I talk to you, Guardian of the Land of Dreams, I beg you, to let me understand what I should say or do, if I did something wrong, if I failed, if I am leading the Wanderers astray….

If your human heart still beats in your chest, please, give me a sign, an indication, make me understand if my assignment is over, if I have brought the Wanderers to a place of no return…..If you still have mercy, order the sun to come back, order the Unicorn to take us where we can restore ourselves… TALK TO ME!

But you do not respond.

And now, ahead of me, there is nothing but the road. The Unicorn has disappeared. It has dissolved, in the rain, like a drawing that gets blurred, when wet with water……

The evening has arrived, and we don’t have anything to eat, nor to drink and we don’t know where to go. You have removed me as leader, and now, I am only a human being lost in the illusion, I am a Wanderer like everyone else.

I am only a woman, no longer the Dream keeper.

I am only a woman.

A woman who hates you.



We have walked for hours. We have no idea, where we are going. Not that this surprises us, but our Dream keeper remains silent. She has been silent, for a long time. She does not answer our questions and we begin to feel uncomfortable. We think she knows what she is doing, since, until know, everything has turned out right. But it never happened before that she refused to talk to us, and that she didn’t prepare us for a test… this is confusing us.

She goes on, as if driven by something that we cannot feel. She looks straight ahead of herself, lost in her thoughts. She smiles at us, to comfort us in the effort of the journey, but does not say a word.

Now it has started to rain, and it is raining heavily! We are all feeling cold, and if we look around, all we see are woods, but no shelter whatsoever. Maybe it will be another test that we have to undergo ... but we were not told anything about it. Perhaps, even this is a test? Can we rely on the Dream keeper, even when she does not talk?

For a moment she stopped and looked around herself. We too did the same thing, and waited for some indications. But we were not told anything.

We are taking up the journey, as the evening is nearing, and we do not know if we will eat, if we will sleep, if we will stop, if someone will help us ... and, above all, we do not know how long all this will last. Three of us are talking to one another and are considering if it would be wise for them to stop, break away from the group and take another direction. We are keeping an eye on all of them, since, in this situation, even a whisper can be heard, despite the pounding rain.

Most likely even the Dream keeper is aware of this little conspiracy, but she continues to walk….does she know something that we don’t know? Of course, all of us had been warned of the fact that many of us might give up and that, perhaps, we might desist. Many of us feel like giving in, but just as many are asking themselves: where will we end up, if we turn away from the group? This makes us desist from leaving, because this journey is unknown to us, and without a guide, I doubt we have many possibilities.

It’s still raining, and it’s almost dark now. We are very tired, so we address the Dream keeper to ask her if we can rest awhile. She stops, looks at us and keeps silent. Then she smiles and puts her sack down, in the mud.

We look around hoping to find solutions. Perhaps, it’s our turn now to take the initiative. We could build a shelter with some intertwined branches, make a sort of a roof with the big leaves of the trees that are new to us, and very similar to palm trees. We talk about this to The Dream keeper who, after reflecting for a moment, smiles and nods her head.

We quickly get to a start. Our Guide gives us a knife that he had with him, hidden under the pleats of his tunic, now reduced to a mixture of rain, mud and soil. We decide not to inform the three who want to flee: with a knife like that in their hands we don’t know what they might do. It’s so sad to think badly of another human being, in the Land of Dreams, but what we have learned is certainly to be wary of who isolates himself from the group and decides not to cooperate, to act on his own, and maybe hit from behind. How pleased we would be, if all of us were to reach the goal, but now, it is clear that this will not happen.

Under the watchful eye of the Dream keeper, we alternate the cutting of branches and leaves. While one of us cuts, the others try to steer away the three traveling companions who seem increasingly determined to go away. The Dream keeper, in the meantime, is collecting stones, and brings them all to a certain spot. We do not know why she has chosen that spot, but, perhaps she might have received a sign that we do not understand yet. However, we do understand that this is the prelude to the lighting of the fire. Thus, I, Soldier of the Border, tell Spark of the Way, to assist our Guide in this operation. She accepts and heads toward The Dream keeper, and we see them search for stones of a very precise shape… discarding some of them.

We continue with what we were doing, and not long after, we had put together an enormous bundle of branches and many leaves. We quickly start to build a shelter, while Spark of the Way picks branches that have been saved from the rain, the less humid ones and easier to use to light a bonfire. We all work hard, under the watchful eye of The Dream keeper, and we are surprised how many resources we discover amongst us: there are those who know how to tie the branches together, who knows how to weave the lithe ones, lest there be open spaces that can let in too much water, who handles the leaves deftly, who fixes everything ... and we manage to finish in no time!

I give the knife back to The Dream keeper who thanks me, with a smile. Spark of the Way begins to light the fire.

We are all holding our breath. It is so difficult to light a fire with this wet wood and with this rain. But we were told that this is the Land of Dreams, and that, if we know how to fight, every desire can be fulfilled. So, we start to hope and liven ourselves up, with the song that we were taught, beating a stone against one another, to spur and instill courage in each other.

Many, many attempts are made, before we see a small trail of smoke coming from the wood. We are so excited and try not to breathe too fast: if we do, we risk turning off the spark that has been lit. The smoking wood, with some chipboard, is placed above other wood, inside a circle of stones. Spark of the Way blows faintly on that little piece of hope and, as if by magic, we are able to see the spark of a flame.

We exult like children. It is all so wonderful, now! Hope returns anew, into our hearts.

But, suddenly, the three conspirators make a leap forward, throwing wet soil on the fire that has just been lit, and it goes out. They laugh. They laugh at our disappointment that becomes more and more intense, since human beings like us do not recognize that we are part of the same kind, of a whole which, here, is even more evident.

While we all fall down to the ground, dismayed, Listening to Heaven comes forward. He has a very sharp look, and we are all afraid of him. He looks at the three, who are laughing, and moves slowly away, but then seems to hesitate. The Dream keeper puts a hand on his shoulder and, returning the same look, nods. Listening to Heaven looks up, and all of us do the same as well: black clouds are clustering in one place, and are headed right over the heads of the three. The Dream keeper raises his arm, and a flame blazes out of his eyes.

Suddenly, the clouds start to whirl round and round, creating a tornado that, little by little, descends toward the ground. Listening to Heaven looks at The Dream keeper, and she nods again. Thus, Listening to Heaven points his finger in the direction of the three fugitives, and the tornado, with all its power, hurls itself with a thunderbolt, above them, swallowing them up. Their screams are frightening, but we cannot do anything.

We remain motionless, until the tornado disappears into the sky, taking the traitors with it.

To our surprise, the rain stops falling. The clouds thin out to let the moon and the stars appear. We look at each other and begin to laugh, because tension is released as such, either crying or laughing.

Spark of the Way quickly cleans the wood and lights the fire that finally, blazes and warms us. Exhausted, we sit down on the wet grass, in the mud. But we don’t care.

We have passed this test.

As we all settle down to sleep by the fire, the Dream keeper approaches me, putting a hand on my shoulder and says:

“The Guardian was wrong. You are not a Soldier of the Border. You are a Warrior. And, at this time, who, until now had performed this role, has been assigned to another. Welcome to the Land of Dreams.” And, with a bow, she goes away.



Open your eyes. I know you heard my voice. Look: it’s dawn now, and Aurora has already gone by, leaving its trail, gently tinted of pink, on the dome of the sky, which is now being illuminated by the sun.

I am The Custodian, she who keeps something that, in the Land of Dreams, is so important that it cannot be donated to many, but only for a few chosen ones.

Now that your eyes are open, you can see me better. Do I look like, perhaps, the ancient Goddess of the Hunt? Yes, I probably do. I stood out among many others, for my skills as a warrior.

Yes, the question you are asking yourself is correct: I too am part of the human being and am not a creature of the Land of Dreams. I only received an assignment that I am now going to give up.

Your Dream keeper is still sleeping, with all the others: you will personally refer to her what we are saying now. Don’t worry: I have not bypassed her authority, nor that of any other being more important than me, in this Land. I was given the freedom to choose on my own, and do not have to account to anyone for my decisions. This privilege was not given to me by chance, but by merits that I conquered during the journey to the Eternal Present. At the same time, though I can choose the army according to my intuition, I have to observe the Laws of Balance, and I cannot challenge them, nor change them.

You were put to a hard test and have passed it. Not all of you, unfortunately, but most of you have. Among all, however, I have chosen you, to step aside: another task was assigned to me recently, so, now, I had to find someone who would be my worthy substitute. And I have chosen you.

My gift, for you, is this Sword. It is not an ordinary sword, and not the one of ancient tradition. It is a sword forged with the power of those who hoped and fought, without ever giving up, despite the desperate situation.

You, until now, have passed all the tests, and stood alongside the Warrior, when he took the initiative to guide the Wanderers. You helped him to ensure that they collaborated with one another, without any prevarication, and you did not saved your strength, you never moaned, you did not succumb to fear and worked tirelessly, often doing even the part of others who, too tired, could not keep up.

To undertake and finish this journey takes courage, but above all, it takes perseverance. Perseverance must be as cutting as the sharp blade of a precious sword, as it must cut into the thick wall of dismay and the loss of any reference point. The Sword will be, for you, but, above all, for everyone, the compass that will allow you to reach the Eternal Present.

Come forward, so I can give it to you. Do not be afraid.

Never. But always be careful.

This is the sword that the human being has helped forge. It is of valuable craftsmanship, as the creatures of the Land of Dreams helped to finish it to give it power and strength. Mind you: you can never take this sword with you, into the real world. It must remain here: whenever you return to your life, you will give it to the Faun who lives in the Tower of Values, not far from here.

Remember another thing: you'll be guarding the sword, but you can never wield it. Someone else will do it, but not you. The temptation to do so will be very strong, believe me, especially at certain times, but you must resist. If you dis-behave, this sword will disintegrate into dust of light, so light as to be wiped out with a single breath of wind. If that were to happen, the Land of Dreams would lose one of its most powerful weapons of defense. So, please, take care of it.

You will know in due time who should wield it. It might not be a single person. But never without your consent. Therefore, judge very well who you have in front of you, because you might miss the opportunity to convey the Sword to who could use it for a noble purpose, or you might entrust it to someone who wants death and destruction. Do not rush. Ponder calmly, even if there were to be an imperative urgency. In that case, you'll have a few seconds of time to decide. So, train yourself right from now to try to understand who stands close to you. You will never understand enough, but what must suffice you is the ability to provide yourself with an answer to this question: does he or she deserve to wield the Sword?

Bow down, as is fit for every Knight, ready for his investiture. You are not bowing in front of me because I represent something bigger, but only as a sign of respect for your given word: that is the object for which you are bowing. You bow to your own desire to keep your values intact and to carry this sword, with loyalty, courage and sense of observation. You bow to what you believe in and what brought you here, so, do not let down your own expectations. Do not make false steps. This is a very delicate task, and there can be no distractions.

Now, receive this Sword from my hands. Grasp it with yours. Do not pull it out of its sheath, since there is no need to: we are at peace now. Get up and keep the Sword close to your belt. Keep it day and night, because even the most seemingly innocuous Wanderers could turn suddenly into ravenous wolves. The thirst for power is inherent in the human being and needs to be kept under control. Dominance is achieved with the ability to self-control your instincts, and you also will have to control yours. Do not punish those who try to take away your Sword: it belongs to you and will return only to you, but it will not, if your anger blinds who you are and what you believe in.

I will now give a gift to all the other Wanderers. Not far away from you, there is a basket with something to eat and to drink, and a sack, containing some tunics. You may restore yourselves and get changed. I will give you also another indication: heading towards East, you will come across a lovely creek, where you can wash off the mud of the night you spent outdoors.

Refer everything I have said to The Dream keeper and make sure she understands every single word. Tell her also that, inside the sack, there is a little gift for her, preserved in a sachet of raw jute. No-one else must touch it and you must prevent them from doing so. It is only for your Guide and there is no need for you to know what it contains. If she wants, she might share it with you.

There you are, your companions in the journey are waking up.

Goodbye to you, Custodian of the Sword. I am moving on to a new chapter of this story of mine. You need not comprehend now what I mean: let what you have been given, be enough.

Bon voyage, Wanderers.

The sun is shining now, and you still have a long way to go.



Good morning, Wanderer. I know you have heard the good news: one of you has been nominated The Custodian of the Sword, that is a very important assignment, and at the same time so difficult to carry on with. But we are confident of the success of this choice!

We were lucky enough to be able to get changed and restore ourselves with food and drinks, and are now near the river. I have been given a gift, but I still don’t know what it is: I have learned that, in the Land of Dreams, gifts are often discovered in times of emergencies or in other particular moments, but, preferably, not right away. Of course, then, everyone can do as they want, since this is not a broken rule, but a personal choice.

Last night I observed the moon and the stars. I brought to mind some ancient traditions that I was taught before becoming The Dream keeper. The moon was full and the stars, once the clouds dissolved, shone more intensely than usual.

Then the wind rose. It was not a cold wind, and it was not so intense as to extinguish the fire. But it came from a well-defined direction, so I thought we should follow it. The direction, I found out this morning, coincided with that which led to the river. So we will travel along its shores, taking care not to fall. Let’s keep close, so that we can hold hands with each other. I will stay in front of you.

Just one more thing. I watched the stars for a long time, because they were pulsing in a rhythmical manner that made me curious.

After a while, I realized that the rhythm was always the same, and that, every pulsation formed the following words: AGAINST THE TIDE.

I did not consider it to be particularly relevant, until we came here. And this makes me think that we have to go in the opposite direction to that of the water. So, we must head off towards the spout of the spring.

From here, it seems to me that the trail is not very steep, but I wouldn’t count on that if I were you. We have already seen how, here, everything is so unpredictable.

Yes, I confirm what many of you might be thinking, at the risk of questioning my role: I do not know the road and do not know where we are going. This part of the journey has never been revealed to me, and until now, I followed a Messenger who brought us this far. That this is the right way is proved by the visit of the Custodian of the Sword. But where it leads to, I do not know. However, regardless of this, I ask you again not to give up and not to lose faith. As you can see, something always happens to comfort our spirit and body. It's true, now we are wearing clothes made of jute, and sandals of cloth, on our feet, that will not protect us from the sharp rocks ... but, until last night, we had nothing. There were only endless woods, barren lands, and then, the rain, incessant ... that finally stopped as we had the fortune to see.

I am one of you, but, at the same time, I am The Dream keeper, and my task is to lead you towards the Eternal Present, in every possible way. I'm on the alert to perceive even the smallest signal, every little scent, every faintest sound ... I've been hardened to get this far. And I too, am not exempt from tests.

I cannot force you to follow me, if you do not want to, but I cannot guarantee that you will find a way out, if you decide to leave me and those who will come with me. This is the Land of Dreams, it is not the world we come from, but trust is something that you live in any dimension, at any level of time, past, present or future. Therefore, I kindly ask you to decide now, because, afterwards, we cannot turn back. How many of you want to come with me and who wants to stay or continue on his own?

Who wants to follow me, take a step forward, without any constraint.

