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My first Ceremony

Dear Nadya

I’m very tired but I want to share with you my experience of today now that the emotions are still fresh and the memory too.

I’m sorry this email will be very long but the details are important to understand the whole situation.

In fact, I thought I had to perform a Ceremony to help my friend to find a job only, instead I found myself to face something bigger than that.

You know Nadya that during the days before the Ceremony I felt that the milk was not enough and that we had to offer much more because the problem was big.

So, beside the milk we offered lots of biscuits full with butter and candies, lots of other butter and rice (I remember I had not to use vodka).

Since this was my first Ceremony, a sort of baptism to me, I wanted to perform it in a very special place, so I chose the “C…..a B…….a” the place you go when you are in M….o, the house of R…..o and M……..a. That is a special place for me because I met you there the first time, because you performed there lots of Ceremony, because I like R…..o and M…….a and because I have a special connection with the trees there. So a perfect place.

Unfortunately yesterday R…..o and M……..a informed me that they would not be there for sudden engagement but they would leave me the key of the house.

Today when I reached their house I was a little bit disappointed because I found that the key opened the gate of the garden only and not the whole house. 

You will understand lately why I tell you this.

Anyway, I had everything with me so there was no problems to perform the Ceremony.

I purified everything and started to lit the fire but it seemed that the woods wouldn’t lit at all. We took more than half an hour to lit the fire. It was really strange because matches and the paper lit in an easy way but the wood (small and dry pieces) would not lit.

In the meantime something strange happened: my friend and I heard very clearly and for two times the sound of steps behind us. We turn very surprisingly because I had CLOSED the gate with the key so it was impossible for anybody to enter. Of course we didn’t see nobody but we felt very clearly that somebody (and not friendly) was there.

I started to be angry with the situation, it was my first Ceremony, my friend came from T…n for that and I didn’t want to give up for any reason.

So I asked the Spirits of the place to help me to lit the fire and immediately they helped us J

So I started the Ceremony in the way you said to me: I called the Lord and the Lady of the Fire, I introduced myself and asked for help for my friend. I felt they are very powerful. I made the offers, first milk and then biscuits.

Then I called my Ancestors, they came but in a small number (like during my Initiation) and what I felt was the same sensation I had in Siberia: some Spirits  blocked them. I gave the offers.

Then my friend called her Ancestors, lots of them, and they came, I saw lot of people there and very powerful and then I felt this: the problem was bigger. The problem was not to find a job only.

Somebody very powerful is blocking my friend, somebody who wants to ruin her and prevent her to have a normal life (in fact she is suffering  lupus since 20 years).

Somebody that is an Ancestor.

This Ancestor is very angry and doesn’t want any good thing for my friend. Also, what I feel is that this person is very old and the beginning of this is not my friend but maybe one of her parents or grandfathers and that she is suffering the consequences.  It’s a matter coming from her Ancestors.

Anyway, not all of her Ancestors are against her, so I talked to the friendly ones. I asked them not only for the job but to solve the whole problem.

At that moment I felt a powerful barrier, it was like somebody didn’t want me to ask that.

I felt I was failing the Ceremony but absolutely I didn’t want to: it was my baptism, failing this would be very bad for me.

So I started to get angry and when I get angry the power inside of me wakes up. I know that and that is why I always force myself not to get angry but this time I felt I had to fight.

I had to fight against these Spirits (maybe two), I didn’t want them to succeed on my Ceremony.

So, I really don’t know what happened to me, I began to call again the Lord and Lady of the Fire, this time with more intensity while I was giving them the offers again, then I called my Ancestors and her Ancestors and I felt I had to give them more butter. Fortunately she brought a very big piece of butter and the butter calmed them down a little bit. I started to talk to them and explained them the situation but the tone of my voice was more  determined now and I think they listened to me.

I gave them other offers and the situation relaxed a little bit. We both felt a release of the bad energy.

Then I called the Saints, the Eternal Blue Sky, Mother Earth, the Spirits of the Four Directions and they were very soft and smooth, very  different energies.

At the end I offered to all of them the rice, calling again all of them.

The energies were changed. The Ancestors were not so angry anymore. I’m not saying that everything is solved but I feel that I made a first big step toward the solution.

I feel I have to repeat the Ceremony in one month and that this time they will listen to me much more and that it will be easier.

It’s like I have made a breach in the wall.

The Ceremony ended and my friend said she could breath easily now and she felt better. She felt a big weight was lift from her shoulders and I felt the energies were better now but….something dark was there in the garden and I felt worried it could affect R…..o and M……..a and in that moment I understood why the Spirits didn’t want them to be there and why the house was closed!

It was for protection.

So I asked the trees of the garden to dissipate the bad energies left there and…they did it J

I saw the trees absorb the darkness and…..(this is incredible) the very moment the darkness was dissipated M……..a appeared! J

Just a second after! I could not believe it. Some Spirits have protected her.

Of course I didn’t say anything to M……..a and never will because I don’t want her to be scared.

When the fire was extinguished I called my friend and showed her what was there. It was really impressive: a small figure was there, it was like a small doll like the one for the voodoo. I will send a picture tomorrow but I assure you that the photo really don’t figure it well. Live is really different. It was scaring. It emanated bad energy so I told my friend to stay away from it.

My friend was shocked to see it and then she told me a story she never told me: more than 20 years ago, she went to a priest because her father had big problems and she felt something strange was there. This priest told her somebody put a black magic spell on her family. The father died soon afterward and she had lupus….

Well, usually I don’t believe  these things but for sure today bad Spirits were there and I had to fight against them.

You know Nadya, I can’t believe what I did. I acted with no fear at all, like it was the most natural situation for me to handle. It was my duty.

I felt my tooloj  be a very powerful shield against these forces and more I felt I am protected by very powerful Spirits.

Now I feel I have to wear my tooloj for three days and three nights to protect me.

Nadya, I am used since I was a child to face various kinds of Spirits, sometimes they were dangerous and I always succeeded. Now I know that that was a school for me.

Today I fully realized  what I really have to do in my life. I know sometimes it will be dangerous but this is what I have to do, it is my duty.

It’s very normal to me.

Maybe I will need some more protection but I feel fine.

Oh! I was forgetting something important!!! Sorry I’m tired.

During the Ceremony, after I called everybody, I also called you and I called the people of my clan! I don’t know why I did this! I don’t even know which is my clan, you didn’t tell me.

But you know Nadya when I called my clan they came and they are VERY powerful. They protected me and they helped me to win J

Please tell me who are they I want to perform a Ceremony to thank them and introduce me to them.

Now I really need to go to bed but tomorrow I will send some photos. Please tell me your consideration about this.

I feel better Nadya, I really feel better.

Nastya I am so happy you will come to I…y J I wait for you J

Big kiss to both.

Kind regards.


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