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Онгон Горные Старцы

Воскресенье, 19 Октября 2014 01:33 Опубликовано в Шаманизм

Онгон Горные Старцы.

Духи умерших старцев-шаманов захороненных в горах и покровительствующих определенной родовой общине

Иркутская губерния, конец XIX – нач. XX в.

Ткань льняная, бисер, жесть, краски

Онгон Хан Хотоо

Четверг, 16 Октября 2014 07:52 Опубликовано в Шаманизм

Онгон Хан Хотоо (хозяин острова Ольхон) в виде антропоморфной фигурки

Иркутская губерния, конец XIX в.


Камень шаманский. Буудал шулуун


Четверг, 16 Октября 2014 07:44 Опубликовано в Я очевидец

War and Peace 

It seems that the human kind cannot avoid to start wars. If we look around the world,  we can see that there are wars everywhere: Middle East, Africa, Libya, Egypt and so on. 

But what are the "reasons" that trigger a war? Separation, envy, jealousy, ego, lack of confrontation, abuse of power, greed, revenge, betrayal, judgment, complaint, deception….

And who among us does not feel, or have never felt, at least one of these emotions? 

When we are jealous, when we are envious, when we want vengeance or when we are betrayed we can potentially start a war.

It will not be a war with thousands of dead but there will be at least few wounded: us and the person, or persons, for whom we feel those feelings. 

So how many thousands (or millions) of small wars are there in the world?

We don’t want wars that are "out there", we are outraged by the death of thousands of people, the destruction of towns and cities, for the suffering, for the hungry ... but we justify the "small" wars we start with our emotions and negative feelings (and, sometimes, even with negative actions).

The world “out there” is just the mirror of what we have inside.

Until we stop fighting our "small" wars, no war will cease “out there”.

So, what can we do to have peace?

First: let's not start any war in our hearts feeling negative feelings (let’s try at least).

A connection with a spiritual force will help us.

Second: forgive.  Forgiveness is the more powerful "weapon" that we have to bring peace into our lives. Forgiveness is an act of courage.

When we forgive, we don’t do it to absolve the other person, nor should we expect something in return.

Forgiveness is an act of love towards ourselves: forgive so that the shadow that darkens our heart goes away and we can move forward in our lives with serenity.

It’s time we stop blaming others for everything that happens in the world and take our responsibilities.


Source: Loredana 


Хозяин местности

Вторник, 14 Октября 2014 10:34 Опубликовано в Шаманизм

Скульптурное изображение духа – Хозяина местности