Thank you, Spark of the Way. Thank you, Listening of Heaven. Thank you, Warrior. Thank you, Custodian of the Sword. Thanks to you Wanderers who have decided to defy your hesitation and put your trust in me. As for you other Wanderers, who will not come with us… I cannot blame you, nor tell you what will happen, because I do not know. Nothing will happen to you, or maybe yes... but that is not what matters. Ten of you will continue this journey on your own, without any guide. I am disappointed about this, but I do understand: who would ever follow someone who doesn’t know the way?

Go, then, but do not be surprised by the night before having a shelter and a fire. You have already experienced what this means. Have a nice trip and may you find your way to the Eternal Present, even without me.

Those of you, who are left, instead, follow me. We shall climb up towards the opposite direction of the current. Let us hold hands, so as not to get lost. Each of you grab the hand that is stretched out to you and stretch yours out to who follows you. Do not stop to pick up branches that can help you to climb: you do not need to. We just need to remain united and steadfast.

Can you smell the scent of musk? It’s pleasant and relaxing. The sound of water is our friend, and the creek has no steeps. The water is shallow, but we’d better not cross it. In front of me I see the woods thin out and the light of the sun increase. Probably we have found the border of this wood and we are just about to come out of it. If you see any particular flower, remember not to pick it: I told you at the beginning of the journey, that these flowers give themselves spontaneously to us, without us asking. If you find something that looks like a small fruit, do not pick it: I do not know this part of the journey, as I said, and I do not know what kind of reactions could trigger a wild berry unknown to me. Remember that what we see in the Land of Dreams is not always the same thing that we see in our world. So, if any of you have knowledge of anything related to nature, set it aside. Let’s proceed without stopping.

Hence, now the forest is thinning out more and more and we are about to reach a plain. I cannot see any trees in the distance. We are likely to have arrived where the river is born. It was not too long a journey, but I wonder what's up in front of me.

Are you all here? We are in the plain now; we can loosen the grip of our hands and continue walking. I will lead you, as always.

But now… stop. Look together with me, a little further on. At the end of the stream there is a cliff overlooking nothing, and from the edge of the ground stands a wall made of rainbow. All around, there are only clouds.

I think that, to get to the other side, we might have to cross it. But, first of all, we need to understand how to do it, because we have no equipment to allow us to climb it, as if it were the wall of a mountain.

Let me think... if this is a bridge, we can pretend it is a drawbridge. If it really is what I think, then, there should be a way to lower it. I think, therefore, that the time has come for me to open the gift that I was given. I'll do it in front of you. Wanderers, open your hands, so that I can extract the contents of the sachet of jute.

Thank you.

This is a coin. But it is not an ordinary coin. This is a coin that only the Gnomes know how to fabricate, and there is not one like the other, and each one of them is coined for a very specific purpose.

Have you ever heard the tales about Gnomes? They hide their treasure at the foot of the rainbow. This, then, is a coin that belongs to the treasure of the Gnomes and that may be the key to our research. I will go, then, to the edge of the precipice, and, toss the coin, from there. If the rainbow will lower itself, as if it were a drawbridge, then we can cross it. We can just walk on it. I do not know if it will feel like walking on air: this is a new experience for me too. But if it will work, our journey may continue.

I know what you're asking: if it will not work, what will become of us?

But here we are in the Land of Dreams, and we cannot have doubts right now, after the signs that we have received. Be confident. Now I will toss the coin...

The rainbow is lowering! It is a bridge now and we can move on. Let’s stay close to each other and not look down. The feeling is not quite like walking on something flat: it is as if we were sinking into the snow, but there is no water and you do not get muddy. Perhaps, the right comparison might be that it feels like walking on a big pile of colored absorbent cotton.

Follow me. I can see an entrance, a little farther on.

It looks like the entrance to a castle…



May you be welcome, Dream keeper.

You are welcome as well, Wanderers.

You have arrived at the Nameless Castle that very few know how to reach.

We are the three Knights, and we have not been given any specific task. We have waited a long time for someone to show us our mission. We were prepared for battle, but we are not human beings. We are creatures that you have given the permission to exist, thanks to your dreams, your ideals.

But we have not been completed, in our tasks.

We do not know if we have to defend this inhabited castle.

We do not know if there are enemies with whom to fight.

We do not know to whom we are to refer.

We do not even know why this castle was built.

We are like children who have not been given any instructions, but we do not have the same ability to play. We do not know how to. The desires of the human being were exhausted before we were completed, and now we wait, at every journey, for someone to come to explain to us what we must do. Someone brought his experiences, and he has allowed, piece by piece, that this remote island in the Land of Dreams be built, little by little. But, as you can see, had you not received the gift of the Coin of the Gnomes, you would never have come so far.

You are a very powerful guide, Dream keeper, and your heart is strong. If you were not who you are, no-one would have rescued you from the Lost Woods. They represent one of the most important tests, to allow you to reach the Eternal Present.

Our problem is just that. The few Wanderers that manage to come here to finish their research, then, never come back. And we eagerly await them, but our hopes are often disillusioned. In spite of everything, since we exist, thanks to you, we continue to be confident that someone, sooner or later, might remember this Castle and its Knights.

We see that, among you, there are Wanderers who have already received an assignment ... and this makes us happy. This means that, probably, we can add another piece of life to our microcosm. Of course, with your consent, Dream keeper. We do not want to force any Wayfarer to do what he does not feel able to do and we do not claim anything, except to be remembered, once you return to your real world.

Forgive us if we dare so much ... but we wish to inform you that the first thing that we need is a name to give to this Castle. Without a name, there can be no history and we would have no reason to stay. We always hope that someone, sooner or later, will assign it, so that we too might have an identity, in this Land of Dreams.

We can offer you shelter and refreshment for all the time you need. The rooms are furnished, and the food, for your luck, is never scarce. The desires of human beings are often bizarre, and addressed to things of prime necessity, such as food. There seems to be a real obsession, either in one way or another.

Someone would like to eat until he feels ill, someone else would want to deprive himself of food, until he disappears ... in any case, this imbalance of desires is offset by the presence of the Castle, where all the partly completed impulses end up. So, in part we have everything that the Wanderers need, but we are lacking what we need.

Come in if you like. There are no latches and no dangers. There are no masters and there are no servants, because this story has yet to be written. Be welcome and stay for as long as you want. There is a beautiful garden with fountains from which crystal clear water spouts ... there are colorful flowers, fruit plants, benches to sit on to admire the pond at the center of the garden. Nobody takes care of this place, and yet, it continues to exist and to be kept in order, as if a Higher Law commands it. We are not speaking of your faith, but of something that is part of this Land and that, at the same time, comes from your desires. Perhaps, someday, we will discover the reason why we exist and why we were called for here. And, perhaps, that will be the day when we shall have to leave this place, to accomplish our mission...

“Could this be of use to you?”

Brave Wanderer…Custodian of the Sword….you honor us, with your question. We cannot decide for you. We can ask The Dream keeper if you are allowed to.

“The Custodian of the Sword has free choice. I cannot intervene. It is his heart, to speak, and his instinct led him to tell you what he feels. Only he can decide and you, then, may accept or refuse what he proposes.”

Our Guardian… Brave Wanderer… we are all deeply grateful. This Sword is the most important thing that exists in the Land of Dreams and it would give us an identity that we have been longing ... But we cannot expect anything. We are servants and we are ready to listen.

"So be it. This Sword belongs to the Castle and to you, the Knights. And this Castle shall be called, henceforth, the Castle of the Sword, because it will serve the creatures of this Land and the human beings who reach here."

Generous Wanderer, Custodian of the Sword ... you've just received this wonderful gift, and now, you deprive yourself of it ... but ... no, you'll always be the one and only Custodian, and we can only accept it as the beginning of our mission. We appreciate your pure heart and accept this privilege, with endless gratitude. But allow us, therefore, to do much more. If you want, this will be your home, whenever you want to visit us here in the Land of Dreams, because, now, you know the way. And let us be of service to who you want to make us worthy of this honor.

"I do not feel like a master ... I do not crave power and wealth. I just think the Sword is more useful to you than to me. She who gave it to me told me that she had finished her task, having found me. Now I have found you."

We are not allowed to be the Custodians of the Sword: only a human being can. But we can use it how you want us to.

“Use it only to bring the lost Wanderers, back on the right track. Do not use it to kill. Anyone has the discretion to make mistakes, but at the same time, to return on his own steps and find himself. Defend them from the dangers of Greed and Oblivion. In the name of this Sword, may you be its worthy Knights."

Your heart is pure, Wanderer, and your words are wise. However, we must ask the Dream keeper if all this is allowed to us...

"The Custodian of the Sword has the full right to decide. Be that as he said. "

In this case ... you have honored us of what we were looking for. You have given us a mission, and you have given a name to this Castle. From now on, it will become a refuge for the Wanderers who get lost, distracted by unrealizable desires or scared of the difficulties of the way. We will defend them and bring them here, where they can meet and find the way. So new hopes will be brought to life, and the Castle will liven up. There will be servants, there will be those who will take care of the garden, there will be those who will cheer with songs and dances, but at the same time, there will be those who will remind Wanderers that it’s time to get back on the road to the Eternal Present.

Be welcome.



Wake up from your sleep, Wanderers. I am bringing you news of doom.

The one who had been assigned the role of Custodian of the Sword has fled with it, riding a horse stolen to one of the three Knights. Now, two of them are looking for the traitor, because the Sword cannot be taken beyond the borders of the Land of Dreams. The third Knight has stayed here, to await the return of his companions.

As a human being, I can only feel sorry for what happened. I myself was dazzled by the words of the traitor who seemed sincere. But as the Dream keeper, I cannot forget what a strong temptation it is to have a Sword of such beauty and rarity. The traitor had been warned of the danger, but he underestimated it. Even the purest hearts, might sometimes succumb to the most subtle temptation.

Now the Castle itself is in danger, because it is named after the Sword. The Knights will have no peace, until they find the fugitive. This unexpected high treason subverts every Law that regulates the Balance of this Land. This Castle is likely to disappear with its Sword, forever, if it is not found.

It is still not clear how the traitor managed to steal the horse and flee. Perhaps, the force of the Sword is still unknown to us in its entirety and, perhaps, he was able to understand part of its meaning. Perhaps, as well, he might have seen other possibilities that we are not allowed to know ... the choice of a Custodian of the Sword is always carried out according to certain criteria.

Those that are the major advantages of an elected can become defects that can lead to unpardonable mistakes. The more a person has, the more he might lose.

We cannot go in search of the Sword: it is not our duty. The Knights, will take care of that, and we must hope that they succeed in their mission as quickly as possible. It's strange: as long as they did not have one, they lived in peace. Now that they have found it, they must wage war against the traitor. What will happen to him? He will not be killed, once found, and cannot run too far away. The risk, however, is that he gets lost in places still unknown to this Land, places where not even his own creatures can access, since the human being has not yet struggled to realize his dreams, or has lost hope. For every human being who does not believe in anything, a creature of the Land of Dreams ceases to exist, or a place is emptied of its inhabitants.

Following this criteria, it’s possible that even this Castle, once, was inhabited, and that the Knights themselves had a task to accomplish. Perhaps other Custodians of the Sword fled with it, as soon as they arrived here. Perhaps who gave the Sword to the traitor was a fleeing soul, and being blind, he was unable to read in the right heart.

But these are only suppositions, and, unfortunately, are not within our competence. Even if we were able to do something, I am sure that we would no longer proceed towards the Eternal Present, but remain here, to help the Knights in their research.

But we cannot stay. We would risk disappearing with the Castle and this whole place of the Land of Dreams

We have to say goodbye.

Thus, get up, and come with me. The Knight has indicated a road to me that we will take to go away from here. We have not been held responsible for this shameful action. The Laws that regulate the Balance of the Land of Dreams operate in complete autonomy in distinguishing good fruit from rotten ones, and tend to preserve the first.

However, as The Dream keeper, I could not let this wickedness be forgiven us completely. We started as a group and everything that an individual does falls on the same. Thus, even this action.

Therefore, I have decided to leave in this Castle all the gifts we have received so far. May this be a lesson to anyone who decides to commit such an act. We shall leave with no resources except those that allow us to survive, like food and water. But, all the rest will remain here, and, should this place disappear, even all the gifts will disappear with it.

At this point, I am forced to ask again: who of you intend to give up and put an end now to this journey? No-one is forced to proceed if he wants to keep his gifts intact, at his own risk, however, as he might disappear with them.

Five of you? Are you absolutely sure, you want to stay?

So be it. We shall proceed and you will remain here. May luck assist you, because you will need it.

Who's coming with me, get ready. We shall leave immediately.

We leave the Castle and pay tribute to the Knight who shall wait for his companions, day and night. We need to end the journey as soon as possible, to bring other Wanderers to the Land of Dreams, to give birth to new hope.

The Knight is on the highest tower. He has seen us and addressed us a greeting. Let’s go now. We need to head towards the fountain in the center of the garden. The water no longer spouts, as you can see. The first signs of betrayal are beginning to be visible. But we cannot stop now, and waste time in accusations and convictions. We have to hurry, because it will be evening shortly.

Get into a circle around the fountain. This is the only way for us.

When you are ready, close your eyes. I need each of you to find within yourself the strength of hope to go away, from here. I need you to forget the bitterness, the weariness, every doubt that may reside in your heart ... I need you to concentrate on the reason that prompted you to come here. I need you to believe it with every fiber of your being.

Imagine that your willpower can be born in your hearts like a small spark of light that gradually increases its intensity, to fully illuminate what you nurture most, deep in your soul. This light expands, and comes out of your body, first in subtle rays, then with more and more intense light beams, that extends even further, to form a white halo around you. The rays extend even further, reaching the hearts of your fellow travelers, penetrating and heating them. Thus, these separate energies become one single energy, one single light, which, like one ray of sunshine more intense than the others, reaches up to the sky, and then comes back down, heading towards the center of the fountain, where, shortly before, the water flowed. This light beam enters within you, and runs around the inner circumference of the fountain.

Now, imagine that this light is like water, and that, from the fountain, it will start to flow in a fluid and energetic manner, to fill the void that was there before. The light takes the place of water, and gushes with golden sparks.

Now open your eyes.

Can you see? What you imagined has come true. Jets of light are sprouting from the fountain, the same light that you helped to create, with your hope. This is the key. This is our way out of this place now contaminated by the seed of betrayal.

Now the light will become so intense to invest all of us. For a moment, that will seem like forever, you will be dazzled. For a moment, you will fear. But do not be scared: it will be like the flash of a camera, only more intense.

You will seem to float in the air. Let yourselves go and do not resist. This light will not harm you.

Keep the strength you have demonstrated so far. Keep intact the trust in yourselves. Leave behind the sad events that happened and just concentrate on the present.

Close your eyes and let yourselves go.



“Beloved Wanderers, what are you doing here? For what reason have you come so far?

We are the Daughters of Light and receive the Wanderers when a grave injustice occurs in the Land of Dreams. What wrong has never been done, to see you here? "

“Greetings to you, Dream keeper. You are welcome amongst us, as are all those who are listening to us. Let us read in your heart, to understand what happened. There is no need for you to talk: we will know."

“What an inauspicious day…a Wanderer altered the Laws of Balance… a chosen Wanderer… and this makes it even more serious. We make light on the facts and on their consequences, but we cannot understand their reasons.”

“Being Daughters of Light, we cannot understand the Darkness of the human heart. We can give meaning to what is happening, because we are creatures that belong to the Land of Dreams, but we do not know how to turn things back, before they hit the bottom, when the cause of injustice comes from a human being."

“We know that amongst you there are Wanderers with a virtuous heart and noble soul, but there are also others who think they are pure, and still do not understand the reason why they have embarked on this journey.”

“The Sword belongs to the Daughters of Light. We were the ones who forged it, with our songs. When the sword gets stolen by fraud, serious repercussions fall on the man or woman who hatched the plot, and forebodings darken the Land of Dreams."

"We know who induced the traitor to perform the abominable action. The real blame lays in the heart of two Wanderers, who are present here, now, who instilled in their companion, feelings of greed and arrogance. "

"We do not know why these atrocities happen. We only see who makes them. And we see who provokes them. The two Wanderers responsible for this breakaway continue to lurk here, too, but we see inside their hearts, and there is a gray area that leaves no room for doubt. "

“Dream keeper, we comprehend what you are thinking and what you are feeling and respect the silence that is owed to you. Let us speak, as we know what happened until now.”

“We know what your assignment means. We know what you can see and what you cannot see, and it is not your responsibility to understand the reasoning of another human being, if he does not want to reveal it to you. Perhaps not even this Wanderer had discovered his dark side, until now.”

"All of you can see only the side of the moon exposed to sunlight, but do not see what is hidden behind the darkness. Even the heart of the human being is like the moon, but the light which permeates it prevails over which side is revealed to the eye of the beholder."

"We, the Daughters of Light, the ones who forge the Sword, will now create a connection with our essence and with yours. We will try to see with your own eyes, hear with your own ears, and talk with your own voice. We will try to feel the palpitation of your soul, and see to your most hidden needs. Often, an unfulfilled need is the main cause of the challenge to the Balance of Nature. Values are called into question in less than a moment, because the temptation becomes too strong to resist."

"Yes, we feel the resistance of who opposes us and does not want to listen to us. We try to bring the light in his heart, but it is not appreciated. We find a closed door, and, beyond the door, only darkness that has placed its roots, very deeply. It is a darkness that comes from past traumas and which has marked the souls of those who reject us."

"We are not here to judge, condemn or punish. The Daughters of Light are not allowed to do so. We exist to restore warmth to the hearts that have not known many joys in life. We cannot erase the past, but we can relieve the pain of the present. We can untie the knots of the trauma suffered and contribute to heal the wounds. This metamorphosis will not be painless, and it is for this reason that some of you will reject us.”

"Through the sharing of our essences combined with yours, we will be able to understand where the fugitive is hiding. We will return the Sword to its rightful owner, that is, to those who forged it. The Sword will then be purified from the contamination of deception and delivered to him or her who is more deserving, but this time, the trial to be passed to receive it as a gift will be made more challenging, to prevent such desecration from happening again."

"We ask you not to oppose other resistance to our Light, as we would be forced to intensify it, making the wounds of your souls burn even more. Let us come in, so we don’t need to break through the walls that you are raising, with the power of your mind. "

"We know who of you instigated the traitor. We know who threw on him the worm of darkness. Who made this inequity does not shine and is hiding himself. He is fleeing, but the shadow of his thoughts arrives to us. We can see what happened, from the moment the Sword was passed from the thief to the fugitive."

“The Knights are guided by the sound of our voices. We are made of the same nature. We are creatures of the Land of Dreams and talk the same language. The Knights are following our instructions and are heading towards the place where the Sword and its usurper lie.”

"Resist not to us, because you cannot. The Knights run fast and are about to reach the lost Wanderer. He wanders in the throes of guilt, having realized what he has done. The bright side of his soul is shining at the sound of our voices. He can hear them, because the Sword is with him."

“The Knights have reached him. The Wanderer makes no resistance, while they carry away the Sword and the horse. The Sword is now safe.”

"The Wanderer does not have a wicked heart. He is only a confused human being. He will not keep wandering around in the Land of Dreams. He will be taken back to his real world and forced to start his next journey all over again. He will never again be the Custodian of the Sword."

“We, the Daughters of Light, have found you, Wanderers. The lights shine over everyone, except for you. You will not be spared, but we cannot punish you. Thus, you will be sent to the Room of Laws, close to the border of the Land of Dreams. There your fate will be decided, within this Land.”

“Your lives will be spared. Here no-one can decide for the life and death of a human being, but only of his hopes, his dreams and his desires, since he is the sole creator and destroyer of them.”

“Dream keeper, take care of these scared Wanderers. And you, Wanderers, remember to allow the light in your souls to shine, even when the situation appears desperate or with no way out. There is always a way, and the most difficult one is the one that leads to fulfillment. “

"We take leave of you, bringing you to a place where your eyes will get used to the softer light. Forgive us if we had to prolong your suffering, but your surrender has never been total."

“Bon voyage, Dream keeper. Everything you had pawned has been returned to you. The Balance has been restored.”



Little Shining, the White Wolf will come to you, to watch over you, tonight, another night where you are forced to sleep under the full moon and the stars that shine so intensely…

The Daughters of Light have carried you to the Lake of Purification and, once there, you recognized the place where you had been brought, time ago, before becoming The Dream keeper, when you were only the one who had violated all the Laws of Balance.

You have known how to guide the Wanderers, and tell them what to do.

You were made to strip yourselves completely of your clothes and enter, one at a time, into the water of the Lake, to allow the Purification to begin. As the Wanderers entered one after the other, you pronounced the ancient words, and, when the ritual was completed, the stain left by the conspirators was canceled.

But not without repercussions.

This full moon has accelerated the arrival of the women’s’ period, and all the women, even you, are suffering the pains and weakness caused by the loss of blood. Every woman who enters reddens the water around her.

Around you, my Little Shining, there is so much blood to make you seem seriously wounded, as pale as you are…..And now, that you have found something with which to tampon the flow, you are exhausted.

The men are not disgusted, because they themselves have suffered some consequences. The moon has increased the strength of hormones in their bodies, and this has resulted in the emergence of strong sexual impulses. Spontaneous and inexplicable erections occurred as soon as their clothes were taken off, and they suffered the humiliation of spontaneous wet dreams, in front of everyone.

All of you have been mortified.

Now you lie down, exhausted, under a shelter that you have built, after getting dressed again. The silence has fallen on you, because you have seen each other in the most vulnerable and embarrassing nudity. You have not eaten anything and you just lit the fire to warm yourselves.

This general humiliation has tried even more the willpower of the Wanderers. Many of them will end here, their journey, and will go away this very night. They do not know where they can go, but now, the weakness has taken the place of determination. They are not traitors, nor fugitives: they are just tired and unmotivated. They cannot be blamed.

Once back in the real world, they will be allowed to rest, reflect and decide whether to undertake again the journey to the Eternal Present. Right now, they no longer want to, and having something that you do not want, makes the fulfillment of the dream lose value.

There you are… ten of them are already waking up. They look around, with dismay, while the fire crackles inexhaustibly. They look at each other too, looking for support, because, although no one utters a word, they all want the same thing: that all this will end.

They cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. All they see is the tunnel, and, anyway, they no longer care how much is missing to the goal.

You are so close that I could touch you with my hands…. but they do not know this, and are wondering how much longer they must endure, to finish the journey.

Little Shining… when you wake up you will find only a few Wanderers, those who still resist, driven by something they do not know and that comes from their heart.

The White Wolf comes up to you and no one can see him, except she who received the assignment of Dream keeper. I can see through his eyes and I look at you. I want to see how you feel. I ensure myself that you have the necessary strength to fulfill your mission. You do not open your eyes, because you are so fatigued, and by now, you rely only on your intuition. They are the only forces, which you can still hold on to. But you can feel that there is a creature next to you. You know, by instinct, that he is not going to harm you. So, let the White Wolf gently rub his nose against your hand and crouch next to you.

He will stay close to you for the rest of the night, and infuse you with the energy that, at this time, is flowing out of you, along with the blood.

The Wanderers exchange glances of understanding. They nod at each other, looking at each other. Now they know they share the same intention: to go away. They get up slowly, so as not to make noise. They take a couple of the more humid branches, and not to make it consume too quickly, they wrap the ends with a piece of their clothing, immersed in the resin they gathered during the construction of the shelter, and light up their primitive torch.

In silence, walking slowly, one step at a time, the ten Wanderers leave the group and, with a hint of sadness, they set off for a destiny towards the unknown. This is something that happens very often, in the life of a human being: he fights relentlessly, to fulfill his innermost dream, but, when he is about to reach the goal, he stops suddenly and goes backwards.

Up to what point, was his desire strong? Up to what point, was he able to take responsibility of its success and failure? Up to what point, had he weighed the pros and cons? Many human beings, driven by ambition, invest all their energy in higher and higher goals, without ever being content. When they obtain one thing, they quickly lose interest in it and immediately go on to something else. Until, they get to the real desire, the most difficult one to achieve.

Now you are lying there, with the rest of the group, Little Shining, with the White Wolf crouched by your side. You have spent all your energy to accompany the Wanderers towards the Eternal Present, and you almost have none left, for yourself. The little strength you have left is being conserved to be used against me. I know that. Behind every smile of yours, at every word that openly, does not challenge the Dream keeper, there is an accumulation of thoughts not expressed by voice that pushes the mighty wind of your grudge against me.

I do not blame you, for what you feel. But I cannot do more than what I have already done, for you. I have challenged many times, the Laws, to send a signal that was not noticeable, but which your heart and your mind could imagine. You feel them as energies coming from your ancient knowledge, but they came from an even more ancient knowledge, which, in part, I treasure. If you were to know it, contrasting emotions would be unleashed inside you, which is a struggle that you could not stand now. And I cannot allow you to give up.

The dawn will rise soon, and Aurora will color the Sky pink. A new day will begin for those of you, who are close to the goal. The White Wolf will disappear at the first ray of sunlight, and then once again you will have to rely on your own strength.

The Kingdom is getting ready for your arrival. We have waited for you for a long time and tempers begin to awaken. The creatures of the Land of Dreams are gathering their communities, their armies, their leaders, and are approaching.

When you wake up, Dream keeper, you cannot but ascertain other desertions, but you will not allow your disappointment to seep out, your sense of failure. Gather those who remain and the gifts of those who have fled or were sent away, and start over the journey.

Look at the water of the lake that is in front of you and read the messages it contains. The blood shed by the women and the sperm dispersed by the men have given birth to a new form of life that, until now, had never been seen on the Land of Dreams. This new form of life has been created thanks to the willpower of who still continues the journey, of who wants to get to the end, to fulfill his desire in this Land: to reach the Eternal Present. This hard wanted desire, has made it possible to enhance places by now missing, forgotten, abandoned, giving them new life and existence, like life can be imagined here.

Dawn is nearing.

It's time to start a new day.

Awake, and contemplate the future. You're almost there.

Bon voyage, Wanderers. Bon voyage, Dream keeper.



Good morning, Dream keeper. Good morning, Wanderers.

Have no fear. I know that, before falling asleep, you had not seen any form of life, here, whereas, now you see me.

Let me thank you. I am the Lady of the Lake, and exist since the beginning of time, but the dimming of human imagination made me vanish, and with me, also the Little People who stay by my side.

Others of you abandoned the journey, last night, but that doesn’t matter. You have kept your courage, until now. And you have endured the severest tests, and the humiliation of purification. Do you believe you have committed an act that should procure you shame? No, not at all! Thanks to the life that you have succumbed to the lake, we were able to return here to the Land of Dreams!

Do you know the exploits of King Arthur, the tradition of the Triple Goddess? I am part of that ancient tradition, too often manipulated and commercialized. We have been trampled, warped, and have been used as sacrificial victims for abominable rituals... but we are not what many might think! We do not want to desecrate your religion, nor lead you to witchcraft, or mystify what you are. This is what human beings have did us, but, we, stemming from ancient creatures, are unable defend ourselves. We were unable to bear the disapproval of the many who accused us of wanting to sow evil in your real world. Being simple People, despite the knowledge that was handed down for centuries, we never considered it appropriate to intervene to manipulate the human mind. We cannot. It is not permitted us. It is the human mind that can manipulate what we were and that we became again.

Thus, do not be afraid, of us, of me. I am but a woman advanced in years, with silver hair that I still wear loose over my worn white robe. My scarlet cloak is, perhaps, the only garment that has remained intact, of the ones I used to wear. Perhaps because it was woven by the Little People and the Virgins who live in the Kingdom. I no longer wear jewelry, if not this bracelet, given to me by the Guardian of the Land of Dreams, before I came back to you.

Yes, you are wondering if I've seen and recognized him. Yes, the answer is always the same: I recognized him, just as he recognized me, by simply looking at the full moon, under the guise of a white wolf.

Yes, Dream keeper I know what you are thinking. It was real. But I am not allowed to say more. As for you, Wanderers, don’t ask me anything else, to this regard. In due time, you will know, if you have the perseverance to continue the journey.

I have come to you, to take you to the other side of the Lake, to the Kingdom.

This trip will be very important, for all of you. Spark of the Way, Listening from Heaven, Warrior… you have resisted till now, without ever losing hope, despite the most diverse and exhausting situations. Now I can tell you already: you will find the way to the Eternal Present. Your hearts have spoken, and your actions have never contradicted you. It does not matter how much you have done: you have just done it. There will be other stories for you, to try out what you have learned and become, once you end this journey. You will begin another one, where each one of you will be the key player of his adventure.

The traitor has been cancelled from the memory of this long journey. It's up to him now to prove to himself what he really believes in, and strive constantly to defend his values. It probably was not his time, yet. For the conspirators there will be another fate. The Daughters of Light have seen the darkness in their hearts, and it is likely that they may be guided by many different winds, just to get an ephemeral and immediate goal, often harmful to themselves and to others.

The Wanderers who surrendered or fled must first of all deal with what they did not want to deal with so far: themselves. The earlier they do it, the earlier they will untie the knots of their lives. The longer they postpone it, the more the knots will tighten, and they will not be able to untie them easily.

For all the others: destiny is still in your hands. You have the opportunity to choose to continue your journey or not. But you must do it now, because, later on, you cannot turn back, whatever happens. Whatever. Thus, decide now, if you want to get to the other side of the lake or end the journey here. You have no more time left. I need to know who of you will still be upfront, and prove it by taking a step forward. When each one of you, one by one, will have made his choice, you will see the mist rise to blur your sight, until, in front of you, floating on the surface of the water, there will be a boat large enough to take you all, or only the predestined. Choose now.

Be pleased, Dream keeper: all the Wanderers who have stayed with you, until now, will continue until the end. All of them have taken a step forward. All nine of them.

Now, the mist will cover the landscape, and, for a moment, the sun will disappear before your eyes. Don’t be afraid. Soon the light will return, and your eyes will open.

I feel that your hearts are stronger now. Your will is invigorated. The determination that led you to undertake the journey gives new life to your hopes.

There, now the mist is clearing. You can see me, on this boat, standing in front of you. Next to me, there is a Holder who will row to the other side. Come on board, without delay, because the time has come.

You are still unable to see though, because the mist has not dissolved completely. You can see the surface of the lake, and perhaps an indefinite shape on the horizon, but nothing else. That’s how it must be. This road should not be traveled by lost or excessively daring Wanderers, but only by those who have distinguished themselves for particular merits. It is a road that you will not remember once you return to your real world. You will only remember the place where you arrived, but not the means, nor the way. Only you, Dream keeper, will remember, because you have pronounced the ancient words that we know too. You will remember this passage from one land to the other, and you will also remember how to get there. Make good use of this gift, as it can give hope to other Wanderers. And you, who do not remember, do not feel penalized for this. Everyone has his own task, and that is all he needs to recognize and remember.

You will be come to understand everything, once the trip is over. You will understand, because you will give a meaning to what happened. You will forget the humiliation that you had to endure, to let me come to you. You will forget the purification, how it was carried out and what happened there. When the mist will be dissolved, this memory will be erased from your minds and your hearts, but the value of innocence will not be forgotten. Only you, Dream keeper, will remember. Along with the gift, you will also have this burden, which will help to keep the Balance of Laws. You cannot be overly proud, because you will remember the shame with which you got the gift. I'm sorry, my dear ... But it is your task, and is implies great responsibilities that cannot be dispersed in vanity...

To help you forget, while the mist is lifting, your physical discomforts shall disappear: you women will no longer bleed. And you men will return to a normal state. Thus let it happen, now.

There, the mist is lifting, as we are nearing the coast.

Can you see? Someone is already waiting for you, to prepare you for the encounter.

They are the Virgins, ancient priestesses of a land you can identify with a memory of yours, or with names such as Avalon or Atlantis. It doesn’t matter. You might be thinking this is the land of your dreams, and it is. From all of your imagination, from the past will return what has long been buried by the oblivion of bitterness and disbelief. The hope of the human being will be stronger, and other Wanderers will decide to embark on your journey.

We have arrived.

Go ashore my dears. Follow the Virgins: they are here for you.

I will go ashore for last and go back to the Temple from which, many centuries ago, I arrived.

Thank you for returning my existence to me.

You are most welcome, to the Kingdom.



Come here, Wanderers. Follow me. I am the Mother, named so because my task is to be a reference to the Virgins.

Before me, there was another Mother, and there will be another one after me.

But we don’t have daughters of our own. We do not couple with men, nor give birth to children. We are a family, though not of blood. We follow the way of Purity, in every sense, and instill it in the Wanderers at the end of the journey, to prepare them for the encounter.

Come with me, and you, Daughters, go closer to the Wanderers and to The Dream keeper, to bring them peace and comfort. Take them to the Spring of Lilies, so called, because white lilies bloom every day, so abundant and sheer, on the shores of the little pool made of stone.

One at a time, all of you will be immersed in the spring, to wash away any stains from your bodies and your souls. You will be sprinkled with scented oils and dressed as befits those who have come this far and has given us the opportunity to exist, once again.

Be dressed as thus, Spark of the Way: a long yellow tunic, with sleeves of velvet, golden jewels at your ears, wrists, ankles, and around your neck, a pendant studded with amber. Her hair pulled up in a bun, and her face painted with light but intense colors.

Be dressed as thus Listening from Heaven: a long light blue tunic, sleeveless, tightened at the waist by a white silk band. Her hair tied up only in part, and curled. Her jewels studded with lapis lazuli, and her face painted with the colors of the sky.

Be dressed as thus the Warrior: a silver colored tunic, short, just like the sleeves. At his feet, the boots of a soldier in time of peace, and a short cloak over his shoulders, black, with silver edges. A bracelet of ancient workmanship at each wrist.

Be dressed as thus the Dream keeper: a red velvet dress, with long sleeves, flared at the ends. A black velvet band for a belt, and her knife, accurately cleaned, hooked to it. At her feet, black ebony sandals, and gold jewels. May the Dream keeper’s make-up respect tradition and her hair be let loose.

Be dressed as thus the other Wanderers: a long white tunic, for the women; a short grey one, for the men. May each one of them be given the ring of the Land of the Dreams that will allow them to accomplish their journey.

You, however, sister Wanderer, will be dressed like the Virgins, because your heart is pure and your soul is stainless. After the encounter, you will return here, to help your sisters. Yes, they are human creatures. Only I am part of the Land of Dreams. Me, and the Little People, with its priestesses and its fairies. The Virgins, instead, are girls and women who live your reality who, for their own merits and pure hearts, receive other Virgins to help them preserve the highest values of femininity.

So, dear sister, when you will have finished your journey, we will wait here for you, to begin to teach to you what we know. You shall be called The Living One, because you are the first human Wanderer, after many, many years, to give us back an identity, and because you will have the task to remind other women, who belong to your same kind, how life is generated in its highest meaning. Do not elevate yourself to Goddess, keep your humility and the values you believe in, and always remember where you come from, your limitations, your weaknesses, and everything that makes you vulnerable, because this type of vulnerability is the one with which children grow up, before being molded, for convenience of the world.

Now... while you are all purified of the dust that you have collected along the way staining your clothes and your souls, the Virgins will sing a song for you. Follow the words of the song, as they are the mirror of what awaits you after your preparation.

My sisters, gather yourselves, around me. Hold hands with each other and form a circle.

I put down, in the midst of you, this sphere of white quartz and a crystal bowl, full of water. Let your hearts be inspired by the power of the four elements and sing what you see in these ancient symbols. Sing as only you know how to do and accompany the travelers to the Eternal Present, while I pass by each one of you, touching your forehead and awakening the eye of the soul, that everything sees and feels...

“Virgins of the Kingdom of the Land of Dreams

Be you the voice to guide the Wanderer

Arrived here, amidst us, after stars and dust

Be you his humble and serving maids.”

“Virgins we are, of descent and in the heart

We see the liveliest fire fall

There is life in every spark

Go now, chosen one, find the way out.”

Spark of the Way, they are referring to you. One of them will take you to the border of this pure place, and you will arrive at the Mirror that brought you here. From there on, you will proceed alone, towards the Eternal Present. Go, my dear. Go, towards your destiny.

“Virgins reborn from the heart of man

Who, with his courage, paved the way

We foresee peace, for the chosen one

Go to the castle forever silent.”

Warriors, they are referring to you. One of them will take you to the Castle of the Sword, where you will discover the meaning of these words. Do not ask me how it will happen and just let it occur: courage resides in your noble heart. Once you arrive there, you will begin to understand which is your Eternal Present. Go, my dear. Go, towards your destiny.

“Virgins of Dreams, let us hold hands

With the ancient gestures of faraway times

Fly, chosen one, to the border of the sky

Be the speaker of his parallel.”

Listening from Heaven, they are referring to you. When they talk about your parallel, they mean the world you come from. One of them will take you to your Power Animal, the Wedge Tailed Eagle that once belonged to The Dream keeper. The Eagle will take you to your Eternal Present. Go, my dear, towards your destiny.

“Virgins, we alone, but others with us

Simple values, but so precious

Return, The Living One, to the real world

Resolute she must be, in the Ego as a virgin.”

Dear sister, called “The Living One”, before returning here, with the other Virgins, you must spend some time in your world, to strengthen the pureness of your soul, against temptations. One of the Virgins will pronounce the ancient words for you, to let you go there and find the Eternal Present. Go, my dear, towards your destiny.

“Remain here the Wanderers, who still don’t know

If this is a song of faith or trick

Thus, be The Dream keeper the pledge

To give sense to them may she enter the Kingdom.”

Wanderers, they are referring to you. They saw some doubts in your hearts. You were amazed because the chosen ones seem to have taken a step back ... but that is not so. For you, because of your little faith, the Guide who brought you this far will be sacrificed: The Dream keeper. She will be conducted within the Kingdom of Dreams, where its Guardian lives, and she will offer herself up, for you, and your destiny in the Eternal Present.

Dream keeper, my friend, go, now. Go, with the help of your intuition, towards your destiny. Leave here all the gifts you have been given. Even yours. Show yourself to the Guardian of the Kingdom of Dreams.

This is your Eternal Present.



Here I am, thus. Standing up, with a steady gaze, I await your words. The ones, which, perhaps, you will never say, or you will tell your Messengers to say.

This is a strange room. It should be a sort of Throne Room, but there are no thrones. I see many objects of all shapes, kinds and colors... but I cannot go near anything, because your Fauns are keeping their eyes on them, perhaps, for fear that I might do who knows what. How strange that there is mistrust here. You should understand how your heart is, inside, to understand why, in this Kingdom, there is so much silence.

There, now you are arriving. The Fauns bow down and you turn around to me.

Half of your face is hidden by a mask. The mask covers your eyes so I cannot see your gaze. I can see your dark long wavy hair that falls onto your black velvet cloak, bordered with gold. You are dressed in Full Uniform. The uniform is black as well, and also of velvet, with precious designs on the chest and on the cuffs. I cannot see the hem of the pants, because you are wearing golden boots. Golden, like your gloves.

Everything about you makes one think of royalty. That is fit for a Dream keeper, of course. Not the one we can compare to our idea of human beings.

I should bow, but I feel inhibited. To avoid mistakes, I only bow my head slightly, looking down for a moment. And then, unexpectedly, you talk to me.

“Welcome, Dream keeper. You have completed your journey. Thus, this is your Eternal Present.”

“It is a mystery also for me, Guardian of the Land of Dreams. But I surely did desire to see you.”

I get upset to see you pour some clear water from a jug. It is undoubtedly pure water, as only Virgins could have contributed to purifying. But, you have it. What’s the point?

“I know that you hate me. You do nothing to deny it.”

“I do not hate you, sir.”

“Don’t lie. You are not allowed to, here.”

As you sip a drop of water, memories of these last days come back, and…

“Yes, I do hate you.” I admit- “I hate you because your heart is made of stone. You still want to test that little girl who challenged the laws. You still want to check how much you can trust her. Won’t you ever have enough, right? "

“You are wrong, Dream keeper. I have never doubted, not even for a moment, the goodness in your heart. And I have demonstrated it in so many ways, challenging myself the Laws that regulate the Balance of this Land. And, in all honesty, I never dreamt of seeing you as I see you now. Just as I saw you the first time you discovered me ...”

“What do you mean?”

You come towards me.

“I mean that, while the other creatures, both the Dreams’ ones and the human ones, saw you as you might seem to be, you revealed yourself to me as you actually were. And what surprises me, now, is that you have been prepared in exactly the same way as when I saw you for the first time, long ago.”

You come forward again, and I step back.

“It’s not possible. Since the beginning, I found the way to mingle myself with the Wanderers. Since the beginning, everyone who saw me thought he had to do with a little girl. It is not possible that you saw me!”

“Instead, I did see you. And, not only did I see who you were, but even how you felt. I could feel it because it was so intense to arrive straight into my heart. And I heard it suffer, for you and with you.”

“But you confined me to the Cave! You took me where no other human being would be able to find the strength to go on!”

“But you found it. And that is why you have become who you are, now.”

"So... why did you want me to be put to the test yet, even in this journey? Do you know what it meant, for me, losing all those Wanderers? Do you know how I felt, in not having any reference? Do you know how it feels when you are naked, and blood flows between your legs, while the sperm of a man squirts on you and merges with the blood? "

“I know, because I was with you all the time.”

“But how? I never saw you” You never answered me!”

“You saw me right from the start and talked about me to the Wanderers. You warned them so that they might not make your own mistakes. But I was there for YOU. Did you ever wonder that perhaps some of them fled because they saw me?”

“No… I just thought that they did not want to go on. I looked at the events and judged them…”

“Right! You saw my shadow. You saw my Messenger. You saw the Unicorn. You slept with the White Wolf. And, still you had the insights that, in moments of disorientation, allowed your nine Wanderers to get to the end.”

“But there were more of them! And I lost almost all of them!”

“No… They gave up on their own.”

“I could not have heard you….”

“Yes, you heard me. And you can hear me even now, while, again, I challenge the Laws of Balance, and I am talking to you as I should not talk….But I can do nothing about it, because I am bound to you, and I would give up, right now, being what I am, in order to remove from your shoulders all the burdens you have carried up to here….”

“But why? What is the point? I don’t understand….”

“You understand it well, instead. You can deny and make me believe that what you say is true, but you cannot lie to yourself, because you know it, you can feel it. You are connected to me with such a close bond, that not even I can explain. Did you want the opposite? Yes, me too! I have my own life too, in my real world. I also have a person beside me, to whom I cannot explain what's going on here, because he would not understand. Only those who want to embark on the Journey will understand, once they have completed the journey."

“I am confused. And I am tired. So tired. Do not manipulate me, right now, that I feel fragile and vulnerable…”

“No. Right now, you are strong and impervious. How do I know that? You are not letting me in, you are not opening the door to your heart, your soul is sealed and you are cutting me out. You do so to protect yourself, but you cannot protect yourself forever!”

“What do you want from me?”

“Have you still not understood? Your Eternal present is ME!”

I feel exhausted. What does all of this mean? What is the point? Why this journey, if my Eternal Present was already there, at my fingertips? And you read my thoughts.

“Why? To make you aware of it. Because nothing can be forced. And what I have told you, I have understood it myself only now. Even I was part of a plan and did not know it. Even I am asking myself why. I too observed all the rules that pertain to a Guardian of the Land of Dreams. However, Little Shining, all of this was not enough...”

“Do not call me like that! How dare you!” My voice is full of anger. I am about to explode. But, suddenly, you put your hands around my face and kiss me. I try to resist, to wiggle away and flee… but… then something happens, and not even I know what it is. So, my hands slide down to your neck, and I return your kiss, as if it were all I had been fighting for, until now. Just as you said.

After a while, a while as long as eternity, you gently walk away from me and look at me, smiling. And, right then, the white mask cracks and falls to the ground breaking into a thousand pieces.

“Don’t worry about this, Little Shining.”, you say kindly to me. “It was inevitable for it to happen. I challenged the laws. I did not behave as a true Guardian of the Land of Dreams should. So, as you can see, I'm the one who failed ...”

I look at your green eyes… and I recognize you. I do not recognize you because I know you in the real world. I recognize you because, as you said, we are bonded by ancient knowledge. And the fact that you reveal yourself to me exposes you more than what a human being can imagine.

Then you embrace me and I make no resistance. The weariness is such, to make me falter, but you hold me.

I wish time could stop. I wish everything could remain like this, suspended, for a long time, without any thoughts, in the only knowledge that an Eternal Present can give: contentment.

But… a strange earthquake shakes violently the Land of Dreams. In the room, objects and parts of the wall begin to fall.

So you grasp my hand and pull me outside, thus saving me.

Then… the earthquake stops and the ground opens up. With a prelude of high bright flames, an enormous bird, made of fire and fragrant incense, spreads his wings toward us.

We step back, to avoid burning ourselves. We embrace each other, knowing that something unexpected is about to happen…



Guardian of the Land of Dreams… Dream keeper… Dear friends and precious dreamers… thank you for having reawakened us. We were waiting for ever so long, to return to the Land of Dreams. You have called us, and we exist again, now.

“You talk with two voices together: a male one and a female one…”

Good observation, Dream keeper. This is the reason why we speak in plural. We are male and female, in this Land, since, what counts is not the distinction between sexes, but existence itself. And we no longer existed. Or, better, we existed, but no one remembered us, no one called us. You have called us and now we exist.

“Have you come to punish us?”

Oh, no, my dear‼ What are you saying? We have not come to punish, or to condemn. We are here only to exist! Perhaps you think you have broken the Laws? No, precious dreamers, no! You followed the laws as they were written and agreed upon, since ancient times. You, Guardian of the Land of Dreams, you did what your role dictated you.

“No. You know. I followed man, not his duty.”

Duty ceases to exist, when dreams and hope exist… and both of you had so many of them… Laws must be followed but, in order to reach the Balance, you sometimes need to lose it. Dream keeper, you lost it, but not due to a personal whim: you lost it to seek your Eternal Present. And you discovered the only way to get it: you went against the rules, because they contrasted with what you felt. Had you continued to follow them, you would not have wanted what was best for you, and that would have thwarted your task. But you followed your heart, and the heart, when it loves, is never wrong.

Yes, Dream keeper. It loves you. But its love crosses the boundaries of what the human being is accustomed to imagine. There are so many kinds of love: love for one's parents, the love that binds two people, brotherly love, the love for one's neighbor...

But there are other kinds of love, involving passions, hopes, and desires. The love for art, for reading, for cooking, for imagination... And then there's the love that unites the souls of people, a spiritual love, so to say, to make you understand more. It is a love that goes beyond space and time, and seems to have no human explanation, because only here, in the Land of Dreams, can the answers be found. Your destinies are linked. You, the two Guardians, one of the Dreams and the other of the Land of Dreams ... it’s so beautiful, don’t you agree? Your burdens are shared, as well as the joys, and all the other emotions that a human being can feel here. This is your Equilibrium and these are your Laws that no one can condemn, nor mystify.

“And, in all of this, what did we do, to make you appear?”

You have broken the rules. Yes, this is true. But you have not broken your own. The Wanderers arrive here to get to know their Eternal Present, but even the chosen ones have their own mission, that involves a final revelation. We are your Eternal Present, the Phoenix that dies in its own ashes, and from its own ashes, lives again. The Land of Dreams lives moments of great blooming and others where there is not a single drop of water, where all is barren, like the desert, because the human beings stops fighting. Then, it all starts over again. And thus, in the same way, even we begin to exist again, when two chosen souls manage to complete a journey decided by themselves and for themselves.

“But I lost so many Wanderers…They gave up. Some of them betrayed.”

It is not up to you to think about those who got lost, but about those who remained. And they were not so few, as you believe. You, perhaps, are not aware that other Wanderers have commenced the same journey like the ones who followed you, Dream keeper. Other Wanderers who read the deeds of the brave and the defeat of the cowardly. Other Wanderers who would know what to do, who would want to learn how to enter the Land of Dreams, undergo the tests, fight, rejoice… You cannot imagine how many, my dear, and it makes no difference if they were two, ten, one hundred, one thousand… Even if it were only one Wanderer, to live with deep emotion what you and your group have lived here, well, this Wanderer would write his story in this Land and, sooner or later, will belong to it. He will bring, against his knowledge, other Wanderers, who will write other stories and carry on other assignments, were they to be chosen, just like you. Children, men, women… every human creature has its own destiny, in the Land of Dreams.

“Is our task here, thus, over?”

No, Dream keeper, your task begins now. Now you have to teach the Wanderers how to benefit from their gifts, the ones they received here, and spread hope in your world. You have gone through so many sorrows and disappointments, that you have forgotten the carelessness of playing. Playing is the key to everything. Turn children again in your heart, not to escape from responsibility, but to discover something new every day, because even in darkest and most tormented situations in the end, the Spark will arrive to illuminate the Way. Even if it rains, just Listen to Heaven, to gain the profits of the Rainbow. Even when the obstacles seem insurmountable, Fighting in order to not be overwhelmed by anxiety will be the key to fly again. Conserving the Innocence of a child allows you to see things in another perspective. You cannot you see the double purposes, the masks, the facades, the impossible ... when you have a pure heart, the truth is always confirmed, no one thinks of the manipulations, you do not pretend to be what you are not, you do not think that nothing will come, but that life is like the surf of the sea: when the tide recedes, you can find unexpected objects, fit for the present moment in which you are living, the Eternal present.

“So… who are we, no?”

Now you ARE. And this is the only important thing. Then you will become. And this is just as important. You, Dream keeper, will bring other Wanderers to this Land, to make it thrive and be full of life. Thus, you will become the Guide of Souls, the torch of who is lost and can no longer find the way. A task of great responsibility, which will require all the hope you have in every fiber of your being. So, enjoy the present moment, keep what is given to you, and treasure it, as you will need it in your next mission. And you, Guardian of the Land of Dreams, you will be bound to her, since your stories have always belonged to one another. You shall follow every step of hers, as you did on this journey, and when she becomes the Guide of Souls, you too will have a different task, and you will become the Heart of Dreams, and will have access to the innermost secrets of the human soul. A very delicate task and far more important than the one you hold now. You will have to balance and discern any emotion, without ever rationalizing it. Just like you are doing now, while, with one arm, you embrace the shoulders of Little Shining.

“And what will be of the Wanderers who are waiting?”

Their story will be told by who followed them up to here. Their names will be chosen, their tasks assigned, their achievements narrated…

Yes, you will do that. You, who, from the beginning, have kept your promise: to go all the way, to reach the Eternal Present. You, who asked yourself what it was, perhaps, now you understand it. And, if you haven’t understood it completely, read the story again that is fixed in your heart and in your mind and ponder every test.

Yes, we refer to you, who, perhaps, cannot hear our words through your human ear, but can hear them vibrate in your soul, while you ask yourself: “Are you talking to me?”

Yes, we are talking to you, child, boy, man or woman….whoever you are. You will write the pages of your journey to the Land of Dreams, and will become the author of your life, both in this reality and in yours.

Now another story shall begin.

And you will be the one to write it.

Welcome, Wanderer, to the Land of Dreams.



And thus, my journey starts over. And so, I choose you to help me find my way home.

I am the Dream keeper. I protect and treasure dearly every hope of yours, without ever owning it, judging it, manipulating it or making it my own. I am not allowed to. It is the Rule. If I were to challenge it, I would get lost in the Mists.

Now begins my journey back to the real world again, with the lessons that I have learned and the hopes I have strengthened.

Then, the time will come to set off again.

Prepare yourself for the next journey, but remember that you may undertake it only once you have found your Eternal Present. Only then, will I call you, to lead you towards the Freedom of Souls, if you want. Wait for the moment without fear and haste. Take all the time you need.

You will learn, through discernment, to understand the signs, and in the end, you will comprehend that ALL the signs lead to fulfillment.

The Phoenix talked to you and it recognized your heart. So, now, it burns in its vital flame, ready to infuse the courage that is already in you, and that is just waiting to take flight with wings of fire.

The Guardian of the Land of Dreams is waiting for you.

Get ready, Wanderer. Soon, it will be your turn.




By Paola Elena Ferri

Translation by Teresa Gnasso

Year 2015

All rights reserved –This publication may not be copied or reproduced

Ведические храмы

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Храмы у древних славян? Возможно ли это? Да, возможно. И речь идет не только о капищах с идолами, огороженных частоколом, и не только о святилищах на холмах, окруженных валами и костровищами-крадами. Здесь мы расскажем о величайших и знаменитейших славянских ведических храмах, которые были известны и почитаемы, которые являлись средоточием высочайших достижений искусства Древнего Мира.



Со славянскими землями связана легенда о Первом Храме, по образцу коего строились потом все храмы Древнего Мира. Это был Храм Солнца близ горы Алатырь. В седую сказочную древность к началу Священной Истории уводят нас предания о Храме Солнца. Сказание об этом Храме повторяется чуть не всеми народами Европы и Азии.

В Индии зодчего сего храма именовали Гандхарвой, в Иране - Гандарвой (Кондорвом), в Греции - Кентавром, на Руси - Китоврасом. Имел он и иные особые имена. Так, южные германцы его именовали Морольфом, а кельты — Мерлином. В ближневосточных легендах он же именуется Асмодеем и также строит храм для Соломона (царя Солнца). Каждый народ относил строительство сего Храма на свою землю во времена эпические, с коих он начинал отсчитывать свою историю. Мы же славяне и иные северные народы, с полным правом можем считать, что исток всех сих легенд на Руси там же, где находился исток самих Вед.

К тому же давно подмечено, что названия многих, если не всех, частей храма имеют славянское происхождение. Слово «храм» - это неполногласная форма слова «хоромы», что значит «богатое здание, дворец». «Алтарь» происходит от имени священной Алатырь-горы. «Хорос» (храмовый светильник) - от имени бога Солнца Хорса. «Амвон», с которого священник произносит речь, происходит от слова «мовь» - «речь» (в «Книге Велеса» говорится, что Старый Бус восходил на «амъвеницу» и учил о том, как следовать Пути Прави). И так далее.

Русская легенда о строительстве Первого Храма такова. Давным-давно великий волшебник Китоврас провинился перед богом Солнца. Он, по велению Месяца, украл у Солнца жену Зарю-Зареницу. Боги вернули Зарю богу Солнца, а волшебнику, во искупление вины, повелели построить для бога Солнца и во славу Всевышнего у Алатырской горы Храм. Сей Храм волшебник должен был возвести из необтесанный камней, дабы железо не осквернило Алатырь. И тогда волшебник попросил помочь птицу Гамаюн. Гамаюн согласилась. И камни для Храма были обтесаны волшебным Гамаюновым когтем.

Предания об этом Храме легко датируются астрологически по созвездию Китовраса (Стрельца). Зодиакальная эпоха Стрельца была в XIX—XXI тысячелетиях до нашей эры. За века и тысячелетия Храм Солнца много раз разрушался землетрясениями, древними войнами, потом вновь восстанавливался и перестраивался. Следующие сведения об этом Храме относятся ко II тысячелетию до нашей эры. Согласно зороастрийским и древнерусским легендам, сей Храм был захвачен Русом (Рустамом) и Усенем (Кави Усайнасом), вступившими в союз с изгнанным из Священной области Змеем Ладоном (богатырем Авладом). Тогда из Храма были изгнаны правители, носившие имена древних богов Белбога и Коляды (Белого Дива и богатыря Келахура). Затем в Священную область вторгся Арий Оседень и победил Ладона. После этого Оседень взошел на Алатырь и получил Завет.

Существуют также древнегреческие легенды, повествующие о походе в эти места аргонавтов и Ясона, боровшегося с драконом у Золотого Руна (надо полагать, речь идет о той же схватке Оседня с Ладоном).

Первые известия античных географов и историков об этих местах также содержат упоминания о Храме Солнца. Так, Страбон на Северном Кавказе помещает святилище Золотого Руна и оракул сына Гелиоса Ээта. Согласно Страбону. сие святилище на рубеже нашей эры было разграблено боспорским царем Фарнаком, сыном Митридата Евпатора. Разграбление Храма Солнца столь возмутило народы Кавказа, что началась война и Фарнак был убит сарматским царем Асандром. С тех пор в Боспоре (Нижнее Подонье, Тамань и Крым) пришла к власти династия сарматских царей.

После этого было еще одно разграбление Храма царем Мигридатом Пергамским. Окончательное разграбление и разрушение Храма относится уже к IV веку нашей эры. По-видимому, оно было завершено готами и гуннами во времена Великого Переселения Народов.

Однако память о нем не угасала в славянских землях. Легенды о разрушении Храма, предсказания грядущего его возрождения, возвращения отторгнутой Священной области еще долго будоражили умы. Одну из таких легенд пересказал арабский путешественник и географ Масуди Абуль Хасан Али ибн Хусейн в X веке:

«В славянских краях были здания, почитаемые ими. Между другими было у них здание на горе, о которой писали философы, что она одна из высоких гор в мире (это Эльбрус. - А. А.). Об этом здании существует рассказ, о качестве его постройки, расположении разнородных его камней и различных их цветах, об отверстиях, сделанных в верхней его части, о том, что построено в этих отверстиях для наблюдения за восходом Солнца, о положенных туда драгоценных камнях и знаках, отмеченных в нем которые указывают на будущие события и предостерегают от происшествий пред их осуществлением, о раздающихся в верхней его части звуках и о том, что постигает их при слушании этих звуков».




В «Книге Коляды» рассказано также о боге Индре, который пришел из Индерии (Индии) в земли русов и был поражен тем, что все знаменитейшие храмы в сей земле деревянные. «То ли у нас, - воскликнул Индра, - в богатой Индерии, храмы выстроены из мрамора, а дороги усыпаны золотом и каменьями драгоценными!»

Индерия русских былин и сказаний — это не только Индия, но и Вендия. Инды, пришедшие в IV тысячелетии из Пенджаба вместе с Яруной, в славянских землях стали винидами, или венедами. Они также стали строить богатые храмы в честь богов. Особенно ими почитались боги войны сам Индра, Яруна (Яровит), Радогост. А также они чтили Святовита (Святогора).

По преданию, ранее венеды были ванами. В Ванском царстве, что близ Арарата, они породнились с родами атлантов-святогоричей. В «Книге Коляды» есть миф о том, как прародитель Ван женился на дочери Святогора Мере. Этому сказанию соответствует греческий миф о дочери Атланта Меропе.

Венеды, как и все арии, расселялись сначала с Севера, потом с Урала и Семиречья, потом из Пенджаба и Ванского царства. Долгое время венедские (индские) области были на черноморском побережье Кавказа близ современной Анапы (древняя Синдика), а также на берегу Италии (Венеция). Но более всего венедов поселилось в восточной Европе. Здесь они впоследствии стали западными славянами, восточными немцами (вандалами), а часть влилась также в роды вятичей и словен. И во всех сих землях ими строились богатейшие храмы.

Более всех известен храм ратарей-ободритов, что был в городе Ретра. Ему посчастливилось более других, ибо статуи храма были спрятаны жрецами после его разрушения в 1067-1068 годах, а потом (спустя шестьсот лет) были найдены, описаны, с них были сделаны гравюры. Благодаря этому мы и ныне имеем возможность видеть образцы храмового искусства древних славян.

Храм Ретры также упоминался в начале XI века епископом Титмаром Мерзебургским в его «Хронике» и в XII веке Адамом Бамбергским. Оба писали, что в земле ратарей есть город Радигощ (или Ретра), «седалище идолослужения». Сей город, находившийся близ современного Мекленбурга, был окружен большим лесом, неприкосновенным и священным в глазах местных жителей. У ворот города стоял искусно построенный из дерева храм, «в котором опорные столбы заменены рогами различных зверей» По свидетельству Титмара: «Стены (храма) извне, как всякий может видеть, украшены чудесной резьбой, изображающей различных богов и богинь: а внутри стоят идолы богов ручной работы, страшные на вид, в полном вооружении, в шлемах и латах на каждом вырезано его имя. Главный из них. которого особенно уважают и почитают все язычники, называется Сварожич (по замечанию Адама Бамбергского: «Изображение сделано из золота, ложе из пурпура»). Здесь находятся боевые знамена, которые выносятся из храма только в случае воины...»

Судя по воспоминаниям современников, храмы в землях венедов стояли в каждом городе и селе. И надо сказать, что города венедов почитались величайшими и богатейшими в Европе. По сообщению Оттона Бамбергского, в Щетине было четыре котыни (храма), главнейшим из коих почитался храм Триглава. Он выделялся украшениями и удивительной искусностью постройки. Скульптурные изображения людей и животных в сем храме были сделаны столь искусно, что «казалось, будто они живут и дышат». Оттон также отмечал, что краски, которыми были покрыты эти изображения, не смывались ни дождем, ни снегом и не темнели. «Там же сохранялись золотые и серебряные сосуды и чаши... Там же сохраняли они в честь богов огромные рога диких быков (туров), обрамленные в золото и драгоценные камни и пригодные для питья, а также рога, в которые трубили, кинжалы, ножи, различную драгоценную утварь, редкую и прекрасную на вид. Там же было трехголовое изображение божества, которое имело на одной конце туловища три головы и называлось Триглавом. Кроме того, там стоял высокий дуб, а под ним находился излюбленнейший источник, который почитался простым народом, так как считали его священным, полагая, что в нем живет божество».

Еще более знаменитым был «рам Святовита на острове Руян (совр. Рюген) в городе Аркона. Вот как описывал его Саксон Грамматик в XII веке: «В центре города (Арконы) имелась площадь, на ней был виден храм очень тонкой работы: почитаемый причем не только по великолепию, но также и по величию бога, изображение коего там поставлено. Ограда, окружающая здание, крутом была украшена искусно вырезанными фигурами. Весь храм был увешан пурпурной тканью... тут же находились рога зверей, удивлявшие не только своим естественным видом, но и отделкой... В самом храме стоял большой, превосходивший рост человека кумир Святовита с четырьмя головами... В правой руке кумир держал рог из различных металлов, который каждый год обыкновенно наполнялся вином из рук жреца для гадания о плодородии следующего года: левая рука, которою кумир опирался в бок, представляла подобие лука... Рассматривающего более всего поражал меч огромной величины, ножны которого и рукоять, кроме резных форм, отличались прекрасною серебренною отделкою».

Храм Святовита в Арконе был разрушен последним среди венедских храмов. В 1168 году на остров Руян высадились войска датского короля Вальдемара I Великого. И 15 июня в день Святого Вита, Аркона была взята приступом. В тот день епископ Абсалон повелел разрушить храм Святовита.



О восточнославянских храмах известно меньше, чем о храмах венедских, ибо до сих земель не доходили путешественники и об этих землях мало знали географы. Ясно, что храмы были, но насколько они были богаты, судить можно только по косвенным данным. Самыми богатыми в мирное время, надо полагать, были храмы Велеса, ибо они возводились на средства купцов. А в военное время, в случае победоносной войны, богатели храмы Перуна.

На Русском Севере более всех почитали Велеса: эти земли мало были затронуты войнами, наоборот, сюда стекались люди, бегущие с неспокойны южных границ и венедских земель.

Самые богатые храмы были в Новгороде. Здесь, особенно в VIIIIX веках, были общины, частью состоящие из людей, бежавших из вагрского Старогорода, первого пограничного западнославянского города, разрушенного германцами. Святилища Новгорода создавались по образцу венедских и мало от них отличались. Это были деревянные строения, похожие на позднейшие северные церкви, шедевры деревянного зодчества. Кроме богатых храмовых построек, были святилища на холмах, у источников, в священных рощах.

Не менее богатыми и почитаемыми были храмы в Киеве. Там было святилище Велеса на Подоле (видимо, разоренное во времена Владимира). Был и храм Перуна, совмещенный с хоромами князя, ибо князь почитался верховным жрецом  Перуна. Был в Киеве и храм Буса Белояра на Бусовой горе. «Книга Велеса» напоминает и о святилищах в священной роще в Боголесье.

В Ростове Великом, на «чудном конце», святилище Велеса простояло до конца Х века и было разрушено трудами преподобного Авраамия Ростовского: «Того идола (Велеса) преподобный молитвами своими и данной ему в видении тростию от святого Апостола и Евангелиста Иоанна Богослова сокруши, и в ничто обрати, и на оном месте храм святого Богоявления постави».

В землях кривичей более всех почитали Перуна и птицу Гамаюн. Так, в Смоленске, очевидно, был храм Перуна (и поныне на гербе Смоленска – пушка как символ громового орудия и бога Перуна, а также птицы Гамаюн). В землях кривичей, прусов и литовцев храмы Перуна (Перкунаса) закладывались еще XIII веке. Например, в 1265 году среди великолепной дубовой рощи под Вильной был основан каменный храм Перкунаса, в коем проповедовал знаменитый жрец Криве-Кривейто. Храмы там простояли до нашествия немецких рыцарей. Под Витебском в 1684 году в развалинах древнего храма был найден золотой идол Перуна больших размеров и на огромном золотом подносе. Ксендз Стенкович, описывающий это событие, присовокупил, что «идол доставил многим поживу и что даже святейшему отцу досталась доля».

Немало следов древних святилищ, храмов осталось и в землях вятичей (в именах священных рощ, гор и источников). Более всего таких названий можно найти на территории современной Москвы. Так, по издательству летописей, на месте Кремля в древности располагался храм Купалы и Велеса (священный камень из этого храма почитался вплоть до XIX века и находился в церкви Иоанна Предтечи). На пустыре, что близ Таганки, и ныне лежат три священных валуна, некогда почитавшиеся вятичами.



Исток всей храмовой культуры, как и исток самой ведической веры, славяне помещали в Священном Беловодье, на Крайнем Севере. А где располагалось Беловодье?

По свидетельству «Мазуринского летописца», Беловодье располагалось где-то у устья Оби, то есть на полуострове Ямал, рядом с коим и ныне есть Белый остров. В «Мазуринском летописце» сказано: легендарные князья Словен и Рус «обладали северными землями по всему Поморью… И до реки великой, Оби, и до устья Беловодной воды, и эта вода была бела, как молоко…».

Именно здесь, на Белом острове (или Алатырь-острове), легенды «Книги Коляды» помещают древнейший Храм, бывший прообразом Первого Храма у Алатырь-горы.

Но что еще более важно - здесь и полулегендарные исландские саги тоже помещают храм, за сокровищами коего в VIII-IX веках ходили викинги. В те времена эти земли принадлежали стране под названием Бьярмаланд (в русских летописях Бьярмия). По свидетельству русских летописцев, сия страна, как и весь Север, была подвластна Великому Новгороду и в ней испокон веку жили не только угро-финны (бьярмы), но и русы. Варяги соблазнились неисчислимыми богатствами храмов Бьярмаланда. Бьярмаланд почитался варягами более богатой землей, чем Аравия, и уж тем более, чем Европа.

Согласно саге о Стурлауге Трудолюбивом Ингольвсоне, сей ярл Стурлауг отправился в Бьярмаланд по велению королевы. И там он напал на храм некой великаноподобной жрицы: «Храм полон золота и драгоценных камней, которые жрица украла у разных конунгов, так как она за короткое время носится из одного края света в другой. Богатств, подобных тем, что там собраны, нигде нельзя найти, даже в Арабии». Несмотря на противодействие сей жрицы и ее волшебных помощниц, Стурлауг разграбил храм. Он унес волшебный рог и золотой сосуд с четырьмя драгоценными камнями, корону бога Ямала, украшенную двенадцатью драгоценными камнями, яйцо с нанесенными на нем золотыми буквами (это яйцо принадлежало волшебной птице, охранявшей храм), множество золотых и серебряных чаш, а также гобелен, "более ценный, чем три корабля с товарами греческих купцов». Так он с победой возвратился в Норвегию.

Сей храм бога Ямала, надо полагать, находился на полуострове Ямал близ устья Оби. В имени бога нетрудно узнать имя древнего прародителя и бога Ямы (Йимы, он же бог Имир, Богумир). И можно быть уверенными, что именно ко временам Богумира относится основание сего храма.

Этот храм был столь знаменит, что о нем знали даже и в Аравии. Так, Масуди рассказывает, что в славянских землях, «на горе, окруженной морским рукавом», был один из самых почитаемых храмов. И он был построен «из красного коралла и зеленого смарагда». «В его середине находится большой купол, под которым находится статуя бога (Богумира. - А. А.), коего члены сделаны из драгоценных камней четырех родов: зеленого хризолита, красного яхонта, желтого сердолика и белого хрусталя; голова же его из червонного золота. Насупротив него находится другая статуя бога в образе девицы (это Славуня. - А. А.), которая приносит ему жертвы и ладан».

По свидетельству Масуди, это здание возвел в древние времена некий мудрец. В сем мудреце нельзя не узнать Богумира, ибо Масуди приписывает ему не только колдовство, но и создание искусственных каналов (а Богумир - единственный, кто прославился именно этим во время Потопа). Далее Масуди замечает, что подробно в предыдущих книгах он уже рассказывал о сем мудреце. К сожалению, эти книги Масуди до сего времени не переведены на русский язык, а в них, возможно, содержатся сведения о деяниях Богумира, не сохраненные иными источниками.

В Бьярмии (современной Пермской земле) был не только этот, но и иные храмы. Например, храмы в столице сей земли городе Барме на реке Кумени (Вятская область). Барма считалась современниками богатейшим городом Азии, но вот уже тысячу лет никто не знает даже его местоположения. А сколько храмов исчезло в Святых Уральских горах близ Березани (Конжаковского камня), Азов-горы близ Екатеринбурга, Иремель-горы близ Челябинска? Когда до развалин сих святилищ доберутся отечественные археологи?


А. Асов

«Наука и Религия. Ежемесячный научно-популярный журнал» №1, Январь 1998года. 37-39 стр.


Пятница, 12 Июня 2015 10:27 Опубликовано в Я очевидец



...1232 год. Папа Григорий IX обратился к ливонским рыцарям-меченосцам с призывом начать активную деятельность в Финляндии и «против неверных русских». Координатором был назначен папский легат  Вильгельм Модонский. Поначалу другие заботы и соседи Руси занимали крестоносцев, но в булле от 9 декабря 1237 года Григорий IX вновь обращается к этому вопросу и призывает уже и шведского архиепископа организовать «крестовый поход» в Финляндию и на ее соседей — русских.

В свою очередь, Вильгельм Моденский по распоряжению Папы стал активно формировать антирусскую коалицию. 7 июля 1238 года в Стенби, резиденции датского короля Вальдемара II, состоялась встреча с магистром Тевтонского ордена в Ливонии Германном Балком (к тому времени остатки Ордена меченосцев слились с Тевтонским орденом). Тогда был составлен договор по Эстонии, согласно которому треть завоеванных земель отдавалась Ордену, остальные — датскому королю. Тогда же обсуждался и вопрос о совместном выступлении трех главных участников коалиции: с одной стороны — датских крестоносцев, располагавшихся в Эстонии, тевтонцев из Ливонии и крестоносцев, обосновавшихся в Финляндии. А с другой стороны — шведских рыцарей Время для наступления на Русь было выбрано весьма удачно - 1238—1240 годы, когда с востока ее медленно заглатывала монголо-татарская орда...


Многие историки удивляются, почему медлили шведы, высадившиеся на берегу Невы, и почему так торопился встретить их князь Александр, что не стал дожидаться сбора ополчения и помощи отца. Все становится  ясным, если учесть, что шведы дожидались немцев, но те запаздывали. В июле 1240 года Александр Ярославич разбил шведов, но у него не было сил для отражения в августе — сентябре нашествия «задержавшихся» тевтонцев. Немецкие рыцари не торопясь захватили крепость Изборск, разбили посланный туда на выручку отряд из Пскова, взяли вскоре и сам Псков и подошли на 30—40 верст к Новгороду. Они оккупировали берега Невы, ладожские земли и Карелию, построили у Финского залива крепость Копорье.


Если монголо-татары прокатывались волной, опустошая русские земли и увозя все. что можно увезти с собой, то немецко-католические рыцари основательно оседали на захваченных землях. И получали на это из Рима «узаконенное право». Рыцари собирали дань, десятая часть которой шла в пользу Католической Церкви.


Изгнавшие в том же 1240 году молодого князя новгородцы, видимо, успели за год ощутить прелести – «новой жизни», принесенной рыцарями на их землю, и вновь призвали Александра Ярославича в Новгород. Стремительным ударом он захватил Копорье и разбил немцев на побережье Финского залива. Активность Александра Ярославича не вызвала восторга у Папы Григория IX. В новой булле от 6 июля 1241 года он призывал уже и норвежского короля содействовать «крестовому походу против язычников в землях соседних». Против кого же?..


Если бы Ледовое побоище 1242 года было рядовым столкновением, то. думается, не стали бы в 1243 году представители Тевтонского ордена подписывать в Новгороде мирный договор, по которому Орден отказывался от всяких территориальных притязаний на русские земли. Британский историк Дж. Феннел отмечает, что и шведы тогда могли соревноваться с немцами в бездеятельности. «Единственный раз, - сетует он, - они появились на русской границе в 1256 году, возможно (деликатная оговорка! — А. У.), в ответ на призыв Папы Александра IV к общему крестовому походу против «язычников» Восточной Европы». Но узнав, что русские спешно собирают силы, что уже послали в Суздаль за подмогой, шведские рыцари «побегоша за море».


Итак, даже Феннел признает сам факт попытки крестового похода против русских. Но остается вопрос: а возможен ли был компромисс с Западом? От смертельной опасности спасал Русь святой благоверный князь Александр или был пристрастен в оценке крестоносцев?



За полвека до этих событий по призыву молодого, энергичного и честолюбивого Папы Иннокентия III (1198-1216) крестоносцы (костяк которых составляли французы, немцы и итальянцы) отправились в свой Четвертый крестовый поход для освобождения колыбели христианства — Иерусалима. Но... оказались у стен византийской столицы - Константинополя. Он давно, еще в предыдущие крестовые походы, поражал рыцарей богатствами и великолепием. «Во время Второго крестового похода западный фанатик епископ Лангрский уже мечтал о взятии Константинополя и побуждал французского короля Людовика VII заявить, что византийцы не являются - христианами на деле, а лишь по имени», что они показали себя виновными в ереси, а изрядная часть крестоносцев полагала, что - греки вовсе не были христианами и что убивать их - это меньше, чем ничто»,— замечает большой знаток средневековой западноевропейской цивилизации французский историк Жак Ле Гофф. «По отношению к грекам латиняне испытывали смесь зависти и презрения, идущего от более или менее подавляемого чувства неполноценности... Это была рефлекторная реакция воинственного и бедного варвара на богатого цивилизованного человека» (Жак Ле Гофф. Цивилизация средневекового Запада. М.. 1992).

И вот в 1203 году под благовидным предлогом защиты справедливости — восстановления на престоле свергнутого родным братом византийского императора Исаака II Ангела  - крестоносцы захватили столицу Византии и изгнали узурпатора Алексея III.

По ранее взятым на себя обязательствам, сын Исаака II Ангела, ставший соправителем отца - императором Алексеем IV. должен был за оказанную услугу заплатить крестоносцам двести тысяч серебряных марок и подчинить греческую Церковь Папе Римскому. Получив половину обещанной суммы и захватив еще около шестидесяти греческих городов, «христовы воины» принялись активно вводить на оккупированной территории церковную унию, то есть «воссоединение» Церквей с подчинением Православной Церкви Католической. Заменили православных патриархов — Константинопольского и Антиохийского - латинскими, легко признавшими Папу Иннокентия III «наместником на земле» не только апостола Петра, но и Божьим!

По сути дела, началась открытая война западных христиан против восточных (православных), которых именовали еретиками и раскольниками, и даже -врагами Господа».

Еще в 1198 году Папа Иннокентий III обратился с требованием ко Франции. Германии, Англии. Венгрии и Италии выделить к марту 1199 года военные отряды для планируемого Четвертого похода в Святую землю. Аналогичное послание было адресовано и византийскому императору Алексею III. хотя и узурпатору, но тогда признаваемому Римом. В нем довольно жестко, и даже с угрозой, был поставлен вопрос об объединении двух христианских Церквей, естественно, с подчинением Папе Римскому. Так было положено начало реализации планов Папы Иннокентия по созданию единой теократической Латинской империи (напомню, что императора и королей короновал Папа, а неугодных отлучал от Церкви) на обширной территории Европы, Малой Азии и Северной Африки.

Однако даже угроза применения силы Западом не поколебала позиции православного (и самоуверенного!) императора Алексея III, и он решительно отклонил предложения Папы. Вот тогда-то фактически и была предрешена его участь и стали сгущаться тучи над «вторым Римом» в истории христианства - Константинополем, и нависла угроза открытой войны. Папа всецело разделял культивировавшуюся в католических кругах теорию, согласно которой война со «схизматиками» - православными -приравнивается к войне с еретиками и язычниками. А в 1203 году нашелся и более сговорчивый претендент на византийский престол – царевич Алексей.

Но благородное прикрытие - восстановление законной власти - использовалось недолго. Алексей IV не мог скоро расплатиться с крестоносцами за оказанную ему услугу, чем вызывал у них сильнейшее раздражение. Но все большее недовольство политикой Ангелов высказывали и православные греки – они, по словам византийского хрониста Никиты Хониата, заволновались, «как безграничное и вольное море при сильном ветре, угрожая бунтом».

В январе 1204 года вспыхнуло городское восстание против Алексея IV. Его гибель дала латинянам повод для очередной кампании по защите справедливости. «И все церковнослужители, и те, кто имел полномочия от апостолика, - пишет участник похода маршал Шампанский Жоффруа де Виллардуэн, - согласились в том, что тот, кто совершил такое убийство, не имеет права держать землю... а кроме того, они уклонились от повиновения Риму». «Посему мы говорим вам, - сказало духовенство, - что война является правой и справедливой».

Греки не сумели противостоять более сильным и организованным крестоносцам, и 13 апреля 1204 года Константинополь пал. 57 лет в Византии властвовали – представители западноевропейской цивилизации». Чтобы не показаться субъективным, оценку их правления позаимствую у того же Жака Ле Гоффа: «...Походы сделали непроходимый ров, разделивший Запад и Византию, и вражда между латинянами и греками, обострявшаяся от похода к походу, вылилась в Четвертый поход и взятие Константинополя крестоносцами в 1204 году; вместо того чтобы смягчить нравы, священная война в своем неистовстве привела крестоносцев к худшим эксцессам, начиная еврейскими погромами, которыми отмечены пути их следования, и кончая массовыми избиениями и грабежами… в Константинополе в 1204 году, о чем можно прочитать в сочинениях как европейских хронистов, так и мусульманских и византийских... а духовно-рыцарские ордена, оказавшиеся в коночном итоге неспособными защитить и сохранить Святые земли, осели на Западе, чтобы предаться там всем видам финансовых и военных злоупотреблений».

А вот свидетельство самого участника взятия Константинополя, маршала Жоффруа до Виллардуэна: «Каждый ввел своих людей во дворец, который был сдан ому. и приказал стеречь сокровища. И остальные ратники, которые разбрелись по всему городу, захватили изрядную толику; и добыча была столь велика, что никто бы не мог сказать вам. сколько там было золота и серебра и всяческих драгоценных вещей, какие когда-либо имелись на земле. И Жоффруа де Виллардуэн, маршал Шампани, со всей правдивостью свидетельствует по истине и по совести, что со времени сотворения мира никогда не было в одном городе захвачено столько добычи (Робер де Клари, ссылаясь на греков, писал, что в Константинополе было сосредоточено две трети богатств всего мира. - А.У.). Всякий взял себе жилище, какое ему понравилось, а их было достаточно. Так разместилась рать пилигримов и венецианцев. И велика была радость из-за чести и победы, ибо те, кто
находился в бедности, теперь пребывали в богатстве и роскоши...» Маршал из Шампани тактично умалчивает, куда же девались владельцы домов и богатств. А Жак Пе Гофф замечает, что в штурме Константинополя «латиняне наконец-то утопили зависть и ненависть к византийцам» - «грабежом и жестокой резней мужчин, женщин и детей»...

Небольшим островком православия на бывшем пространстве Византийской империи оставалась Никейская область, в которой и пребывал православный патриарх, утверждавший, кстати сказать, и постановления новых митрополитов всея Руси.



Изгнанный крестоносцами император Алексей III нашел приют у галицко-волынского князя Романа Мстиславича, жена которого Анна была племянницей Алексея (дочерью изгнанного им самим Исаака II Ангела, вновь возведенного на престол крестоносцами). А дочь Анны стала женой Андрея Ярославича брата Александра Невского. Византия, как видим, не была для Руси, далекой страной. И ее история не была безразлична православным русским. Об этом свидетельствует и «Повесть о взятии Царьграда крестоносцами в 1204 году», написанная скорее всего новгородцем (поскольку дошла до нас в Новгородской летописи), под впечатлением недавних трагических событий (повесть заканчивается фразой о владении Греческой землей латинянами, то есть он не знает об освобождении в 1261 году Константинополя Михаилом Палеологом), и, значит, современником Александра Невского. Уже сам по себе этот факт интересен, поскольку свидетельствует, что в Новгороде в середине XIII века интересовались событиями, происходившими в Византии.

Автор не оправдывает (и не чернит) узурпировавшего власть Алексея III (Русь сама тому примеры имела). Не симпатизирует он Исааку и его сыну Алексею IX , однако, не потому, что те нарушили клятву верности Алексею III (и тому на Руси примеры были), а за то, что привели в - царство Богохранимого Констянтинограда» фрягов (западноевропейцев). Судьба Отечества, в понимании русского писателя, важнее семейных отношений, пусть даже и в императорском доме.

На Руси были хорошо осведомлены, как проявили себя «цивилизованные европейцы» (и ведь то были рыцари!) в православной Византии. Знали, и как грабили католики венгры и поляки церковь Пресвятой Богородицы во Владимире Волынском, о чем писала Галицко-Волынская летопись под 1214 годом. И когда Папа Иннокентий IV предложил Александру Невскому принять его «защиту» и признать «Римскую Церковь своей матерью», тот решительно отказался.



В 1245 году к великому хану монголов в Каракорум отправил свое посольство Папа Иннокентий IV. В 1249-м - Людовик IX Святой, и опять Папа - в 1253-м... Активность папской дипломатии по отношению к монголам истинным язычникам, уже не угрожавшим Западной Европе,-поистине поразительна! Как ее понимать?

В 40-е годы XIII века обострилась борьба за власть внутри самой Священной Римской империи между императором Фридрихом II, занявшим Церковную область и подступавшим к Риму, и Папой Григорием IX, а после его смерти - Иннокентием IV. Последний вынужден был даже тайно перебраться из Рима в Пион, где в июне 1245 года созвал церковный собор и отлучил от Церкви германского императора, посягнувшего на главенство в католическом мире. Но это мало что изменило в реальной расстановке сил.

Не менее тревожные обстоятельства складывались для Папы и в новой Латинской империи. На лионском соборе ее интересы представляли император Балдуин II и два латинских патриарха – Константинопольский и Антиохийский. Речь шла о судьбе Константинополя (а по сути, и самой Латинской империи), под стены которого подступили войска никейского императора Иоанна Ватаца. Ситуация была критической, и решить ее без помощи извне было латинянам трудно.

На чью же  помощь можно было надеяться? Силы Западной Европы втянуты во внутренний конфликт. Православная Русь, естественно, на стороне Никеи. Турки-мусульмане захватили Иерусалим; на том же Лионском соборе Папа Иннокентий IV рассматривал вопрос о новом крестовом походе против них.

Не задействованными в политической интриге Папы Иннокентия IV оставались только язычники - монголо-татары. О них на соборе докладывал вернувшийся из поездки в Каракорум папский посланник, монах-францисканец Джованни дель Плано Карпини.

Нельзя не заметить, что после его посольства в Монголию интересы Каракорума и Папы на Руси странным образом сходятся.

...В 1241 году умер великий хан монголов Угедей, и престол захватила его вторая жена Туракина и управляла империей до августа 1246 года, когда великим «Ханом был избран ее сын Гуюк. Власть Гуюка не признавал хан Батый. Он, вернувшись в 1242 году из похода в Западную Европу, основал на Волге новое монгольское государство - Улус Джучи (более знакомое нам по позднейшему именованию - Золотая Орда) со столицей в Сарае. У Батыя по родословию было больше, чем у Гуюка, прав на великий трон. И Гуюк в 1248 году даже выступил в поход против непокорного родственника, но вскоре умер. Отношения между вдовой Гуюка - Огуль-Гамеш (1246-1251) - и Батыем также не сложились. Однако в 1252 году на императорский трон сел, не без помощи Батыя, Менгу-Темир (1252-1267). Так вот, каракорумские правители до Менгу-Темира очень настороженно относились к тем русским князьям, которые получали поддержку Батыя. Особенно это касалось права на великое княжение. Великий князь Ярослав Всеволодович, первым признавший верховенство золотоордынского хана и получивший ярлык от Батыя, был вызван в Каракорум, но на Русь уже не вернулся, по-видимому был отравлен. Время пребывания в великоханской столице князя Ярослава совпадает с посольством Плано Карпини. Не утвердили в Каракоруме на владимирском великокняжеском престоле и Александра Невского, но поддержали его младшего брата, прозападно настроенного Андрея. Тот даже выступил против Батыя (не с великоханского ли одобрения?), но в результате бежал в Швецию...

Батый весьма толерантно относился к православию и первым из монголо-татарских ханов стал выдавать ярлыки русским митрополитам, освобождая Православную Церковь от податей. Более того, русских священнике выделял и в своей столице, определяя им первое место среди лиц духовных. Такое отношение к православию завещал и сыновьям своим.

Так выстраивались два враждебных друг другу политических треугольника. Первый: Папа (Лион - Рим) - латинский Константинополь - Каракорум. Второй: Русь - Никея (православный патриарх) - Сарай. Странная дружба папства с язычниками обернулась своей изнанкой, когда великим ханом стал Менгу-Темир. «Союзнические» действия рыцарей с монголо-татарами
на Ближнем Востоке закончились предательством крестоносцев. Монголы выступили в так называемый «жёлтый крестовый поход» против сарацин, для освобождения Иерусалима в 1256-1259 годы. В кульминационный момент рыцари города Акры не только предоставили утомленной тяжелым переходом через Синайскую пустыню мусульманской конной армии мамлюков Кутуза возможность отдохнуть перед решающим сражением с монголами, но и пропустили ее через свои владения в Галилею. Это помогло мусульманам разбить 3 сентября 1260 года близ Назарета армию Кит-буги. В нее, кроме монголов, входили и христиане-армяне, грузины и даже русские (см. об этом подробно: Гумилев Л.Н Черная легенда М., 1994).

«Ну а что было бы, - задается Л. Н. Гумилев вопросом,- если бы франки Акры повели себя нормально, то есть не снабдили бы усталых мамлюков провиантом и не пропустили бы их через свои земли в тыл монголам, а наоборот, потрепали бы войско Кутуза внезапными стычками и предупредив бы Кит-бугу о необходимости подтянуть подкрепления?» И сам отвечает на него «Тогда бы сохранилась старинная христианская куль-
тура в Верхнем Египте и Нубии. От Балха до Ассуана ширилась бы христианская империя с монгольской династией... Древняя культура Византии сохранилась бы во всем многообразии и творческом богатстве. Рядом с Византией сложилась бы вторая восточно-христианская империя, превосходившая первую доблестью, мудростью и богатством». Однако такое развитие событии (и истории) ну никак не устраивало римскую курию.

Не устраивало ее и другое. В 1253 году ордынский отряд помогал Александру Невскому отбить новую немецкую атаку, а в 1262-м Александр договорился о союзе против Тевтонского ордена с литовским князем Миндовгом и заручился помощью хана Берке. Однако странным стечением обстоятельств осенью 1263-го Миндовг (вместе с сыновьями!) гибнет от рук убийц, а Александр умирает по дороге из Орды...

Александру Яроспавичу пришлось выбирать из двух зол, и он предпочел «дикую» Азию «цивилизованному Западу».

Для понимания выбора Александра Невского важно положение о власти из Святого Писания, высказанное в «Послании к римлянам» епископом Павлом - «Всякая душа да будет покорна высшим властям; ибо нет власти не от Бога, существующие же власти от Бога установлены. Посему противящийся власти противится Божию установлению...» (13. 1, 2).

Княжескую власть на Руси воспринимали как данную Богом, и она подразумевалась в словах апостола Павла приведенных выше. Но в середине XIII века власть православных князей оказалась покоренной монголо-татарским «царем». В этом, видимо, было Божие наказание за грехи, а значит, Божий Промысл. Именно так говорят о том летописцы. Князь должен был теперь смириться.

До монголо-татарского нашествия князья, по точному наблюдению Н. Костомарова, «были только правителями, а не владельцами, не государями». Ханский ярлык усиливал власть князя, но и на него самого возлагал большую ответственность. По монгольскому праву, «за вину князя должна была расплачиваться вся земля» (Костомаров Н. и. Господство дома Св. Владимира. М..1993. С. 170). Пример тому — Неврюева рать, направленная Батыем против Андрея Ярославича. Когда князь Андрей с женой бежал в Швецию, монголо-татары подвергли опустошению принадлежавшую ему Переяславльскую землю (а не Новгородскую, Суздальскую и другие).

Первым признал свою вассальную зависимость от монголо-татарского хана отец Александра. Поездкой в Орду он проложил путь христианского смирения. И явил пример его - ценою собственной жизни - всем русским князьям, в том числе и сыновьям своим. Александр понял вложенный в отцовский подвиг смирения христианский смысл, последовал ему и в итоге выиграл.

Запад (и «западники») никогда не простят России, что она предпочла «дикий Восток» и в результате сохранила срою самостоятельность. Заслуга же Александра Невского заключается в том. что не иначе как Провидением Господним он сумел распознать оба зла и из двух выбрал меньшее. Его выбор во многом способствовал тому, что мы не стали «подобием», а сберегли свою самобытность и высочайшую духовную культуру...

Александр Ужанков

«Наука и Религия. Ежемесячный научно-популярный журнал» №5, Май 1996года. 12-15 стр.

Арии пришли с Севера

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Арии пришли с Севера

Вновь и вновь приходила великая стужа. Потому родичи стали биться за обладаниями иными краями.

Велесова книга, III, 38а

Борьба с Черным Змеем

В древнейших легендах Евразии, вошедших в «Звездную книгу Коляды», сохранилась память об эпохах а Великих Оледенений. Ледник четырежды наступал и отступал за последние 60 тысяч лет.

Двадцать пять тысяч лет назад (в прошлую эпоху Водолея) Ледник вновь покрыл Север Европы. Первое его отступление было двадцать три тысячи лет назад (в эпоху Козерога). Оно произошло из-за потепления, вызванного падением кометы. Комета оставила после себя кратер, который ныне именуют Каньоном Дьявола (штата Аризона, США). Это потепление, сопровождаемое чудовищными потопами, было кратким, и Ледник быстро восстановился. Окончательно же он отступил в эпоху Девы, в десятом тысячелетий до нашей эры.

«Звездная книга Коляды» повествует о не прекращавшейся в эти времена борьбе Крышня и Черного Змея. Когда наступили холода и люди стали гибнуть, Крышень решил спасти человечество и добыть огонь, который охранял Черный Змей. Крышень украл у Черного Змея волшебный огонь в Черных гороха на берегу Черного моря. Черный Змей стал преследовать Крышня. Решающая битва Крышня и Черного Змея произошла далеко на Севере на берегу Белого моря. После битвы Крышень заточил Черного Змея во льдах.

В следующие эпохи на Севере и островах Ледовитого океана образовалось царство, именуемое в легендах Европы Гипербореей.

Где-то здесь, между Белым морем и Финским заливом. «Велесова книга» и «Мазуринский летописец» помещают прародину славян и легендарный город Словенск.Далее на восток тянулась Бьярмия (земля бога Бармы и его сына Мана). За Бьярмией у устья Оби древние славяне помещали священную землю — Беловодье.

А в самом Ледовитом океане располагались блаженные острова — Фавор (Белый остров). Алатырь (Золотой остров) и Туле (Железный остров). На Фаворе царствовал Крышень, на Алатыре — бог Солнца, на Туле — Ильм Громовержец.

На сих блаженных островах боги правили очень давно, после победы Крышня над Черным Змеем. Но потом вновь стало холодно, и Крышень от Белого полетел к Черному морю. Он дал огонь людям, напоил их солнечной сурьей и взял в жены дочь Солнца Раду. Потом Крышень взошел на вершину Алатырской горы и поднялся к трону Всевышнего.

Такова основа легенд, пришедших к нам из той эпохи. Белорусы, например, рассказывают о великом холоде, губившем людей, о том, как люди, не зная огня, пытались собирать солнечный свет в ладони и приносили его в свои жилища, но от этого им не становилось теплее, и они превращались в камни (легенда о валунах, принесенных Ледником). В древнегреческом мифе о Девкалионе и Пирре также рассказано о людях, превратившихся в камни после потопа. Замечу, Девкалион — сын Прометея, который подобно Крышню принес людям огонь. Адыгейский нарт Сасрыкава (Сын Камня) также дарит людям, погибающим от холода, огонь  и побеждает, заточает во льдах Черного дракона Иныжа. «Ригведа» и «Авеста» повествуют о далекой северной прародине (где полгода - день, полгода — ночь), откуда арии пришли в Индию и Иран.

По этим легендам восстанавливается такая картина перемещений древних людей.  До наступления ледников люди не знали огня и потому с наступлением холодов стали гибнуть. Выжили лишь те, кто научился разводить огонь. Когда ледники надвигались, люди уходили на юг, после отступления — перемещались на север. Этим перемещениям соответствуют легенды о преследовании Черным Змеем бога Крышня.

Краткому отступлению ледников и потопам 23 тысячелетия до нашей эры, которые были вызваны падением кометы, соответствует легенда о борьбе Индры (в русских народных песнях Индрика-зверя) и змея Вритры с его братом Валу. После того как Индра победил Вритру и великана Валу, открылись источники вод и наступил потоп. Затем, через десять тысяч лет, ледники отступили уже окончательно.

В послеледниковую эпоху, 9—7 тысячелетие до нашей эры, на просторах Европы и Азии установился жаркий, по сути, субтропический климат, пересыхали реки, мелели озера. Там  где ныне тундра, в то время росли и широколиственные леса. Сохранилась башкирская легенда о том, как змей Дея, (он же славянский Дый, отец Индры) принес с собою такую жару, что пересохли все реки. И лишь бог Ильмер (он же Ильм) и его дочь Агидель смогли вернуть людям пропавшую воду.

Это время было эпохой расселения людей черной, негроидной расы из Африки в Европу и Азию. Судя по раскопкам в Сунгире (под Владимиром), негры тогда жили в средней полосе России. Легенды же повествуют  о том, что предки европейцев, финно-угров, самодийцев и алтайцев жили лишь в узкой полосе на Севере Евразии, на островах Северного Ледовитого океана. Здесь в 7 — 5 тысячелетии до нашей эры расцвела цивилизация гипербореев.

Но настала новая эпоха похолодания. Черный Змей был побежден на берегах Белого моря. Крышень отправился на юг — к Черному морю. В 5—3 тысячелетии до нашей эры леса на Севере вновь сменила тундра. Вслед за лесами на юг двинулись и арии, предки тюрков и финнов. На Севере, привыкнув к новым условиям, остались лишь предки самодийцев-лопарей.

Люди белой расы стали вытеснять негроидов из Европы и Азии в Африку. Смена рас в Европе была вызвана изменением климата. Человечество тогда подчинялось тем же биологическим законам, как и все живое. Двигались на юг олени и медведи, слоны и крокодилы также отходили в более южные широты, и люди белой и черной расы переселялись в зоны, к которым они были более приспособлены природой.

Случались тогда и битвы между племенами разных рас. По крайней мере в мифах многих народов Евразии черные люди представляются демонами, дивами и чертями (и наоборот – в Африке и Китае демоны белокожи и рыжебороды). Но есть и сведения, говорящие о дружеских отношениях между расами. Например, при раскопках в Сунгире было найдено совместное захоронение европеоидной девочки и негроидного мальчика, прижатых друг другу головами.


Предания о той эпохе, когда на Севере расцвела цивилизация гипербореев, сберегли многие народы. Помним можно восстановить и сокровенную географию этих земель.

Уже сами названия земель и народов, которые населяют Север, наводят на размышления. Конечно, этимологические выводы не всегда могут быть в достаточной степени убедительны. Однако нельзя не заметить, что уже в названиях Север, Сибирь есть корень «сив-сиб», видимо, восходящий к имени бога Сивы (Шивы), который в ведической традиции бог-разрушитель, его характер а вполне отвечает суровому духу этих земель.

В северных названиях есть и корни с солнечным смыслом. Солнечный корень «коло» (ср. Коляда) мы находим в имени Кольского полуострова. Рядом — остров Колгуев. Есть на Севере Сибири и река Колыма рядом с Индигиркой (реки Коляды и враждующего с ним Индрика-зверя). А между этими реками возвышается не что иное, как Белая гора (2533 м).

Имена Карелия, Карское море содержат корень «кар-карс», восходящий к имени бога Солнца Хорса (он же Корс). Но более всего на Севере названий, связанных с именем священной горы (или острова) Алатырь. Это реки Алдан, Анбар и Анадырь, а также носящие созвучные имена горы и нагорья, с коих эти реки стекают.

Да и имена многих народов, населяющих Север, несмотря на то, что они не индоевропейцы, имеют ярко выраженный ведический смысл. Так и хочется имя саамы произвести от имени священного напитка сомы, имена ненецких родов  ваянов и яров сравнить с именами спавянских родов ванов и, скажем, белояров. Имя финно-угорского племени ханты-мансийцев хочется видеть родственным по происхождению с именами славян-антов, германцев, армян и тому подобными (ср. Ман — имя первого человека в «Ведах» Индии и в «Книге Коляды»).

Легенды народов Евразии сохранили и имена священных северных островов, волшебных народов и демонических существ, населяющих Север Европы.

Более всех, пожалуй, известен воинственный остров Туле. Об этом загадочном острове в Северном море, откуда пришли предки европейцев, рассказывали в античной Греции и Риме. К этому острову в IV веке до нашей эры плыл вдоль берегов Северной Европы греческий мореплаватель Пифей, но не смог его достичь. Он полагал, что остров Туле находится в шести днях пути от Британии. В сущности, в этих сообщениях ничего, кроме названия острова, не содержалось. Предполагали, что назван был он по имени древнего царя-воина Туле. И то, что это Исландия.

Отмечу, что именно так — Туле — именуют в Заире (Центральная Африка) первопредка, укравшего огонь у небесного кузнеца и передавшего его людям. Не были ли далекие предки заирцев теми самыми черными людьми, которые покинули Европу, вытесненные пращурами европейцев?

Не только в Африке, но также в Америке знали сего бога. Ацтеки почитали верховным богом громовержца, имеющего созвучное имя Тлоке. Не думаю, что это простое совпадение, ибо во времена расцвета северной цивилизации гипербореев еще не существовало Берингова пролива — Север Евразии и Америки были соединены.

Однако вернемся в более близкие нам земли. Громовержца и небесного кузнеца со сходным именем знают и на Кавказе: адыгейцы называют его Тлепш, грузины - Тулепия. Полагают, что они родственны хеттскому богу Телепинусу.

Небесного кузнеца Телявеля почитали древние литовцы. Очень вероятно и то, что название подмосковного своим оружейниками, также восходит к имени этого бога-кователя.

Да и северные народы (ненцы) знают Огненного идола Турса (как известно, звук «р» может со временем перейти в «л» в ряде слов, если человек картавит).

Это кажется невероятным, но все перечисленное говорит о том. что на острове Туле (да и на иных островах и северных землях) в 5 — 3 тысячелетии до нашей эры уже умели выплавлять металлы. Не это ли привело к победе, одержанной тогда бореальными, северными народами?

В легендах Севера рассказывается и об иных островах — Белом острове в Белом море, а также об острове Хорса (Корса) в Карском море.

На современной карте можно обнаружить сразу два острова с таким названием. Первый входит в архипелаг Шпицберген, другой находится в устье Оби и именно здесь древние славяне помещали священную землю Беловодье.

Согласно легендам, изложенным в «Велесовой книге» и «Мазуринском летописце», где-то в 3 тысячелетии до нашей эры земли от Финского залива до устья Оби завоевали легендарные прародители славян Словен и Рус со своими родами. В «Мазуринском летописце» сказано, что они «Обладали северными землями по всему Поморью... и до роки великой Оби, и до устья Беловодной воды, и эта вода бела как молоко...».

А Золотой остров бога Солнца — Алатырь,— видимо, следует искать еще восточнее — между устьями рек Анбара, Алдана-Лены и Анадыря (Новосибирские острова?). Либо в Карском море (Новая либо Северная Земля?).

Часто в преданиях Севера образы этих островов смешиваются. Согласно мифам ханты-мансийцев. Белый остров поднял из воды бог Корс-Торум - точно так же в южнославянских легендах Солнце-Хоре поднимает из моря остров Белый (он же современный остров Змеиный в Черном море).

В мифах самодийского народа, ненцев, населяющего тундру от Архангельска до Северного Урала и Енисея, описан этот Ледяной, или Белый остров. На нем правит Ледяной хозяин Сэр-я-Тэт, то есть царь Тэт (ср. египетский бог мудрости Тот, отождествляемый с Гермесом, а сей – иногда с Крышнем).

На Белом острове стоит железный чум, и все жители острова носят железную одежду, сапоги с железными когтями (вновь отмечаю утверждение, что на волшебных островах умоли выплавлять металл).

На Белом острове пасется тысяча быков (именно быки, а но олени, как мы могли бы подумать, упоминаются в легендах ненцев-оленеводов). Эти быки очень напоминают солнечных быков, кои пасутся на острове греческого бога Солнца Гелиоса. Этих солнечных быков пасут помощники Сэр-я-Тэта — великан Ваю и Светловатый парень. Рассказчик-ненец (согласно записи 1934 года, сделанной в Ямало-Ненецком округе) утверждал, что Светловатый парень, ездящий на рыжих оленях, русский, ибо он остролицый.

Главный миф ненцев повествует о том, как некий Парси-э-хэхэ (Чернущий Идол, младший брат Трех Хромых женщин), приехавший на черных оленях, украл волшебных быков. В погоню за ним двинулись Хозяин Ледяного острова и его помощники. По пути они победили Трех Хромых женщин, великанов-людоедов «сюдьбя», ездивших на белых и бурых медведях, также дубовых и сосновых великанов, ездивших на зайцах, песцах и лисицах, чудищам, с которыми сражались жители Белого острова, помогали северные гномы «сиртя». Они привязывали железными веревками ноги чудовищ к морским мысам, дабы те не были повалены, когда жители Белого острова применят волшебное оружие, сотрясающее землю. Во время битв Ваю и Светловатый парень несколько раз гибли, но Сэр-я-Тэт их вновь оживлял. Наконец, они нашли далеко на юге Чернущего Идола, который ковал оружие у кузнеца за железным лесом («Ты, оказывается, стал ездить по далеким местам»,— говорили люди, встречавшие Сэр-я-Тэта). После победы над Черным Идолом Сэр-я-Тэт и Светловатый парень стали богами Белого моря.

Нетрудно увидеть в этом сказании отголоски старой жизни, отнюдь не похожей на обычную для оленеводов-ненцев. Мы видим острова, на которых пасутся быки, где живут люди, владеющие выплавкой металла. Мы находим и легенду о древнем переселении на юг жителей Белого острова. Существует запись ненецкой легенды о том, как Белый остров погрузился в океан, лишь вершина железного чума была видна среди вод. Жители Белого острова спаслись. Они выбрались из этой вершины, переправились на материк.

Преданиям об острове Туле и Белом острове, по-видимому, около шести — десяти тысяч лет. Удивительна их сохранность, и огорчает лишь то, что эти легенды существуют в единичных записях, опубликованных в малотиражных научных сборниках. До сего времени мифология северных народов России мало известна и плохо изучена. Ныне же седая старина вымывается из памяти северян по причине разрушения древнего уклада жизни.

«Наука и Религия. Ежемесячный научно-популярный журнал» №1, Январь,1996года. 28-30 стр.